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  1. I hate this hidden arcana mission. I have a couple accounts and am up to running this thing 6 times so far. I had to run it twice on 1 account, as it dc'd after the final boss fight. Now on the next account I am up to 4 times as it keeps dc'ing in the middle of Kas and Jory's end chat after beating the final boss. This would not be super bad if you could skip all the inane blather they talk in this mission but you have to repeat all of it. The fights don't take long after doing them a few times but since there are 4 parts and endless yapping this is really getting annoying. Other of
  2. Why does Anet hate Darkhaven. Paired with DragonBrand again, we have been paired with them more than any other server, multiple times. We hate them and they hate us. 2 months of bottom of t4 again.
  3. I am guessing it is not at all Quiznos. I ate at the Las Vegas airport Quiznos on Friday the 15th and they had no signs up about the gw2 promo. And the people working there barely spoke English so I didn't bother asking them about it. Too bad that is the only Quiznos I will be seeing anytime soon.
  4. Meanwhile the Kaineng alliance is dead and those of us on Darkhaven are stuck with a link of a server that would be a linked server if relink was re-done today. We are making a push for t5 status. 1 que on reset, of eb of course, and outnumbered on homebl at reset and most of the night. With team/map chat saying the remaining Kaineng guilds that moved in with the alliance are leaving this week.
  5. How is AR a host server? An hour after reset there was no que on ebg and Homebl was outnumbered. Getting paired with them is like being paired with DB, so far.
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