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  1. About as niche as thieves winning just by spamming choking gas over and over again, which is sorta the point I'm trying to illustrate.Of course it gets more complicated if we compare entire skill sets like thief's initiative pool/generation enhancements and revenant's core F2, legend swap, the access to stability and resistance etc., but in a lot of situations a thief walking up straight to you at full initiative just to spam one skill is as good as dead.
  2. You don't necessarily have to engage said thief, it could be any target.You can hit once from range, then wait for your energy generation. Starting at 100 energy, you literally can use call to anguish 4 times in 12 seconds before your energy depletes, just like choking gas; but as a revenant you can also follow up with a legend swap and continue fighting.
  3. Yet revenants can start storing energy before the actual skirmish happens (i.e. before the thief starts to regain something in turn). It could be a good strategical decision not to "engage on sight", then. Assuming both start fighting at full energy/initiative, the revenant is left with 65% energy to be spent on other skills and the thief at 50% (note that the actual initiative pool is 12 if not traited).If you can't do that, you could start with a different legend, spam its skills, swap to restore another 50 and use call to anguish right away. Yes, that's why two casts of choking gas in a row translate to 12 seconds of recharge (12 initiative spent), yet two casts of call to anguish translate to 6 seconds of recharge since revenants enjoy short cooldowns. Call to anguish is actually twice as spammable in realistic scenarios while choking gas can be either "used twice before running away" or "used once every six seconds for prolonged periods of time".
  4. The water one is vastly inferior and should probably be buffed (in terms of mechanics, not just numbers). Three others are indeed great and add versatility. Firestorm is the way to go because of its high damage+reliability+lowest recharge time.
  5. Yeah, before this patch the flame axe was an OK conjured weapon (on par with the fiery greatsword) due to the relatively short recharge of its skills. It might as well overperform now (also considering the sheer amount of cleanses aura sharing builds can have with it).Then again, if ANet decide to nerf flame axe's recharge times and not its power, it's going to become another "get bored to death"-style thing to play.
  6. Yup, I have to point out that "sticky" builds with a lot of gap closers and offensive follow-up (like revenants or thieves) just counter rangers in general. Looks like another one of "nerf rock, paper is fine" threads to me.
  7. How does it matter if the entire game is already balanced around different downed states?Although if you mean don't forget to nerf downed state skills just like all the normal ones, then yes, they probably should nerf them accordingly.
  8. Yes. I'm not arguing that, but as far as logical explanations go, maybe they felt the mighty blow is one AoE cleanse too much for the new meta.
  9. Well, throughout these years I've played 8 out of 9 professions and liked playing most of them, so I, for one, am crying not about this particular nerf or that, but rather about the entire paradigm shift. I don't find running out of skills and having to autoattack while waiting for my skills to recharge terribly exciting, even if we assume it's my fault for spamming them.
  10. So, what if your enemies excel at teamfighting, they come to your only node, instantly win a 5v5, neutralize your only node and get +25 points for kills?I mean, it's not like there's a hard rule for making such decisions, you're just being salty.
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