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  1. Gunsaber and Dragon Trigger weapon swap back almost instantly by itself. Here's a video:
  2. The other issue I have with the "drop it and forget it" design is tactics gives superspeed and pulses resistance, but in WvW you use superspeed for when your squad is making movements so you either get no value out of the resistance if you're moving or no value out of the superspeed if you're staying in one spot.
  3. They're definitely trying to push support spellbreaker in WvW and PvP. The issue in WvW is Break Enchantments + Balanced Stance is non-negotiable so slotting in more than 1 banner will feel very bad. The damage banners + leg specialist/no escape synergy is cool but tactics banner completely overshadows the other banners so I think you still run tactics even on dps spb.
  4. You can tell ANet went through a lot of restructuring over the last few years when an expac releases with this many head-scratching design decisions and inconsistencies. Like some specs having their entire mechanic heavily tied to their new weapon for example. Just weird.
  5. -Gunsaber does nothing in PvE and in PvP was designed to be an all-purpose weapon to make up for losing weapon swap (ends up just being spammy because ammo), so get rid of gunsaber and give weapon swap back -Redesign all 5 dragon trigger skills to be less centralizing for PvE (not so high risk, high reward) and less spammy for PvP (off cd spam dragon slash with unyielding dragon) -Get rid of any kind of self-rooting associated with dragon trigger -Replace flow with either initiative or a photon forge/rev energy hybrid Bladesworn is now fun to play change my mind and thanks
  6. I think they just disabled the skill's second effect right?
  7. When I first tried the skill, every time I popped the secondary effect it would give me my charge back which I thought might be a bug in itself. Came back later to try it again and now the secondary effect doesn't even trigger, it just does the main effect even when I have stacks on. Am I stupid or is this giga bugged?
  8. If you must go axe/axe, core is much better than spellbreaker because you get to run tactics. Do something like this https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Warrior_-_Greataxe but with axe/axe and sword/shield to make up for the lack of mobility.
  9. Lol it's druid staff 3 bug all over again.
  10. DT is really strong, it doesn't need more damage. If we could dodge without canceling DT I'd be pretty happy. Some gunsaber skills need a bit of love too, the skills are way too plain. Adding something like a blind or weakness on one of the skills would go a long way.
  11. I'd really like to know why they coded it as a kit instead of something like holo forge. My guess is that it's because it interacts with weapon traits?
  12. You want a full bunker meta? Because that's how you get a full bunker meta.
  13. Oh I was responding to the comment about WvW roaming.
  14. Why would that change anything? And it's always the same no matter what class.
  15. I don't understand where people find good duels in WvW. It's 80% running around trying to find someone alone then you fight 30s and then a whole group shows up and you have to dip, and you're lucky if it was a decent fight to begin with. I can get over how broken gear and buffs are in WvW if the small scale content was at least good.
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