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  1. jcH.7109

    Binding of Ipos

    How do you pronounce "Ipos"? I tried looking it up and what I found said it's eye-pohse but I'm not sure if it's accurate
  2. Yeah...I find it pretty bizarre that there is no way to report for hacking. And I've also heard that Anet removed from their own ToS that they will make an effort to enforce fair play. Not sure if that's true though, as I haven't verified it myself.
  3. I don’t really think that helps much. You can just type “ecto” in the search bar
  4. They could increase the speed of the Phoenix traveling so that it’s more comparable to lina’s Dragon Slave in Dota 2.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to post a few suggestions I had regarding weave self. Woven Air: Change from 50% movement speed to either precision or ferocity. (The movement speed is not really helpful considering how much swiftness you have access to already) Perfect Weave: Keep attunement recharge time the same as during Weave Self. It seems counter-intuitive to me how all of the bonuses from Weave Self stack with each other in Perfect Weave, but you lose the CD reduction on attunements. Tailored Victory: Change so that we can cast it while moving. Feel free to post your opinion on these suggestions or
  6. I just want a small buff to Weave Self. Or rather the secondary active skill Weave Self comes with (the AoE unblockable CC). You should be able to cast it while moving.
  7. So I use the water trait which gives you a frost aura when you are critically hit. What I noticed is that you will lose access to your 4th weapon skill if it activates, even if you are not attuned to water. https://imgur.com/a/Aikfdve In that screenshot, I am dual attuned to air. But Ride The Lightning still gets replaced by the aura consume skill.
  8. If you don't want to use Marshal stats for PvE, then use Grieving for more offense. I don't really get why everyone bandwagons on Berserker's for basically every single class. It is not ideal for a sword weaver.
  9. Just because the lack of adequate laws might currently permit instances of in-game gambling (which isn't even entirely the case atm, it's a gray area), it doesn't mean that Arenanet should get away with it. https://www.fenwick.com/publications/Pages/In-Game-Currency-Triggers-State-Gambling-Laws-Rendering-Mobile-Game-Illegal-Gambling.aspx This is what I'm talking about. Cases like these need to set the precedent for all game companies.
  10. What is with you people and these strawman-esque responses? I AM FULLY aware of how the licenses work. That isn't the point of my post. Just because Arenanet claims that the original skins will never be available without being forced to gamble for them, doesn't mean they shouldn't be criticized for them. It also doesn't mean that they actually won't make them available with select licenses. Arenanet originally had no plans to make any expansions. They changed their mind. Changing your mindset is something that happens in life. Shocking, I know.
  11. When did I ever ask what MO said? I do not care what he said. What I care about are the blatantly obvious cash grabs in a game that I genuinely enjoy playing. Your post is irrelevant.
  12. It is not a valid reason. Refer to the first part of the post you just quoted. In the US, it is illegal to allow minors to gamble. That is what the adoption licenses, as well as black lion chests, are. Gambling. The law hasn't totally caught up with technology and micro-transactions in games and such, but it eventually will. Hopefully soon. Then Arenanet, along with companies like EA Games and such will no longer even have a choice in the matter.
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