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  1. Just went through this garbage story line again, the Veteran Malevolent Memory fight is STILL bugged, every kittening time I play that story line I am ready to rage quit the game, it is kitten plain old kitten kitten. Just like the tab targeting in this game, kitten.
  2. For all the people saying it doesn't take long or it was easier than this or that mount, you are wrong. It isn't very hard, but it is very time consuming. And most people if not almost all, will have to tab out to look at a guide and yes, that does get annoying. But, I still would not want the skyscale for free. I'm fine with it the way it is, just don't say it's fast and easy to get.
  3. Here we are two months later and the bug is still there. My recommendation is take off your weapons, should not be a problem then.
  4. Let me add another, now I'm doing give Aurene a snack. No matter what I do, I cannot bring a fish to her. I looked it up and people have been complaining about this bug at least since early March. There was even a linked thread where Anet acknowledged the bug and said it would be fixed. Two months later, not fixed. Really getting tired of getting frustrated every kitten time i do a story.
  5. I have to admit, my least favorite part of GW2 are the story boss fights, many of them are horribly designed and what should be a ten minute fight often turns into a 45 minute fight. A lot of that is because you leave the player guessing what it is they are supposed to do, I frequently alt tab out of the game to watch a video on what to do and it sucks having to do that. I feel like as the game goes on into later expansion PoF and EoD the story fights have improved in that respect. On LW2 Veteran Malevolent Memory fight, you kill one of the smaller mobs, get attuned to green and th
  6. I'm using a Tempest off heal build from metabattle and yes, I'm finding it taking a really long time to kill things. Thanks for all of your advice, it actually answers my question. I will check out those builds!
  7. I'm trying out the Tempest on my ele, it's the only spec I have unlocked so far, I find it very meh in world pve. What do most ele's do when not healing? When running world PvE? I still havent figured out the alt specs and gear tabs, but I assume you can switch between specs and gear fairly easy? Thanks.
  8. Completely agree with this. I have always liked to play ranged, but in group content it's a big no no here, which limits builds. Doing what you said, would fix that and we would see new builds being used, which is a good thing.
  9. I was afraid of that, thank you for the info.
  10. Hi all, I am playing with a master minion necro (if thats what they are called) I have as many minions out as possible. I have been doing T1 fractals with him, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any viable builds where I can keep all the minions out and still be able to move into t4 fractals eventually? Or no, outside of friends willing to group with me, there is no build viable for t4 fractals? Thanks in advance.
  11. Completely agree with you. I always end up killing half the map before I can get out of combat, very annoying.
  12. "Killing humans is perfectly fine." Signed, an Asura, the master race.
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