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  1. Stuck at this event as well, please help if anyone knows what the hell is happening.... I talked to all the students and nothing happened. Well, nevermind... There is a separate event where you have to talk to the class by sitting at the table in the middle and using it to state "facts"
  2. I really want them to make more content. This is the only mmo where they manage to make something new. Some new mechanic with each expansion to draw in more attention and players. They manage to make each one fresh. From all the mmo's iv'e played this is the only one that has my full attention with new upcoming expansions. Also extremely hopeful for a new class ,_, .
  3. 5 hours since iv'e been unable to log in with my characters after i select them i crash instantly.I select any one of them and it crashes at loading screen after the map loads a bit.
  4. The game now crashes by just being in the game...Just logged in near a waypoint and a few seconds later i crashed.
  5. We were just in the middle of a dungeon going to fight Joko ... as soon as we got to the floor traps and started to jump over them i crashed....This is so frustrating.
  6. As soon as we got in the portal, i picked up the arm, zapped an enemy and instantly crashed me.I don't know if it did the same for the other party members but i got destroyed by the Disconnection Boss.
  7. Forearmed is Forwarned Quest - Kicked us out of the game completely while the map loaded ....Now i can't log in with that character at all anymore.
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