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  1. I like to think we're free of the 'talk and die' oath because of what happened to us when we met Balthazar. And good riddance. It was an awful and shoehorned plot point that did neither the story nor the Shining Blade any justice. Also hated playing through this with my friends, because they largely couldn't participate. Can't wait to do it again. </s>
  2. I doubt it. If memory serves, their last game economist left and they currently do not have one. It's a lot more likely that players are playing their usual flipping games or a number of hyper-rich "barons" are adjusting the market to serve their needs. Or nothing's amiss at all, and these are just natural market trends based on changing supply and demand. When ArenaNet wants to impact the market or material scarcity, they implement events and collections that pull or push these things in or out of circulation. Fiddling with the market directly only happens when they remove a cheat
  3. Kind of a silly poll. Might have been better to just call the thread 'Y'all Wanna Fish?' with the options 'Ye' and 'I'd rather resources be spent bla bla bla'. That aside, I'd enjoy classic fishing in some form, preferably as an activity that can be done in any body of water with loot tables that change depending on region. I'd still do the other stuff in the game, but this would be nice for those times when I'm too headachey or worn down to run around farming. Relaxing QoL updates breathe life into this game, so I welcome more of them.
  4. ArenaNet's answer to 'the kids have grown up, now what?' was to introduce the mastery system. It's like continuing to level, but only in specific ways with specific skills, and maybe that helps the balance team sleep better at night. Masteries are likely to continue infinitely, because so much of the game is built around 80 being our maximum and increases would only deepen the power creep everyone keeps talking about. With masteries, they can at least direct the focus of the upgrades we get. As for level 80 maps themselves, I don't think we have too many. Most of them have their ow
  5. NPC following me clapping coconuts or no sale.
  6. Depends completely on brand. How do I know? Most of my employers have issued us unisex uniforms/shirts and once I pick a size suited to my body, they fit me fine without the issues you describe. I'm non-binary, and I've worn a wide variety of fits and gendered styles over the years, and I can tell you there's such a thing as a badly-fitted shirt even if you're shopping in the 'correct' cut for your physical gender. So sure, some unisex shirts can fit poorly (usually the ones that are actually men's cuts but are being marketed as uni), but to say there's no such thing as one that fi
  7. Spamming with an instrument should be reportable at the very least. Being able to turn off player instruments is a fantastic tool in options and I highly encourage its use as needed, but spam of any kind is probably not what devs intended, and it'd be easy for them to look at an action log and see an hour-long pattern of 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 in the middle of a hub city or event area with an instrument equipped. It's the same sort of thing with repeated emotes (though we don't yet have a way of shutting those off) which can currently be reported as chat spam. As others have suggested,
  8. I decided to look into this again out of curiosity. The link that ArenaNet posted gave the site in German. On the German version of the website, the shirts are listed as Uni, but scrolling down, I see there's also a secondary data point that says Männer, so I understand now why I thought these were unisex cut shirts. Looking at your English link confirms this. If these truly are men's cut shirts and not unisex as I'd thought, then yes, OP's point is validated and it's strange that this was done. EMP offers clothing for all genders, and while cost might still be the reason they chos
  9. It's fine to be disappointed by the lack of variation this go around, but the "Classic gamer bro" remark made it sound as though you felt excluded for gender/body shape reasons. This is why I mentioned the apparent lack of exclusion, because female-bodied persons can (and do) wear unisex shirts. Unisex means "anyone's cut". It's like the cut version of "one size fits most". There's no special agenda with unisex garments. You're welcome to your opinion of unisex cut t-shirts and I don't think anyone's going to fight you for it. The questionable (questionable as in 'why would the
  10. Agreed. As for what the info will be, I expect we'll get a blog post giving us a rundown of what to expect and then, after the feature launches, a feedback thread will be opened here on the forum. And then everything will be on fire for a while.
  11. My German's a little rusty, but I was able to read a good deal of the product details, and these shirts are listed as unisex. I don't think it has anything to do with "gamer bros", as anyone can wear these if they like the look of them. If you're looking for v-necks or those awful t-shirts with the tiny cap sleeves that get devoured by your armpits, you may have better luck browsing Etsy, RedBubble, or other fan-happy merch sites. I wouldn't be against them offering different cuts for the EMP products, but I also don't feel like they're out to exclude anyone. The decision to settle
  12. Loads of maps have birds in them, actually (low-poly, horrible birds, but birds all the same). Off the top of my head, I can tell you there are flocks in Caledon Forest, pigeons on the roof of the Salma tavern, and smatterings of them in other maps as well. They're built in as part of the map itself rather than being interactable entities, but they're definitely there. You can even find snakes in the Desert Highlands, and a number of cats tucked into various maps (some in secret locations). If you're really enterprising, go through the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon and try to find t
  13. There's a whole to-do around Wintersday involving using a number of buffs and completing certain activities each day which usually nets me somewhere around 5 million karma (wawee!) by the end of the festival. When that's not a thing, you can also purchase Karmic Retribution in Sandswept Isles and get up to 200 karma per kill; no idea if this is the most efficient method, but I do know the map's full of grouped up mobs and also quite pretty so you can enjoy your murdering spree with a nice island beach backdrop. This wiki article has a section called 'Maximizing karma gain' which sh
  14. Probably the same reason capes float a foot above the backs of Charr; they're rigged and positioned so as to minimize clipping with the player model and with other armor that's being worn, sometimes to the detriment of the cape. When people first requested capes in GW2, the devs warned us 'I mean, we can do it but it'd probably look dumb, guys' and when the requests kept coming in, they shrugged and implemented them. As expected, they largely look dumb.
  15. OP wants our mounts to be able to rhythmically bop their head/necks as if listening to music. You can see examples of a cat doing that here and a dog doing it here and a bird doing it there. It's a meme thing. It's also a completely ridiculous suggestion, and I kinda want it.
  16. Log-in rewards change on a predictable schedule. Each time you log in, you move one 'day' forward on that schedule and collect that day's reward. In the case of laurels specifically, you start off by getting one and that amount changes with each subsequent laurel drop until the schedule starts over. You can see a table here that explains the order, what you get, and how much of it.
  17. Small thing, but it's actually 100 turned in fractal trophies, not 100 completions. Each fractal had an assigned amount of trophies it would give per run, so running the Nightmare fractal (which gave 4) would only have required 25 completions. Some people ran way more than that for the bonus loot boxes, but it wasn't necessary. This rush also introduced a new ascended fractal trinket and a teleport scroll (which for some reason puts you outside the fractal portal instead of inside the hub itself), so maybe those were intended to be the true 'reward' this time around. Doesn't make t
  18. In GW1, ascension ghosts tell us that the scriptures of Abaddon were used by Joko as tools to inflict great suffering on them and the people of Elona. The scriptures were something that Joko found (and sealed away) while he was tidying up a corner of the Desolation to build his bone palace. One of these contained location data for an extremely powerful Djinn that supposedly only granted a single wish per century. There is no confirmation that Joko ever looked for the Djinn or wished for anything, but the idea that he did seems like the most solid bet for how he got powers strong en
  19. Still holding out hope that the DSD will be a school of aggressive fish/eels swimming in formation, as this would allow the dragon to take many different forms and launch highly variable attacks. I also had a faint excitement that Primordus would be similar, though in his case a being of constantly melting/coagulating magma that hardens into stone when necessary, allowing him to easily travel under Tyria's crust without having to constantly tunnel. Would have been a nice explanation for why his size and appearance change so much throughout the game, but that ship appears to have sa
  20. Chiming in to say I've experienced the same. Loaded into my Gilded Hollow and it all just looked awful; dirty floors or tarnished to dullness. At least it's not just me.
  21. Fine in private or among friends/guildmates, frowned upon in public. I often see roleplayers refer to the commander as a fable or rumor because no one seems able to agree what species, gender, or affiliation they are. If you want to blend both elements and play an original character who's also been to some of the places in the primary story, I've seen people handle that by having them be soldiers in the Pact, researchers/journalists exploring the aftermath of big lore events, or even having casual encounters with major lore figures (seeing them across a room, attending one of their
  22. I'll only be on board with this if the emote is /vibe.
  23. Rated PG for Pretty Good. There are quite a few janky, unfinished, or straight-up abandoned systems, questionable corporate management and story direction decisions, inconsistencies in lore, terminology, and mechanics, long-standing bugs/QoL failures, and embarrassing marketing/monetization standing in the way of this game being perfect, but I've yet to find any MMO that is perfect. What the game does well is done exceptionally well; weaknesses are equally obvious. Would still recommend to friends and prospective new players - would also caution them about the dumb parts.
  24. They actually started doing this in Lion's Arch and later in IBS maps. People ride around on Warclaws in LA and Grothmar from time to time (as well as on the broom novelty) and some of the Svanir enemies in Bjora mount up on Raptor for their patrols. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing wild mounts running around too, but it's sort of like horses in our world - you'll see way more in captivity than trotting freely down the street.
  25. Well, Asura are also world-class jerks. I did a bit of sniffing around on the net, and according to Reddit, he'll refuse to talk to you or complete the mission unless your active story step is Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad - essentially, if you switch to any other part of the story, it won't complete and you'll have to do it all again to get back to that point. Or so say the people of Reddit. This tracks, because I'd also been hearing you couldn't just skip to instances to complete this week's activities.
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