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  1. Oh of course, because god forbid if I gave them an S, That’d be a bold face lie lol.
  2. Firstly, in NO way am I trying to come off as rude to the OP, I’m just stating the obvious and if it wasn’t me saying it then someone else in this community would say the EXACT same thing, point blank period. Now in terms of when I’M in-game, I play whatever build I want and there’s only so much room to experiment. However, in terms of the game modes that I play and the content I participate in, I mostly run DPS, CONDI and BOON support - in PvE (Fractals, Strikes, Raids and sometimes World Bosses) and also WvW. By all means, everyone should be able to run whatever they feel
  3. Oh no, I just realized something…if the siege turtle is usable in WvW, I have a feeling that upon using the mount, when you de-mount or are killed while using it, it will have a cooldown of some form to prevent so many people sitting on it and barraging towers, camps, the castle etc… same goes with it having a duration once you summon it. I don’t want to think this is the case and it’ll probably be just treated as the Warclaw, however, the canons won’t deal that much damage if that happens, just because of balance reasons.
  4. Sadly it's not possible given that there's better healing classes already that are more preferred. I HAVE ran a Chrono healing + wells build for fractals and such but a lot of people don't like standing in wells for some reason lol and also the healing from wells isn't that big unless its the Well of Eternity. I wouldn't recommend searching for a healing build if you want to be viable and I'd just focus on DPS/CONDI/BOON SUPPORT builds. Depending on what content you're doing of course.
  5. Hexes translated into Guild Wars 2 would essentially be a reverse barrier but anyways, I still think clones and illusions should've been an elite spec of their own.
  6. This should’ve been done a long time ago. In my opinion, clones, illusions etc… should’ve been an elite spec and the actually Mesmer profession should’ve been hex-like conditions, denial and control focused. At the end of the day, what’s done is done and it doesn’t seem clones/illusions will be replaced or removed from previous elite specs. However, I do believe going forward, there won’t be expansions and more so patches. Then in terms of elite specs, they’ll just add more utilities on our current elites and more weapons that can be used universally.
  7. We’ll have to wait and see upon beta testing but anything that’s channeled and gets interrupted via CC, will be put on cooldown majority of the time. Skills that are interrupted have a 5 second cooldown before they can be cast again. Unless you cancel the channel/animation mid way if you predict fast enough that you’re opponent is going to interrupt you and that won’t put your skill on cooldown.
  8. So I believe after this expansion, they might just focus on patches and will probably expand on the core professions and elite specs, in regards to adding more utilities and perhaps another weapon but I'd prefer more utilities for variety.
  9. To answer your question I think it‘ll just act the same when cast but when you switch spots with your clone, it will automatically convert into a blade, so essentially the same way as our phantasms initiate an attack and then become a blade right after. Also as a food for thought, to compensate, in the Virtuoso trait line, they’ll likely have a trait that generates a stock of blades either via when using “psionic” skills, perhaps if you use a “bladesong F1-F4” you’ll automatically be refunded a blade or two, maybe a slight percentage when attacking a foe grants a stock of a blade, etc
  10. I do think all shatters in the previous elite specs should be different, in the sense that not just being reskinned, but also doing something additional and/or unique.
  11. Can’t justify the Deluxe and Ultimate if the only thing extra you get is: Additional Character Slot (for those who love making alts, yeah we get it lol) Shing Jea Dragon Boat Skiff Skin (I’m sure they’ll come out with better looking boat skins so I’d hold off and wait for that tbh) Canthan Raptor Skin (better looking raptor skins out there but to each their own) Identity Repair Kit (why not a ‘Total’ makeover kit?) 4000 gems (nice, thanks I guess) Additionally, I can't justify considering getting the other two versions when the announcement was l
  12. Yeah Faction was the very first game I played and started out in when I began my mmo journey. I think i'm just trying to look at both sides of the spectrum in terms of the two modes: PvE and WvW because like the Warclaw, it's just a regular mount in PvE but in WvW they have special action skills that can be used. So I'm 99.9% sure that's the route they'll take and since the turtle will have a mastery trait line, I guess it's pretty much confirmed they'll do different thing via in WvW only. I'm going to "assume" that their mount speed will be moderate or perhaps have the same speed
  13. Not much to talk about if you only showed one elite and one teaser of the next one….disappointed that you guys didn’t show teasers for the others. As a Mesmer main, I think other people deserve to be just as hyped for their next elite specs instead of being left in the dark and having to wait a couple more weeks.
  14. How I’m assuming the Siege Turtle works is that, it’s useable in both PvE and WvW but function differently in each mode. PvE I’m sure will just function as a regular mount but allows you to have extra people ride with you. While in the WvW mode, you get additional skills that can be used for sieging. I’m going to guess that in order to use the cannons, the turtle has to be “grounded” and unable to move, which will allow the players mounting the cannons to attack from range. The range being 1500-5000 just guessing. OR You can fire the cannons while the turtle
  15. I’m wondering the same but from what I can see in the video, I think the blades will be treated as ammo, which if this is the case, makes the spec great and not have to restock on blades again for a new target.
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