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  1. What niche do you mean with your comment about Deadeye? Apart from that, I'm hoping that you guys who suggest that the Specter could be viable in Raids due to the multi target support it got, are right. Or if it isn't, maybe the Devs could change the single target tethering to a multi target (5 ppl for example) one after the beta. Even if it's just through a trait that changes the tethering to a multi target one. Would be fine for me.
  2. That's exactly my point. Even if the support is decent, people in end game content will always want to take the one which is most effective, especially support wise. So it won't be used. I'd love to have the situation that you can choose between for example support chrono and Specter for boon support and either one is equally up for the job - maybe one having some advantages over the other ag certain bosses. Say said in the stream that it will be a "Support the king (commander)" type of Spec. But the usability for that is just too narrow. I hate to say that about the thief spec aa I really was looking forward to it the most 😞
  3. I'm really sad it turned out like this... I was hoping for a support spec for ages 😞
  4. As I understand it, we only get single target support, except a little bit aoe healing. So where to use this? In Raids and Fractals people will stick with support classes that benefit the whole subgroup. In PvP and WvW it could be viable but in open world PvE it's again not viable, maybe with a few specific exceptions. So as I see it we have a spec which is only viable or usable in a few specific contexts. Just to be clear: I'm only talking about the support side of this spec. Am I missing something here? I'd love playing the Specter as support in Raids...
  5. I main thief and love it to play again necros. It was always like this and the last patches didn't change that. I currently trying a DE build again and necros fall like flies ^^
  6. I never said anything about reworking old raids. I know there are discussions about it. But I don't think that would be a good idea because of what you said . I'm speaking about new raids.
  7. Well it would increase the amount of players who would enjoy the wings because everyone who's interested in the story (or the achievements or whatnot) would run the solo instance. So all the effort is not limited to the small raiding player base. And maybe some would start raiding.
  8. You completely missed my point. I do want raids! I'm a raider and I really hope they will release more wings. But I also see the problem that raids have a small player base and that non raiding players feel left out if the raids contain story related stuff (which makes them more interesting for me on the other hand). That's why I made suggestions how to make both sides happy while enabling more players to enjoy the wings so that all the work from the devs is not limited to a small amount of players.
  9. It does not make raids pointless. You have a solo (solo! Not easy group content) instance where everyone can enjoy the wings and the story. And then you've got the raid with the same story and bosses, yes, but other mechanics, much more difficult, for ten people and with far better loot. That means raiders will still get the fun of a normal raid wing and the loot (and so the encouragement to tackle the raid) even if casual players can play it alone.
  10. Okay, even if you are right, there is the second solution of a solo instance. Then they are able to play it. But to the first solution: I discussed it with a few non raiding friends and they liked it. They obviously don't speak for the masses, but there you go. And where exactly did the mention they won't release new raids?
  11. I don't necessarily want to increase the player base in raids. I want a solution that makes both raiders and story focused players happy. My solution gives both groups a piece of the cake. When some players start raiding because of that, well, it's an added bonus.
  12. I really hope for new raids in the new expansion. And I also hope that they are more like the first four/five wings which were tied to the story so that they gave a kind of added benefit to the story and gave many possibilities for theories. I see that lots of people didn't like that because they weren't able to fully enjoy the storys when not playing raids (Eye of Janthir...). But maybe we could get a cutscene for each raid wing explaining what happened. Then Glenna could send a letter like "Commander, something interesting happened in ... Meet me in Lion's Arch." And the player can choose wether they want to play the raid or can watch the cutscene telling them the important stuff. We got cutscenes for the wings anyway so it shouldn't be too much work. Another possibility would be story instanced raids. The player can play a raid wing solo with a npc army (like Dragonstorm) and enjoy the story. Raiders can play the raid wing with their squad. For that to work we need many more and different mechanics in the raid mode so it doesn't feel easy because one can just play the solo mode and then know what's happening. Because obviously part of the fun is trial and error until knowing the mechanics. In the second option, the raids shouldn't be part of the story journal (so no real story instance like Dragonstorm) but an added bonus. And very important is that the raid mode offers more and better loot. The solo mode should give normal story instance loot and a few achievement points and the raid mode should give the raid loot - 2 gold per boss, achievements, chance of ascended gear and special skins, ... What do you guys think?
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for a good pvp build for thief. After the balance patch my old build isn't working that good anymore. I changed back to condi thief and tried a few options but I'm not completely happy with it. Any ideas for a strong build?
  14. If you are not shy of learning a few additional mechanics, then I'd advice Druid. It's much asked for in PUGs and it's always good to have several Druid players in a Static/Group. It class itself is not difficult.
  15. Why would you play a poor duelist who performs even worse in teamfights? Thiefs purpose hasnt changed, its still a decap and +1 bot. And there is nothing that made D/P specifically worse at that than other builds (And Deadeye is not going to work as long as projectile destruction and reflect is as abundant as it is, and DJ is as unhittable as it is). You wouldn’t play a poor duelist- you would be playing a build that hard counters dh and power revs that has much improved mobility from d/p builds that can not only 1v1 better than other s/d builds but do more damage- just how Sa dp would do at least as much damage as Da dp, but with much improved sustain Youre playing thief. That means youre playing a poor duelist at best. How exactly do you intend to counter DH, who still has better damage, defense, CC and sustain? Youd still be a pure decap and +1 bot that avoids 1v1s like the plague, so there is no real advantage to D/P. Its not like you get more mobility because IA is still the best movement you have. Dh can 1v1 at least in ranked, but it’s not a 1v1 build. Keep in mind s/d daredevil is and has been possibly the best counter to these dh builds for multiple seasons at least according to multiple plat-legend guards and thief players. I mean of course DH is not a 1v1 build. But Thief is not a 1v1 class. And when it comes to 1v1ing, DH still does a lot better. Thief is a counter in +1 scenarios, not 1v1 scenarios. And its good at that because it can rip crucial boons from DH, interrupt their high cast time valuable skills with ease, and mess them up with blinds. But, in a 1v1 scenario that doesnt save the thief. He still loses. There is a reason DH was fine in the 2v2 seasons (though not top tier) and thief was either the only, or one of the only two classes that were unplayable. Well I play Daredevil and even though I'm not asking for 1v1 situations, I sometimes find myself in a duel. So I try and if it's obvious I'll loose, I go. But I very successfully duel Mesmers, Engi and Necros all the time. The other classes are more difficult to play against for me. But I can duel these three pretty well. I mean, I can win 1v1s as Deadeye against Guardians. That doesnt mean DE can 1v1 Guardians, it most definitely cannot, it just means that sometimes your level of play is significantly higher over your opponents skill level to the point where you win even a matchup you shouldnt win. Of the 3 you mention, thief can actually duel condi mesmer well because plasma is stupid. Engineer is basically a loss every time if the Engineer knows their way around their class (seriously I play Core Engineer, which is just a weaker Holo a lot of the time, and I dont lose to thieves), Necro depends on their build, but any Necro that you would encounter in a 1v1 is a Necro that is going to clap thief. You're right, it depends a lot on the skill of the player. When a necro player and a thief player (current meta builds) with equal skill on their class fight a 1v1, the necro will win. But in reality, it's not that easy and e.g. roamer classes win against duelists all the time.
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