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  1. Why are people trying to turn this game into drag queen story hour?
  2. Yeah, unfortunately jps have become more important as the game has aged. Lots of Nintendo game mechanics have also been added since HoT. Really not interested in Kangaroo simulator 2.
  3. I am grateful for your advice, but I need no counseling, fortunately, I need my community back... You are calling people animals because they disagree with you about a video game! You said these people are nothing. Just a bit over the top.
  4. I am wondering how long this thread will remain now that you have directly insulted other members of the community. The forum monitors always rush to protect certain groups in this community. I wonder if they will be consistent and take this thread down.
  5. speak for urself pls. all of the few ppl still playing the game from back then i know speak highly of season 1. still by far the best season/experience to date in my opinion too, both story-wise and how they used their world to tell the story. imagine they would have continued in this way. maybe we wouldnt get an empty new map every few months no one plays in after every1 grinded his/her map-specific 100est currency. instead they would add content to existing maps, change them around, destroy things, build new ones etc. THAT eould have been the way to keep old maps relevant and interesting. r
  6. Easy for you to say that when you get to experience it while some of us don't, the only way to see how those events play out are by watching youtube videos, I was confused as to why Lion's Arch looked different during PS instance. so what we got in subsequent seasons was story episode that was basically single player mode...… There wasn't anything to draw a bunch of players Marionette and battle for lion's arch made the story feel epic very unlike the next seasons
  7. The special events are what made season 1 the greatest in my opinion. I wish Anet hadn't listened to the complaints of newer players and instead kept rolling out special events for subsequent seasons.
  8. I think Anet knows things aren't fine and dandy but just doesn't give a shit
  9. Technically, Elder Dragons were officially neither male nor female back in 2010. Before people cared about all this political view kitten. Elder Dragons had concept of strategy and mental process since 2010. And Elder Dragons were communicating with Tyrians since 2007 (Svanir says "Hello"). BTW, making something interactive on a sapient level and having emotions is not really humanizing. There's a lot of room between "human" (both intelligent and emotional), "robot" (intelligent but emotionless), "animalistic" (emotional but non-intelligent), and "mindlessness" (neither emotional nor intellige
  10. I agree and I wish they would have gone with this explanation. Unfortunately, Anet seems to want to cater to the gender theory crowd. I don't care what Jormag identifies as because self identification is often false. For example, Elizabeth Warren identified as an native American and even got preferential treatment at Harvard because of it but once the dna tests were run she was actually .098% native American. Rachel Dolezal identified herself as an African American woman and even served on the NAACP but was later found that she was not African American. Anet, don't tell me what Jormag iden
  11. The term gender is meaningless with today's "state of mind" usage. I would rather know if dragons are sexual(male, female, or hermaphroditic) or asexual(not likely but perhaps something fantastical like creating their own progeny through magic).
  12. I would be more interested to know the biological sex of Jormag and the other dragons. Do they have male and female? Are they hermaphroditic? The term gender has become meaningless with its "state of mind" usage today.
  13. Enough with the aoe….. That's the problem with wvw right now.... too much aoe it's turned world vs world into a "circle" jerk
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