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  1. So I main a Guardian and I have loved this class from the 1st day I played it . But I think this new Guardian Elite specialization Is not so fun is feel a bit on the Clunky And not as fun not to say it wont be when it go's live. Just my thought
  2. Not Sharing account he just click on the game and it loads he see the Characters and Deletes them I have used the ALT code but he seem to figure them out He is smart but he is also not understanding of the work I put in to them. So I bought the gaming laptop. He has the desk top and has his own account that he dos not play . so in this case I would like to point out That a restore function some thing like world of warcraft has would help a lot of player's out. So they do not have to go thru the ticket process It would Be available every seven days . So if some one's account got hacked or a v
  3. So I Have a sone with autism and when I am away He likes to get on the pc and play GW2 and when he dos he Deletes my Characters I rectified the situation by getting my self a gaming laptop. But at the same time I do believe that accidents happen. So if Arenanet would Be able to come up with a system to Help Restore Deleted Characters some thing that player can do them Self like a button . I think this could be a step in the right Direction and a quality of life improvements .
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