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  1. I took the alt I'm using now thru all of the base personal story at the end of last week, and I plan to take him thru the HoT story the rest of this week after I finish the last two episodes I need for the current event. I'll try to remember to time it and see how long it takes me.
  2. As soon as I got into this one I quickly remembered why I never tried going back to replay these episodes for achievements. I did get thru it but only by sheer cussedness - I refused to give up and then have to start the whole thing over again. By the end I was practically hammering on the keys. Glad that's over with.
  3. What I did was park an alt at the one llama that I already had (the one that didn't register this time). On Tuesday when the patch is live, all I need to do is log in to that alt and hey, presto, achievement done! Seems pretty simple to me.
  4. Another thing I really enjoy about revisiting these episodes is that I got a new computer since the first time I ran thru them and everything looks so much better now. The gameplay is smoother for me too. It's a real joy to experience these again.
  5. This is easy to miss when you're focused on the ley lines. I've only seen this once or twice on my way from one ley line to another. It usually happens behind my back and the first time I saw it I was really surprised.
  6. Well if Taimi the genius didn't get it then I don't feel so bad. I definitely missed a lot story-wise during the Braham becoming/being Champion stuff; I think I need to revisit the part where he decides to become Champion again.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to explain this. 🙂
  8. I wouldn't call it a wave, no...more like a blip...to get there I stand practically in front of Primordus, away from the main fight...stand right in the middle and you have a better chance of getting to one. I use "strength of the pack" on my ranger to get the speed boost.
  9. I'm honestly puzzled about Braham's actions during Dragonstorm. I don't understand why he's punching US...I get that he doesn't have his bow so all he has is his fists and the wolves he conjures, but he tells us to 'Kill Ice!" while he's not going after any of the Icebrood or Ryland that are in there with us...what exactly is he trying to do there? Shouldn't he be attacking Ryland along with us? Is it something to do with the hold that Primordus has over him since he became Champion? Does Jormag want Primordus to die, but Primordus wants Jormag to stay alive to prese
  10. I grinded Drizz for the otter too. The rest of the time after I finished the story, I went back to Grothmar to fill up my IBS XP bar, the events there are fun and fast and there are still people there so you're not by yourself.
  11. When Primordus spits out those lava rocks, a small orange AoE circle appears. Run to it before the rock gets there and dodge. I got the MP by hanging out in front of Primordus during the kill champions part of the fight, and I got them pretty quickly.
  12. Revisiting the story like this is great for me because I ran thru it myself the first time many years after it came out, so the maps usually didn't have a lot of people. This afternoon I was able to get a few achievements I wasn't able to before. It's so much fun running around with everybody else going after things. I look forward to all the events this summer. Thank you to all who made this possible. 🙂
  13. I started two and stalled on both of them pretty early on. Once in a while I look at the achievements and think about starting them up again but so far I haven't followed thru. I crafted lots of ascended gear tho and that seems to be working well for me.
  14. I had that same thought when we got the new underwater skimmer mastery.
  15. I got 100% map completion after I got my skyscale. It also let me get the griffon and beetle collections done. I took it one day at a time, did a little each day (getting the map currencies I needed). It's so satisfying to me to have now, and I use it every day.
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