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  1. Nice idea, I destroyed several stacks of these shards so far (and still have over 2000 in my bank and on a bank char)
  2. Small hint: - shift-click on your item you want to destroy (the exakt item ist posted to the chat, but not sent so far) - press Alt-A (select all), Ctrl-X (copy/cut to clipboard) - destroy your item, in the popup-confirmation-dialog press Ctrl-V (insert), then press backspace to delete the closing bracket, Pos1 and Remove to delete the opening bracket. Press OK. - You're done. 🙂
  3. My dislike list: 1. Dreamer 2. Dreamer 3. Dreamer 4. Dreamer 5. Dreamer. 😆
  4. You have the urge to compete with other players that have multiple accounts (even if they are botting)???
  5. Perhaps think of getting a new character slot, and use it for this and then for farming black lion keys.
  6. Yes, and I love the way they did this at the Mad Kings clock tower. This could be the answer for the wintersday JP as well. I also hate big furries in the wintersday JP. Andreas
  7. The last few days I have big graphical issues in WvW, snow has black shadow parts, wall textures are black or look very strange. After a relog all is ok (for some minutes).
  8. Saw yesterday this strange thing: Was in the mistlock sanctuary and zoomed to my asura to see his front side. But then alle the name plates of the players/npcs behind my char were displayed in front of my char, and not behind him where they belong.
  9. And you had them the day before and they were not the three beta char slots from the last beta week?
  10. Why can't alliances mainly be build from the "old" home servers and onyly smallest servers will be distributed between the servers? So like permanent linked servers.
  11. I think I‘ll get the few account points you‘ll get for mastering the skiff and fishing and then my skiff will be a nice place or home for bats, spiders or other insects.
  12. What answer do you have for necros? I don't even try to chase enemies or try to run away.
  13. And sometimes during fights you see on other (enemy) players also old server names.
  14. So, I'm on Grenths door, together with two other alliances. But whenever one of us three capture a camp, a tower or whatever, the popup message and the chat says that Jade Sea, Seefarer, Millersund, (insert old server name here) captured this object. So you don't know who captured what. This mixed laguage thing (in chat I saw french, dutch, spanish, german and english) is propably a temporary thing and will fix itself after a few days. So far we have to guess which thing on what map is under combat (if someone screams in team chat).
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