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  1. I wished for Guild Wars 3 for like 2 years. This is great news for me. I had my thousands of hours of fun in GW2 but I’ve stopped logging in the last months. Last EXP is boring small and grindy. The graphics are really outdated in 2024. I want something built on UE5
  2. Maybe you don’t have enough RAM? Just kidding 🎃 I don’t know about everyone else here but to me GW2 already feels outdated (even though still best MMO overall for me). I wouldn’t mind starting all over in GW3, with fresh graphics and gameplay mechanics
  3. Hello, I'm not sure where is the best place to ask but, can someone from ArenaNet tell me if they are planning to include some discount on the most expensive edition of End of Dragons? When I saw there is a discount for EoD I expected the premium edition with the gems will also be a couple of euro cheaper. Sorry if this sounds silly. I'm not playing GW2 anymore as I don't have much time in my life anymore. If I buy the game I want to go through the story and maybe buy something nice in the gemstore. I wanted to get the most expensive edition, but with a discount....if that makes sense.
  4. Meh, so it is about the loud minority on forums then? If fishing wasn't popular, it wouldn't be put in so many games, ...like.. Animal Crossing which is selling like crazy
  5. mindcircus oh I see what you mean. Sorry, for me system of catching fish can be as simple as in Lineage 2 or WoW. I don't really care for the minigame. I care for the fun of collecting stuff and making my own fishtank, and riding a shark =) ...sorry if that doesn't interest you Thehipone, I don't go to forums often. Were I supposed to look for other posts? Sorry again :D You like to shut up people, don't you?
  6. What would fishing do for this game? In WOW it has a purpose, in Lineage it has a purpose, what purpose aside from being a roleplay mechanic would it -add- to this game for the time investment?Hi Dante, Please, read my proposal for Fishing in Cantha here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/106667/very-cool-idea-for-fishing-discipline-in-cantha
  7. I just found this... I am totally thrilled. Now I have even more incentive to finish my legendary armor. And then play the game more to collected 2 more
  8. Dear ArenaNet, Today, an idea struck me. I believe it is a great one. Let's rethink the idea of Fishing discipline again since the game has changed so much since Vanilla.You can actually earn a lot of money with this! (now you pay attention hopefully =) ) Fishing up to level 500.Fishable areas: rivers, lakes, ponds, seas Gem store items: fishing rod skins, fisher's outfit skins (Krytan Fisher, Elonian Fisher, Canthan Fisher, etc), fishing boosters, mount skins!fishing baits with special effects (like with gem store harvesting tools)Teleport to VIP fishing pond (like Airship area with crafting, bank and TP)Some skins and boosters also obtainable through related fishing Achievements or random dropMount idea: underwater mount Seahorse, shark, whale, dolphinBasic skins available through Mastery system, advanced skins all from Gem Store Fishing baits: craftable items used as consumable to increase a chance of finding a specific type of fishAlso can be acquired from gem store (such baits can for example produce some cool effects plus work the same way as the basic ones) The usage for caught Fish: used in cooking (finally) - Canthan themed recipes for food, other regions can be added in a later update to lower the amount of work needed to be done for Canthan expansionFish used in Guild Halls and Home Instances - Fish tanks!Fish used in Gear crafting: new underwater weapons, breathers, armor, trinkets, backpackFish can be collectible like minis and can be displayed in Home Instance and Achievement PanelFun Activities: Fishing tournaments: available in Canthan maps, like mount races underwater mount races sound good too!The fishing process: something simple to do, but harder to master... it doesn't need to be overly complicated, should be easy for every types of players.Leveling Fishing up would allow you to catch better fish. But the leveling can be discarded completely...Mastery System can also be used for Fishing instead of leveling as a discipline Please consider it. Kind regards,AlisarDius
  9. reading this for the first time and this is crazy! Bring your lawyer... lol, true americanism. Were it happen to me I would probably just delete the game and not touch it anymore maybe ever. There is at least a dozen of games in my backlog that I cannot find time to play due to GW2...
  10. To People who didn't get the license but logically they should have, I'm sorry ArenaNet didn't listen. I tried to write here some logical arguments but they seem not to care at all. Or, maybe it is not their fault, they are owned by NCsoft. Corporations were always rigid in the ways of thinking. I would suggest just to move on and next time make sure to log in and do stuff, i guess
  11. Person can learn a lot about psychology and possible people personalities in here...very interesting material if I were studying psychology :D
  12. Hello, In my last days if raiding we have encountered a bug that sometimes when you stand on the platform to jump on the cannon platform, and you have the bomb yourself, by using it underneath you will start the jumping animation but you get immediately knocked down back on the jump platform (and losing the jumping bomb action skill). This doesn't happen all the time, but it did happen to me twice. I'm sorry I don't have a record, but I'm sure I wasn't hit by anything at that moment, so I believe it is a bug
  13. This. The people that say they were acting "responsibly" show a fundamental misunderstanding of how servers work. And because they don't understand how servers work, all they were trying to do was to protect their accounts by not logging in, not reduce Anet's workload. In case you are wondering, no, neither of those things are true, rollbacks don't affect accounts on an individual basis, whether you logged in or not made no difference to whether your account would be rolled back and you weren't helping anybody by not logging in. And no, anet never told anyone not to log in. Wrong, by not playing, you avoid the potential submission of a ticket to get your lost stuff back. If everyone would have logged in, and done stuff as usual, Anet would have had a lot more tickets to manage, to recover important items.Funny how that person is assuming how people felt..that they didn't want to help mitigate the impact for ArenaNet. That is so ignorant. Of course there were people who didn't care, but what I saw (and I was one of them) there was many people calming down the situation and trying to vacate the server so nothing even worse can happen. Yes, I work in IT too, and I know what a rollback is, but how can you for sure know what was the root cause of the issue? You simply can't, therefore don't push your ideas when they are flawed in their core
  14. yes, good good... i'm glad you stopped undermining affected players who were not treated equally
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