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  1. Same goes for you my dear lol But just to clarify for individuals like you, it's not having a different opinion that bothers me... It's the way you're presenting it...
  2. What is this mentality that everything that you don't agree with is wrong and should never be even mentioned?! What is this mentality that simply asking for something is such a tabu?! What is this mentality that makes you think that I am the only one that would like Gobs to be obtainable through other sources?! What is this mentality that makes you believe that asking for an alternative is asking for "everything and everyone" to change just so it would plese me?! Why were there no people complaining when GoBs could be bought with Badges of Honor?! Why are people being so kitten wh
  3. Hello Gregg! I do know about boosters and i do use them, but I was generally speaking! May be think of the fact that not everyone can afford some of the boosters! Even so, 4 hours is WAY TOO LONG! WvW is dead during the week lol Apologies for not being the one that likes mindlessly following a tag and doing whatever i am told to.. If you have that kind of mentality i am not judging, you are your own person! You are crying about Gift of Exploration but we are talking about Gift of Battle here! If you have any questions, concerns or ideas about Gift of Explorat
  4. Hello! I would like to ask you to please look into other ways of obtaining Gifts of Battle! From a player that has been playing the game since 2014 (with some breaks of course) the fact that i have to do WvW even for 1 hour is dreadful, let alone for 8 hours. It would be the dead of me! WvW is the one aspect of the game that I have never liked or really played/ enjoyed! When you think about it, everything else could be obtained through just regular PVE, except for some specific to a certain game mode items (legendary raid armor, wvw legendary armor, pvp legendary a
  5. Hello!Looking for a small to mid size NA guild. Would like to find people to run fractals with (T3/T4 but wouldn't mind doing lower tiers to help out others). Very interested in raids but since we do not have a ton of experience would prefer a learning group so we could progress together. Wouldn't mind doing some PvP whenever we feel like it. Not interested in WvW guilds since we do not do much of it.Not interested in 100+ people guild (don't wanna be constantly lfg in the guild). Just want to find a guild with friendly people to play and have fun with. :)
  6. Hello!Hubby and I are looking for a small NA guild that does fractals, raids, pvp.
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