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  1. I love how cannons are pivotal for the Skeleton and the boat adds, but you can be Bird-ed while in the cannon.
  2. Their are some audio cues. But I guess some people play without sound so I don't know how much more sound cues wouldhelp Talking about stuff like Sabetha saying "Burn, burn!" or Matthias grunting before he vaults. Slothasor's tantrum doesn't sound like he's bringing down the ceiling on us or whatever it's meant to be.
  3. Eh, a lot of the complaints apply to many existing PvE fights. I don't know why ANet can afford voice acting for every random line out in the open world, but won't implement audio or visual cues to help people since the majority of the community considers fractals and raids to be difficult. Much better than submitting to the "easy mode pls" crowd, right. The fact that TACO exists to trivialise certain fights should be an embarrassment. Honestly, I wish more fights were less "memorise this" like Sabetha and more like Soulless Horror or Matthias that allows more focus on the action mechanics par
  4. It's good when MMOs have options. Even with Istan being profitable, like everything else with GW2 nothing is required. Personally I have never bothered with it but being around the zone I am well aware that there have been communities created around this. Why would you want to disrupt that? Now if this change was to balance Istan to make way for other similar farming methods, I would understand, but I see no new alternatives being introduced. Not to mention, there might be unintended economy shifts as a result cough runes/sigils being mega expensive cause of the rarity of charms cough Do you k
  5. Not hard. Just tedious. Resisting the urge to afk through the maze part is difficult. Oh and massive amounts of circle spam and CC on a tiny boat. Anet's idea of "difficulty" as always.
  6. Raids aren't hard, that's why most of the people that raid consistently do so to improve their personal performance (i.e parsing DPS/uptimes) - along with social reasons too of course - it's not about the clear, it's about being efficient WHILE getting your clear. I've raided for like 3 months and I'm bored of Wing 1-4 already. Contrary to what someone on page 1 posted, GW2 is NOT TERA. In action MMOs, with skill you can literally dodge like 99% of boss attacks (essentially only the ones the devs want you to eat intentionally as fight mechanics). There is a lot of random damage/CC in this game
  7. Yeah like the dude that wrote the essay too said, it's a change that will have far-reaching effects, unlike if a DPS prof got nerfed like Ele did. Weaver without boons feels awful. Staff Weaver in particular is yet again hit with a nerf indirectly because of the Arcane trait. I don't even have a Mesmer atm. It's not like the game is gonna suddenly be more fun because you'll bring different profs to content now. Most of the endgame PvE stuff has been around for a long time and people just wanna get them cleared as efficiently as possible.
  8. No one with a brain would use bows when pistols and rifles exist, yet here we are. What's your point? If I wanted realism I'd you know, go outside.
  9. Please don't speak for the rest of us. If you want to play something extremely covered up and modest, roll a Medium armor class. You'll have trenchcoat picks for days. I'd like more short to medium length skirts. At the moment it's like Apprentice and Magician's. Requiem was another set of pants...
  10. Was 2 manning the prior supplies event with someone (and struggling because someone at Anet decided to fill the entire area with large aggro radius, ranged mobs that also spam Protection) and the event completed while she was downed. After she was ressed by the two of us, she just stood there and refused to move for the escort mentioned in ^
  11. There are some desync issues at times whenever I enter new "instances" - fractals, cities, zones - where I can either chat or cast spells seemingly fine, but not the other. My fractal group mentioned today that I was teleporting around and hadn't clicked the "Yes" button to confirm exiting when I did on my end. After 15 minutes of DCing, everything returned to normal. In another instance, I lagged and DCed trying to carve a pumpkin in Lion's Arch, only to return immediately from the login screen with no ping issues whatsoever. My internet seems fine and nothing else went offline. I'm from SEA,
  12. I would rather them try and fix the desyncing and stuttering that regularly occurs in there. Maybe it's my ping, but because of that, this is the only JP where someone who has completed it multiple times is still able to run into issues on a return visit. I finished the repeatable by lingering in 1 instance, but when I returned to do the daily the next day I crashed into the wall at the end or fell around where the moving parts loaded when my FPS stuttered. While somewhat annoying, the wait time isn't that bad. The only part that required extensive practice was the very first bit where the pla
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