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  1. I'm fairly new to WVW and have a lot of questions. Here's one of them - From the wiki, I understand that the green team is the one that went down a tier in the previous match. However, I've heard people on my server say that they're happy with being green and actually want it. Before I ask them directly I wanted to see if there's something I'm missing. Is there? Reference - https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/World_versus_World#Match-making_and_Server_Linking
  2. Many thanks. Kind of weird. After over eight years playing this toon this is the first I've noticed it.
  3. In WVW the last couple of weeks every now again I get a spectral eagle flying above my head for a while. Nothing obvious causes it. It disappears when I change maps. This is on my Soulbeast in case that matters. There is nothing in my buff bar that explains it. I can hear a subtle swoosh when it flaps its wings. Anyone know what it is?
  4. Just started happening to me today (6/11). Very annoying. Malchor's Leap. Edit: I've played WVW and maps with the dailies since Tuesdays with no problems. Today in ML was my first experience with crashes, which were continual. I moved out and played in Snowden's and Vabbi with no problems. This indicates to me that the crash problem is only affecting certain maps.
  5. Thanks. Now I have another Warclaw question - I saw one rear up on its hind legs and growl periodically. Is that a feature of some skin? A glitch? A hack?
  6. So, you're saying that there's a "main server," in my case Ferguson's Crossing, and a linked server in this case Ehmry Bay? And everything is named after the "main server?" That would answer my question if that's the case.
  7. This is confusing. The world name shows up on home borderlands. Also, it shows up on character ID, as in "Ferguson's Crossing Gold General," and such. Those are what I'm asking about.
  8. Do both linked worlds see the same name of their home borderland or do they see it as their home world's name. For instance, I'm on Ferguson's Crossing and see my home BL as Ferguson's Crossing Alpine Borderland. We're currently linked with Ehmry Bay. Do they see it as Ehmry Bay Alpine Borderland or Ferguson's Crossing? Also, do our enemy players see EB players as EB or FC? Right now one our opponent teams is made up of Sea of Sorrows and Kaineng. I only recall seeing SOS players, but I could have missed some Kaineng's. Not a big deal. Just curious.
  9. Sort of related to rubber banding, eh?
  10. I've seen some players' Warclaw jumping very high in the air. I haven't been able to duplicate it. Is it some skill I'm missing, a hack or something else?
  11. Fairly new to WVW. I know what "No Downed State" is but don't understand why it's desirable/useful.
  12. I appreciate the advice, however I've made Pharus and The Binding of Ipos, so I know the grind ahead. The story/collection aspect of C&C is different, though. Also, after playing over eight years and only starting legendaries in the last six months or so, I had a lot of mats stocked up. But those two pretty much cleaned me out. I'm largely starting from scratch in that area. I may use gw2efficiency this time around to help keep track, so thanks for that. I previously just printed out the ingredient lists from the wiki and kept track by hand. Again, thanks for the input.
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