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  1. The description ingame contradicts also: A rare trinket obtained by defeating specific enemies in the Echovald Wilds Hint: Earned by defeating Purist enemies in New Kaineng City. Going to try Echovlad and see if this drops there....
  2. All warrior skills in wvw DO NOT prioritse party, squad players outside squad. When I play my support warrior the warhorn skills, shouts etc work randomly not even to the closest person near me but NOT prioritise people in my squad nor even party. When I am in commander party, right behind him (nearly in his hitbox) and next player is at further distance, the warhorn 5 and shouts do effect literally take a random target to effect. The commander does not get barrier and across the squad I see a few random ppl getting my barrier and even players not in squad. Please fix this. Support warrior al
  3. The servers show in my friendlist are not even in the matchup. Asking the people where they are, they are still in my matchup. Griffonfall shows up in friendlist as Skrittsburg.
  4. Just made a untamed but longbow has no ambush skills it seems, only skill 1 changes for 1 action and then changes back to normal skills but unleashed is still on me, not pet.
  5. Not only vindicator but just in general for all revenant specs: Why do all other classes have the choice out of 4 skills to fill the skill bar (7,8,9) while the skills of all rev specs only have 3. This makes these specs set in stone where actually a difference could be made for power or condi or support to add more flavor, just by adding an extra skill to choose from.
  6. Beta 4 Harbinger underwater elixer skills seem to be on target but the ground targetting is still there. It looks like both are active.
  7. When making a new build on a new template the utility skills of legendary alliance on 6 and 0 are present, the rest you have to set. However the 6 and 0 will not activate until you have set them again, in other words you cannot use them until you have re applied them.
  8. Spirit boon the master trait in invocation is bugged swapping between dwarf and alliances gives regen for both, in stead of Stability /vigor
  9. A question about traits. The traits such as in invocation that trigger on invoking legends but should it also not trigger on use of the F2 on vindicator? Basically on vindicator that is a legendswap aka invoking the other of the 2 legends available. Which kinda makes the build more fluid and the dodge faster available especially through spirit boon master trait
  10. The F5 skill under water is ground targetted, does not work mid water. Can it become an actual sphere around the character on the spot it is casted?
  11. Vital draw animation disappears into the ground on slopes. Vital draw animation is underwater same as on land, maybe this can be a maelstrom? Necro is know for having different effects on same skill for land and water.
  12. Life force traits do not work for harbinger shroud
  13. Harbinger shroud skill 4 underwater is still a ground targetting skill, makes no sense.
  14. They called it differently in the life force bar so it might be intended
  15. Life force for harbinger shroud has no synergy with life force traits in other traitlines since harbinger shroud comes from life force from kills.
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