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  1. Thank you!!! I’m glad to hear that skimmers can indeed go underwater now — I’ll have to log on just to try that out! :) LS1 instances? Really? Via fractals or...? I feel like a lot of games are focusing on nostalgia, or maybe that’s nothing new and inevitable from time to time. Never having played GW1, I wasn’t crazy about all the references in PoF that I guess only made sense if you’d played that and I imagine I should expect even more from Cantha. I know WoW released it’s “classic” last year and it looks like ESO is following this year’s return to Skyrim with Oblivion next year. So much hum
  2. I guess I was hoping for an overview or highlights... Or what other players feel was significant... Looking over the pages of the Gemstore thread was informative but I haven’t found so easy a way to check on the state of classes and gameplay...
  3. Checking in! I will say that I cannot bring myself to buy mount skins in other games because GW2 mounts are sooo much cooler and the skins are dyeable! So what’s new? It looks like there aren’t any new mounts since the Skyscale, but can the Skimmer now go underwater? Any new Sylvari stuff? The Tanglewood glider looks cool — too bad I didn’t catch that! But still no Sylvari jackal that comes apart and back together in a swirl of leaves? But now how about classes? Major changes overall? Are Druid pets still gimped?
  4. Sad. Scourge was a spec I was enjoying after Druid was destroyed. :'(
  5. look at how pretty she was! Oh man i want one. WoW has a spider mount that cost 2,000,000 gold, and everyone wants it. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/89334/the-scrapped-spider-mount/p1# I dont get why they scrapped this one, there are spiders all over the game. I mean seriously if its because people have a phobia thats really a laughable excuse in a video game. If you start doing that might as well make the game hello kitty island adventure.Gorgeous! :love: That’s my favorite spider model in GW2 and the mini I use most often! I love the mounts we do have but so sad they scrapp
  6. The pet nerf needs to be revoked. Trading one advantage or mechanic for another is one thing, having it gimped to little more than a hindrance you are still saddled with is another. It may be overstating it a bit, and I wouldn’t like to see Druid lose having a pet option as part of why I was drawn to the ranger class was animal companions. But that is also part of why I hate that nerf: it doesn’t make sense thematically and feels like you’re telling me my Druid neglected her pets or hurt them through her class choices. :( There was already a significant trade-off of DPS when taking Druid spec
  7. No, I have multiples of different classes primarily for character concept and to wear different armor. I very rarely swap builds on a character, mostly do build changes when I’m experimenting or trying to optimize for particular content. But I know many people who will be glad for build templates who currently do so through Arc, which seems to always be buggy. So I think those who like alts will continue having alts and those who swap builds will now have their lives made much easier. :)
  8. 1) My guildies <32) My characters3) Time and money invested4) I still have fun in the game. At times I need or have to take a break for a time, but then I come back and have fun. I answered both of your posts because right now I’m in between states in a way. I was mostly taking a break but logged in from time to time to check things and my healing was wanted — it is good to be wanted, heh. :3 So I joined in for some fractals, dungeons and raids and it was fun so I am back but in casual mode for now. :)
  9. I do think people were expecting too much, making disappointment inevitable, like people expecting to get the rare RNG drop. Personally, I was hoping (but not expecting) more underwater content but adding to Norn lore could be fun, especially if that includes more options in character creation. I am glad it is not Cantha because they were the focus of the last story arcs and I feel that most of the GW1 fan service stuff isn’t integrated well for those of us who never played the game.
  10. That’s not even true. I enjoy the underwater content (although not on every character because of different abilities) and enjoy exploring around Orr and elsewhere, finding hidden caves and ruins! The only time I don’t like it is when I’m forced to navigate it as a helpless dolphin. I never liked the underwater fractal but the open world and dungeon underwater content is great!
  11. It’s very normal for content to eventually go on sale, even included free with something else at some point. I bought HoT shortly after I started playing late in 2016 and bought PoF on pre-release and I don’t regret it one bit. Those of you claiming it’s a “smack in the face” or other such nonsense were probably unhappy with the expansion or game in general to say that. I mean, how much have you played the HoT and LWS3 maps themselves as well as used gliding, the elite specs and wardrobe and stat unlocks since you bought it? Probably a lot of fun times you participated in with guild, friends,
  12. Ungoliantë in her current attire -- Arah Dungeon plus some sylvari vines that mostly aren't visible:https://imgur.com/zLRZtHoI like the skirt part but the chestpiece and the gloves (already changed out of those) had too many beige undyeable regions. :disappointed: You can see some of this above in the chest and shoulder areas. Current weapons are mostly whatever until I figure out how to develop her look. I do like the appearance of the green torch, however. Here I was browsing different wardrobe options and I have always liked the sylvrari dryad armor:https://imgur.com/Dmiv8qiI tried various
  13. I’m happy with GW2’s combination of what can be earned in game and what is available for gems — especially considering that it is F2P outside of the expansions!!! To my knowledge, most MMORPG’s require a subscription whether or not there is an upfront and/or additional cost for expansions and any non-sub option for those games comes with severe limitations. Even GW2’s Gemstore items are generally good deals compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere (not counting RNG stuff like BLC’s and dye packs but those are never a good deal anywhere so you buy them if you enjoy that kind of thing). And GW2 has
  14. Woot! I was planning on getting chef 500 anyway, but very happy to know that will also lead to getting a third garden plot! The missing plot always bothered me aesthetically, lol!
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