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  1. the chest from deepstone fractal is the final thing i need to complete this achievement and it is not triggering. i have autoloot off, i am under the ghost effect, etc etc. i didn't see this bug noted here but i know it has happened to others.
  2. date, time, and time zone the bug occurred: almost a year after mounts initially were introduced, still. all time zones.name of map you're on: every mapyour character name, level, race, and profession: not important, all levels but mostly 80, human and asura, necrowhether you're in a group: yes and no this is ridiculous. i play a minion heavy build and wow it sure is annoying to dismount only to find my minions have been dismissed AGAIN and are on cooldown. when will this be fixed? never? because that's what it looks like :)
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