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  1. Having this issue as well. so far about 4-5 times at the end of a story instance. I particularly reinstalled windows from a USB stick and it happened about an hour and a half ago During the Battle with Bulthazar to the death and finishing the Soul Eater. I will try and capture a screen shot of the error code if it has happened outside of instances. so far it has not. so if you are looking for a common place to find the bug... it has only happened during a story segmented instance and no other time. even without a cut scene. most have happened during the time to speak to someone or a portal ope
  2. I keep getting DC'd as I am about to finish story line during an instance... its the 5th time or so in the past 2 days, is anyone else having this issue?? also when loading a map I always get a flash of my desktop prior to the map loading? I am starting to think these are both bugs. but it is extremely frustrating after doing 2-3 big fights in the story and getting DC'd and punted back to the beginning of the instance... only to have to start fresh...
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