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  1. I kindly request from ArenaNet to add more keybinds on Mastery skills. So far in the Control Options menu there is only one key option for a default selected Mastery, yet there are 3 skills there. As such, I feel somewhat forced to ask: 1. a keybind option added for summoning Skiff. This is especially needed because Fishing Party Catches buff gets lost fast (just a few seconds) if player can not summon skiff back fast enough. A keybind is a must-have for fishing with skiff. 2. a keybind for switching to fishing rod. Every time when going to another fishing pool, the player needs
  2. February 28th 2022, after so much delay. It was to be expected. I guess I will skip playing first 3 days. It's going to be patches, crashes, bugs, and rollbacks. All old-timers know it, because we've been through this before, twice. February 28th... what an expected bombshell!
  3. I disagree. A new free game (named Lost Ark) will be the worst enemy of End of Dragons, because it will be released earlier, on 11th of February 2022.
  4. Wait after release. HoT and PoF should be included after release. This is a business model established when PoF was released, as people will buy only the latest active expansion. So you will need to buy just EoD after release, to have them all. EDIT: Disregard. Seems I am wrong.
  5. I can't seem to find a way of buying Guild Wars 2 (End of Dragons) as gift. I wish to gift this to someone who still plays this game, but there can't seem to be a way to gift it. I am forced to login to my account and purchase from my own account, when actually I don't want to upgrade my account (as I don't intend to play EoD). I merely wish to buy it, and use her email as destination. Did they changed things? In the past I remember I gifted expansions without problems like this.
  6. Advertise what?l - Fishing with a clunky bar, waiting for half a minute to catch 1 fish? - 4 strike missions? - a slow mount where you can carry a friend, when we have fast raptors and waypoints? - specializations which will be overpowered to increase sales, when new players don't even know what these are? There isn't much to advertise, because there isn't much meaningful and attractive content to make others say: "I want this adventure!". And how could they possibly attract PvP players to a game of which the very name literally contains the words "guild" and "war
  7. Fishing - players will do it for mastery, and then avoid it. It takes too much time, too complicated, and not rewarding enough. Anet forgot fishing should be simple, brainless and rewarding; something to chill with while sleepy and bored, yet still feel valued for your effort. Sadly, fishing will fail, simply because "less is more" in this case.
  8. Sure they will be overpowered, because the game has to sell. It will be history repeating itself, because it works: people buy it.
  9. Team's fun with features in Player versus Player, in Guild versus Guild, in World versus World - these got completely forgotten. But hey, we get alliances for WvW somewhere in future. I think I will skip playing this expansion. Some other nice games are getting released this year.
  10. The fact that we are a month before it's uncertain release, without a proper release date, makes it even more uncertain. Standard marketing requires a release date, with trailers and spoilers to create positive thinking, drive up the hype, generate exponential exposure online through indirect advertising, and increase sales (which is the purpose of profit). This mechanic is validated to work, because it worked on so many titles and games in the past. Not doing any of this standard marketing means that everything is uncertain for customers, but it can also drive sales (if the company is bi
  11. @piitb.7635 - Repetitive solo farming on 80 level maps is not end-game content. It's just farming (and farming... and farrming...) alone for gold and more skins. - Repetitive fractals is not end-game content. It is just farming, sometimes with friends, over the same tactic of bosses, mostly for daily. - Repetitive raids is end-game content, it's just a tedious and boring weekly repetitive task for some legendary armors. Bosses have their mechanic, always, and that's it, every week. PvP and WvW should have changed all that, by letting players enjoy the game dynamically. And
  12. Unfortunately this game does not have endgame content. It heavily lacks a competitive side where people play one another and against one another dynamically. WvW and PvP are left to rot in a permanent Solo play loop.
  13. Maximum 42 days left. No release date yet. Maybe the game is undeveloped and it's all a scam to take customer's money, and use it on the actual development, without any product released yet (aside from a lame teaser to drive the hype). Anyway, there is no rush. Such money is better spent in a restaurant, on a few pizza, before Covid19 closes everything again. Cheers. 🥂
  14. It's Christmas in 3 days, and no release date 2 months before the expansion. 🤣🤣🤣 What a failure! I will not buy that copy-paste thing!
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