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  1. Hi, is there a way to see if I need to store a weapon for future upgrades in not yet released recipes.... or not?
  2. Are they fixed now? Can I log in my renegade again and... play it? Without having to play "guess which skill hides now behind this icon and skillslot"?
  3. Same. After a long pause I gave pvp a try again, tried several builds... but its just too unfun. Gonna wait for further changes, the matches I played were so heavily bunker-cc-lockdown focused... felt like playing season1 over again shudder
  4. For every little shit one-time-unlock item we get a confirm dialogue before delete... and when its needed, theres nothing... Anet NotLikeThisAh yes, and here's some more positivity... so I wouldnt completly waste my time farming those shitty boxes with shitty gear in them, I went for animals that drop 500 cooking meat... got roughly 60 of those and 24 rares... so for whoever that still has to do it... have fun :+1:
  5. Good changes :) Fun meta.The scaling on champ2+3 doesnt seem to not work though? Or it really is because so many run to first champ, the first champ always takes 3-4 times as long as champ2 or champ3.A slight criticism, the green fields give a dmg buff, but drakkar always despawns after the green fields. Maybe change the timing slightly to give a longer burst phase?
  6. Its up to Anet to keep Strikemissions attractive for players to not just jump in a few times for one-time achievements. However, Im pretty sure, if you are in a guild that does things together (not just a guild to get access to guildfunctions), you will always find people to do strikemissions with. They tried that with raids. Now granted, as my list above shows, raids had other problems as well. But not integrating them into expansion/living story achievements didnt help either. GW2 has no geargrind. That means, the incentive to try new content has to be something else. In this case Anet dec
  7. Raids suffered at the start from a quite badly balanced gamemode, no dpsmeter and barely any knowledge about boons, buffs and builds in general. That forced players into playing only a handful of "acceptable" builds that were proven to work. Btw, that hasnt been the case since around W2, but its still in the heads of even veteran raiders to always adhere to "the meta", though absolutely not necessary outside of recordruns or speedclearing. Only arcdps and streamers like teapot are slowly ... very slowly ... doing away with that silly prejudice. To this day Im still seeing raidcommanders that s
  8. I mean, you could also do the same, instead of trying to get "high-engagement" modes in this game, why not try out other games that already have that mode? I don't like telling people to play other games, but it seems you're a good candidate, since you're doing the same. Eh what? So because Anet offers content we enjoy, but you dont, we should go play another game so anet stops making content we enjoy but you dont? Theres absolutely no logic in your statement.
  9. Lots of alt accounts on gw2efficiency, for example of my 7 alt accounts, 3 finished the story, 1 got the strikemission achievements - cause why play strikemissions on altaccounts, loot really isnt worth it even logging into them xDLots of inactive accounts, as you could have easily spotted by the fact that only 12% even finished last story step.Boneskinner strikemission is buggedKodan mission was only there for an hour or so on release, got patched really fastPeople are busy farming other achievements first, as you can see by the achievement "Flickering Light" which can be absolutely easily do
  10. Guess what, of my 7 accounts, only 1 has the achievement :oYou have to take gw2efficiency percentages with a grain of salt. Lots of altaccounts (after all, especially for those its really comfy... not having to log in to check something) and inactive ones.
  11. The problem is for one good dd out there there are dozens of thiefs that are incompetent. Undoubtedly true, but how do you know the thief that joined isnt just such a nugget? I like having daredevils, holosmiths or powerchronos - and yes, even condi fire/quickbrands - in my daily t4+cms fractals runs.Because lets be absolutely honest here:Theres only a handful of "pugs" that actually can burst down the bosses in cms fast enough to not make good use of the extra utility those professions provide.And for normal t4 fractals, that extra utility enables most groups to play without that stupid healb
  12. Pretty sure its (still) simply bugged, half the time the mechanics arent in sync - we tried lighting all torches (and succeeded) but the dmg kept ticking for example.
  13. To bring this to a rest: List of achievements (45) contributing to meta achievement in the latest story episode -> Story Achievements (8):Chasing GhostsStill Waters SpeakingLost Spirits FoundThe Hunt BeginsVoice in the DeepFire DodgerSelf-ConfidenceWhisper Boxing Openworld Achievements (23):Bringing Light to the DarknessA Hunger for KnowledgeTimber!Bjora Marches Insight: Drakkar's LairBjora Marches Insight: Frozen WaterfallBjora Marches Insight: The Lost Kodan ShipShadows CreepIdolatryMystery of the Bjora MarchesMystery of the Hidden TowerMystery of Drakkar's LairMystery of the LabyrinthMys
  14. I have a very fine tuned Effort/ Reward judgement system and PUGging for an emote fails to make it past the suggestion stage. I think the main problem people are having is the feeling of being forced to do content. My personal view to having story/ achievements/ gear behind a dungeon, raid, or the like has been, "I don't care enough to bother." But a lot of folks can't shake that completionist drive so this sort of situation always gets their fur up. Im a completionist as you call it. I do all the achievements. Many I really dont like at all - like those forcing me to play the story instance
  15. Allow me to disagree. While the story is indeed for everyone, the raids are not. Do you remember the statements that the raids are designed to be completed only by the most .... players? And that the devs know that this category is not very large? Yes, I agree with you, the raids/strikes/story can be tried by everyone. But this is not the Olympic Games - only to participate is not all when you have achievements tied to beating the encounter. Theoretically speaking, everyone can be an Olympic Champion. Practically .... you can count them. Unfortunately, the strikes are more and more difficult
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