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  1. I don't know, I always hear "My pet is down!" as similar to when my charr yells "Medic!" - like a call for assistance. It is in the context of battle after all. And "Back to the fight!" sounds like a battle-related "well done, you're awesome" kindof thing to say for encouragement and appreciation. or "too bad. Anyway..."
  2. I started with LOTRO, and have also played Everquest II, WoW, Rift, FFXIV, Wildstar, Star Trek Online, The Secret World, and a non-MMO that I loved called Marvel Heroes. GW2 is my home now.
  3. Yes, I saw the purple indicators after I came out of the Nolan Hatchery portion. They weren't there for me before I went in. I'm glad I can just cut straight back to the molten furnace. Update: and I'm done! (ran out of time yesterday)
  4. I need one more achievement in the Molten Furnace portion of Flame and Frost. (I finished the whole episode yesterday). Is there a way to replay just that section for achievements? Do I need to start over and do the whole episode again?
  5. Just in case you don't know this already, rangers can charm pets to add them to their pet menu. When you see one with green lettering called a "juvenile <animalname>" you can press the action key (mine is the end key, I think the default is F?) to see if it will let you charm it. If you've already got it, you won't get the option to charm it again. Devourers are in Ascalon, I think there are some not from from where you come out of the Black Citadel, in the area where the egg collection event happens.
  6. HoT: I'll come back to this after I get my mounts PoF: I'll come back to this after I craft ascended gear EoD: Got the turtle unlocked, haven't really been back since then
  7. I got it set up pretty much the same. Now I just have to remember that I don't have gliding on this account and not YOLO myself off a cliff.
  8. I just created a second game account and was hoping to be able to copy the keymappings and other interface settings I use on my main account to this new one. Is this possible? I looked around and didn't see anything obvious, and didn't want to mess anything up. Edit: found another thread that says they're saved on the server. I'll have to set it up manually.
  9. Tybalt & Snargle for the Charr, Canach for the Sylvari, Rama for the Humans, Knut Whitebear for the Norn, (specifically for the tour of Hoelbrak during Dragonbash) Gorrick for the Asura. Dawkurra, the skritt who fell in love with an Exalted (thanks, Haleydawn for knowing the name) plus the crabby one in Lions Arch who snaps DON'T TALK TO ME! when he comes out of one of the city portals, and Arbiter Lo Loju, the Awakened race announcer at the Fortress of Jahai in Jahai Bluff.
  10. I'm in my mid-60s and I only ever did one strike before (the first Ice Brood Saga one). I left this for last because I was nervous. I also waited till the weekend to try it, it seems like there's more people doing groups then. I watched this video to prepare and went to the Kaineng strike portal to LFG. I told them I was just there for the turtle and had watched a video to prepare. There was another person in the group who just wanted to get the turtle too. The commander gave instructions during the fight to let us know what to do/who to target when there were multiple bosses, a
  11. I love this idea, and I'd add that if the caretaker could also offer an otter pet for our home instances, I'd start collecting otters again in a heartbeat!
  12. One thing I really love about the skyscale is that when I need to step away from the computer, I can just hover up high enough to stay out of the action in most areas of the game so that I can come back and pick up where I left off. It's the closest thing to a "pause" button I've ever had in an MMO. It sound like this is something you can really use too. When I was working on mine I kept a little chart that let me know how much of each map currency I needed. I worked on it a little at a time, and made sure to update the chart with my progress so I could see that I was getting closer.
  13. My charr got one from Rytlock first, immediately followed by the one from Zoija. My asura, who did the story first, only got a mail from Zoija.
  14. I quit watching about a minute in after the dragon effects were described as "prismatic". Do they seriously think that people don't know about other games? Their thing looks about as refined as a Play-Doh shooter.
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