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  1. Whatever you think suites you best. I, personally, like the Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS. Primarily because it is maintained by a Laptop/Desktop OEM (System76) and has a hefty focus on desktop users. That or Manjaro is pretty user-friendly as well
  2. Never used Lutris so no idea how it actually works. I did check the game's page though and apparently someone wrote an install script (click - show unpublished installers) which configures Wine in a similar way to my package. Seem to be a job well done too I must say :) That was me, though I haven't messed with it in a while
  3. @ArmoredVehicle.2849 Are you ok with me re-hosting your tarballs in a Github releases page so that I can have my lutris installer just download your, unpack, and run the installer for super easy setup. If there's anything (I.E. the GW2 install binary) that needs to be removed, I can remove and repack the tarball
  4. I can see why this is annoying, but isn't this the very purpose of the spec? To prevent/strip boons?
  5. Software Dev here - you can't get brand new things every release. It would leave no time for anything else and would create the content and feature wastelands that most MMOs have today (WoW Garrisons, Class Halls, Ancient Weapons, etc). A ton of dev work is also never, ever seen by the users/players themselves as it's things behind the scenes: Critical Bug fixes that they identify during development and fix before players have to run into them.Testing to try and find more bugs that they don't know about yet.Foundation for future content, features, mechanics.Non-functional changes (I.E. changes
  6. I will take a look at any changes you made and work on updating the Lutris installers of necessary
  7. What coming here to say the same thing. @ArmoredVehicle.2849 - D9VK is no longer a standalone project. It has been merged into DXVK as of DXVK 1.5
  8. The wine build in my package is a straight off Wine + Staging patches applied, my own stuff are the various scripts and the pre-configured prefix, hope that clears it up :) That's what I figured. I will be updating the installers I have with your arcdps and radial script(s) for post installation runs, but other than that, it's mostly the same just with the play.sh replaced by the traditional execing wine + game exe since Lutris can handle the env vars.
  9. @ArmoredVehicle.2849 is there anyway to get the wine fork you build for this available as a tarball or on Github? I want to create a Lutris installer for your version and want to submit your build as a Lutris wine version NEVERMIND: Looks like most of the patches you use are included in the lutris-4.21 build of WINE.
  10. So looks like with the latest build the crashing when changing dynamic HUD settings has stopped. When you say the latest build, are you referring to a game update or the Linux package update I've recently released? :)Yes ;)
  11. So looks like with the latest build the crashing when changing dynamic HUD settings has stopped.
  12. @ArmoredVehicle.2849 Anyone note the issue where the game will crash if you try and modify dynamic HUD settings while logged into a Character? It works fine when on the character select, but crashes if changes are made after selecting a character
  13. Anyone have issues with the "Copy Template" button with the new build templates? Been trying to copy the chat code out and it never actually copies it. Have not tried with another GW2 install method yet (i.e. Lutris)
  14. It seems like ANet may be overstepping their bounds by telling users what their legitimate games hardware can/can't do, but that's just me
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