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  1. I' m not sure what the problem here really is. In most games, raids are not content for beginners, and that's fine. It's okay to actually be required to learn how to play your class and get some reasonable gear first. There's a lot to do in the game to build yourself up towards endgame content. And once you're there, join one of the training guilds OR try to get your own group together. If you aim to join the elite groups from the start, of course that won't work!
  2. If the OP think the jumping puzzle is too difficult, he's probably one of the people who quickly clicks away the info screen at the start - which tells you about THREE different difficulty settings.... And if you can't manage even the easy one, then that is NOT the game's problem. Even I can finish it, and I'm not a JP person. If you are so quick to dismiss the info the game gives you (bell choir is explained, too!), then it's NOT the game's problem. The info is there. In the actual game. Read it!
  3. Some things I would like: DRMs continue right after initial goals have been met (e.g. extinguish fires), instead of having to wait for the timer to finishsome better, interesting achievements tied to repeating this stuff again and again and again (maybe with some nice titles)And yes, some better rewards would be nice, too. I'd rather to the daily in Fields of Ruin, even though it's kitten, and get 5 tokens, than do any DRM. Have done 8 DRMs in total so far, can't find the motivation to do them again, esp. because the bosses take so long to die without actually being fun.
  4. I've actually been doing bounties in desert maps yesterday for the achievement and on the two maps I did it, I found organized groups, so it seems very much alive to me. If you look in LFG, you'll regularly find squads for bounties (talking about EU servers). The only map where I don't see that many players around is usually the Desolation, but that's understandable (up to today I haven't completed that map on any character).
  5. They never did something stupid like that before - imagine if everyone would have had to complete ALL the previous weapon achievements in each chapter to be allowed to progress the story. That's not going to happen - and if it did, the game would lose a lot of players.
  6. Sending people at this stage of the game - i.e. with mounts that aren't properly scaled damage-wise, and skills that kill ogres with one hit - back to a level 30-40 map to compete for mobs and events is also awesome... It wasn't fun at all. I did enough to get five tokens to exchange to unlock the participation thingy, but that's it. I can't imagine trying to kill enough ogres every day - they die too fast!
  7. I really had expected MORE. I think I would have preferred the "old" way - where you get a good chunk of content that you can work on. I would assume, this community event will also fail, unless they adjusted the needed participation.
  8. I think only the skins that you do not yet have unlocked actually show up in the vendor. I have some Ebonhawke stuff unlocked (e.g. the longbow), and it doesn't show up. So if you already have all the skins, you can't buy them again. Which is probably good - otherwise people would have unlocked the same skin twice.
  9. I assumed "The next event, mobilizing the Ebon Vanguard, will begin on December 1." would have some way to actually progress in the story. There's no incentive at all to participate in that. I was hoping for a story step to save my progress - because if I want to replay some other story on my main, I lose all progress up to now - and I don't want that. Guess it's back to working on my revenant.
  10. I still get the same options when I talk to the guys in the eye of the North - weren't we supposed to get NEW content this week? Is it just me, or is everyone having this problem?
  11. And the new skins... are they a joke? The bow skin is just the ebonhawke bow skin that's been in the game for ages!
  12. You can get them for doing dailies. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Potion_of_WvW_Rewards
  13. From reading all of this, I think the OP is more toxic than any person I ever met in WvW. And if you get one-shotted ALL THE TIME, it's not because others are elite players, but because you probably are doing something very, very wrong and it might be an idea to work on your skills, armour and understanding of how stuff works. I killed people in WvW every now and then when I worked towards the ONE, single Gift of Battle that you need for a legendary. So am I an elite player now? Cool! Never thought I'd belong to that group.But I also got killed (but never with just one.single.shot!). Am a kitt
  14. FFXIV has "towers" like that. They call them "deep dungeons" and there's a variety of achievements tied to them. You can get titles for getting them done solo, too (which is doable but very time-consuming). It turns into a grind, and is actually very, very boring. So I'd rather not have that in GW2.
  15. Why did you boost your first character? There's no advantage to it. Start from the beginning, which will introduce you to things bit by bit - and unless you don't give a kitten about story, you'll have no idea about who all those people in the stories are if you skip the core game.You're most likely dying because you have no clue about how to play your class, and also won't have ideal gear.
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