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  1. Same here, 12,202. Something to do with being in a small guild maybe?
  2. Same happening here, the message I get is:: "WvW information is not visible from dungeons, instances, and overflow maps. Travel to WvW to participate" After clicking "OK" then clicking on "Mist War" top tab, it stays on the Masteries tab and throws up the same message. On Gandara server EU, and in Divinity's Reach just for info.
  3. Yes, the Gem Store doesn't load for me either. (EU Gandara server.)
  4. I have sent-in crash reports, of course, but, just for info - each of my three crashes have occurred when I attempted to re-plant seeds in my Home Instance, (Salma in Divinity's Reach.) If I hold off from "gardening" the crashes appear to cease.
  5. I have also experienced this, but it has happened to me randomly, in different maps, not just one. Pressing 1 or X does not dismount me and I have to wait until the mount is struck by an enemy.
  6. Yes indeed Chomsky! :) My small guild consists of players with an age range of 40 - 50+ on the Gandara EU server. We are called Boots Roots Paws and Claws [bRPC] and are pretty laid-back and drama-free. You'll not find us stressing if someone dies in combat; we think individuals should be free to gear-up as they please, and to play any game mode they enjoy. [bRPC] has deliberately not chosen to expand by admitting "all-comers" because we prefer to welcome a mix of like-minded Tyrians, who value cameraderie over becoming an anonymous number. Rules are few - just the common sense basic
  7. This is such a contrast to the original, "optimistic" version of the song, this one sounds brilliantly dark and full of foreboding. I absolutely love it! Hahaha, I hope we will one-day encounter The Soggy Joko Brothers performing their rendition of the song in one of the remote mountain homesteads of Tyria. :)
  8. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone. :)
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