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  1. Oh and it shouts insults and slurs whenever you kill someone.
  2. It's not the best way to start learning PvP as the curve is very very steep and ATs are time gated. Although it can be a good way to find some friendly players around your skill level to do regular PvP with. If you're asking because you're making Transcendence then averaging 1 win per AT is pretty attainable even for people without much PvP experience.
  3. You know they could literally remove PvP as a mode and their sales wouldn't be affected right? This current meta doesn't even apply to the majority of people who play PvP. In fact build diversity is probably at an all time high in lower skill brackets, so really the game is fine for most players. On top of that, tanky metas are healthy for new players because they leave plenty of room for mistakes.
  4. I had a mesmer with a gizmo abuse this bug two days ago in my match..
  5. I also don't like when devs liberally nerf things, but you also have to consider that some things are just the result of bad design which can't be fixed with nerfs because at their core they'll always be unfun to play against. Usually this is when reworks are warranted. I'm not arguing that MM necro is such a design, but it's for sure more on that end of the spectrum than some other builds.
  6. The difficulty is only one aspect and not a bad thing in itself, but when you combine it with an AI build with unfun mechanics it becomes a problem. Also no they're not that easy to kill if they're good which is the reason a few high level players can make it work at the highest bracket. Most duelist specs don't have a good way to kill the minions outside of like fire weaver, and even then it's far from an easy matchup played at the highest level (which I'm not, but have seen). For the average player, a build like MM necro can suck all the fun out of PvP which is the bigger issue when you're a
  7. Compare a build like this to bunker rushing in StarCraft II. It was a low effort/high reward build but in the hands of a grandmaster player it was a completely different beast because of sheer optimization and mechanics. At that point you can argue that there is skill involved, but for 99% of players it was not the case. They simply did it because it was the lowest effort to win ratio strategy. Same thing applies to MM necro.
  8. Tail Swipe has hit me for over 7k before on Ele but it's rare.
  9. The number one priority at your level is learning how to stay alive. At your rank people don't rotate well enough (on both teams) for "correct" rotations to matter more than just simply not dying. This boils down to a few things: -Knowing the ins and outs of what your build is capable of for pressure and sustain -Look at your map as much as possible to see where people are and who is missing -Awareness of respawns on both teams so you don't overextend/overrotate -Knowing what counters you so you can avoid it and what you counter so you can guarantee yourself good fights
  10. I completed that story when it first came out so I had the achievements unlocked but didn't do them, now that I'm going through it again the achievements don't complete when I do them. Am I missing something?
  11. I'm not saying to not kill it ever, I'm saying that if you're a player that thinks you should be killing beasts when they spawn, you need to shift your mindset to focus on map control rather than points. Also, even when you think it's a good time to kill beast (like winning a big teamfight), there's almost always another play that would result in more map control. Like, can your team swing by far to get another kill on their sidenoder? Can you swing 1 or 2 players beach and catch their first respawn? All I'm asking is that people put killing beast at the bottom of the list of their decision st
  12. Conquest is a game of map control. For the love of god please stop forcing your team to fight outnumbered or give up nodes to kill beasts. It's not an objective that is worth giving map control for, even if it's counterintuitive. Killing beast is the last thing you need to be thinking about doing the vast majority of the time. I don't care if you think "the game was only close because you killed beasts", regardless of how close the game was, your denying your team momentum. Without momentum, you won't ever get a lead so whether the game was close or not doesn't mean anything at all. Just don't
  13. As much as Power Block can be really annoying to play against, a lot of the frustration comes from people not wanting to actually use their brain because ANet got people used to having so many instant/passive sustain options.
  14. Even the best players make bad rotations, even if some don't like to admit it. Conquest is so fast-paced and requires players to make so many game changing decisions at any given moment that anyone is subject to making mistakes no matter how good they are. Once you understand that, you shouldn't worry as much about making "the best" decision every time, but about making at least "good value" decisions that sometimes happen to be "the best". Good players rarely make strictly bad decisions, but use their experience and knowledge to feel a match and at the very least bring their team some value w
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