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  1. I played regularly several years ago, especially did a lot of fractals but also some raids and world events. I played less after some playstyles I enjoyed were no longer a thing or so viable, it was time for a break. Anyway, I tried to return for Cantha -- such a beautiful zone! But I was rather overwhelmed, and I still don't have my skyscale unlocked, some of the specific activities I seemed unable to do or figure out. So I'm looking for a guild that might have group events, like regular progression to unlock the skyscale, and could provide some insight on what classes/spec/roles I might want to modify my characters to fill. I do like to be a team player and contribute as well once I am able. 🙂 Thank you!
  2. I'm excited to see homesteading coming to GW2 and from the preview, it looks like there will be a lot of cool features! Will there be additional plots/homesteads that we can add to our account in the future? The new one looks great, but I would really love to have a place in Cantha, with that style of architecture and music, in a grove of bamboo. I would also love for the original player home instances to be customizable -- even if to a much more limited extend then the large homestead. I am attached to my sylvari home, the beautiful organic architecture, the NPCs that hang out, wishing me "Treesong go with you." ^_^
  3. It’s not my favorite launcher design (that would be HoT) — I would have gone with one of the beautiful cityscapes instead I think — but it strikes me as an odd thing to complain about. Log in and you’re on your way! I AM glad that we finally have a new character selection background and quite a lovely one at that! ☺️
  4. Oh cool, thank you so much for the link, @Inculpatus cedo.9234 😄 I’m glad I’ll be able to get myself refamiliared with my different characters’ abilities in the training grounds — I nearly died to some tired zombies the other day! 😅 And Shing Jea looks sooo gorgeous! 😍
  5. Still no Sylvan jackal mount? 🥺 I love a magical plant theme and a sylvan jackal that zips forward in a swirl of leaves just seems sooo perfect! Edit: In the meantime, I’d love to be able to buy the following mount skins: 1) Dark Monarch Skyscale 2) Funerary Scarab 3) Bioluminescent Raptor
  6. I don’t recall any either but I would have probably skipped if there had been. So do we know there is going to be an introductory tutorial in the new zone? For new or any level 80? Or the option to start a new character there as well?
  7. Do you mean the first part of Heart of Thorns or the new expansion? (I didn’t think the latter could be accessed yet.) Sorry for the newb question — I feel like a newb again! 😅
  8. I’m in a similar place, not having played regularly since early 2019. I have every class and most elite specs leveled and geared but I seem to have forgotten how to do anything. 😅 I think I’ll create a new character to get the intro tutorials again…
  9. Hello, I would like to join! It has been several years since I played regularly and I’ll need to get orientated but I used to do some raids and tier 4 fractals. I would like to do those again but I also enjoy casual runs, meta events, etc. and am looking forward to exploring Cantha. 🙂
  10. Thank you!!! I’m glad to hear that skimmers can indeed go underwater now — I’ll have to log on just to try that out! :) LS1 instances? Really? Via fractals or...? I feel like a lot of games are focusing on nostalgia, or maybe that’s nothing new and inevitable from time to time. Never having played GW1, I wasn’t crazy about all the references in PoF that I guess only made sense if you’d played that and I imagine I should expect even more from Cantha. I know WoW released it’s “classic” last year and it looks like ESO is following this year’s return to Skyrim with Oblivion next year. So much human stuff! I play GW2 for the Sylvari and ESO for the Elves! :lol:
  11. I guess I was hoping for an overview or highlights... Or what other players feel was significant... Looking over the pages of the Gemstore thread was informative but I haven’t found so easy a way to check on the state of classes and gameplay...
  12. Checking in! I will say that I cannot bring myself to buy mount skins in other games because GW2 mounts are sooo much cooler and the skins are dyeable! So what’s new? It looks like there aren’t any new mounts since the Skyscale, but can the Skimmer now go underwater? Any new Sylvari stuff? The Tanglewood glider looks cool — too bad I didn’t catch that! But still no Sylvari jackal that comes apart and back together in a swirl of leaves? But now how about classes? Major changes overall? Are Druid pets still gimped?
  13. Sad. Scourge was a spec I was enjoying after Druid was destroyed. :'(
  14. look at how pretty she was! Oh man i want one. WoW has a spider mount that cost 2,000,000 gold, and everyone wants it. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/89334/the-scrapped-spider-mount/p1# I dont get why they scrapped this one, there are spiders all over the game. I mean seriously if its because people have a phobia thats really a laughable excuse in a video game. If you start doing that might as well make the game hello kitty island adventure.Gorgeous! :love: That’s my favorite spider model in GW2 and the mini I use most often! I love the mounts we do have but so sad they scrapped this one. :disappointed:
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