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  1. I will say the same as what I complained about with ele: Speed. Skills too long to cast, a real pain. The damage is ok, the skill appearance? Really meh. Feels like it copy pasted skills from the weapons rev currently use. Skill 2 feel like mace lol. Utilities and elite on the contrary are cool. Frankly, to me the worst of the trio spec of today. Why? Warrior is fun, fast paced, interesting theme, cool animation, good damage. It has 5 stars. Ele is fun, interesting theme, cool animation, but septic about damage efficiency and fast paced. 3 stars. And rev, it has nothi
  2. So I tested it, overall it feels nice, it is fun playing it, killed some vetteran karkas is southsun with it. Jade sphere requiring elemental energy to function is an interesting concept, through i feels like it fills too slowly. Speaking of speed, I am sorry but even my scrapper hexa is faster with her hammer! The cast time is too long for any skills apart the 3 skills. 1 is the auto skill, and the casting of it is so long, oh god! Take earth 2 as example, it prevents you to use any skills and is long to use, big oof. Really Anet, all hammer skills shpuld be as fast as fire 3/ea
  3. This spec awesome. Here, well, nothing to be angry against. Very great job anet, my feel but this second round of specs feels better than first. I line utilities that are kind of holo barriers and a mine, remind me of engie. Definitely gonna create a character in eid for that specialization. All the skills animations looks cool, the comvat geels dynamic. The skills have trails kinda like holosmith, i am in love. My warrior is happy and will get an eod upgrade. My only nitpick would be about the gunblade that cannot have its skin changed. I am thinking, could we have a third weapon du
  4. Quickness is cool. Like the animations and skill icons.
  5. Yeah, that second round of elite specs is definitely awesome and way better than the first round. Will play the warrior spec, and I'm now convinced with ele. Rev? Dunno, will try of course seems cool too. Good hope the third round of specs will be cool too, and hope to see another spec silhouette teased rapidly. Was afraid of ele being 100% melee, but seems it has some kind pf range. And the sphere is a kind of hologram projector and add a very discreet high techy feel.
  6. /shrug better be good during beta. But wanted a longbow or rifle with attenued bullets here, sad. Useless, not even throwable floaty ball too.
  7. Frankly, just wanted a longbow or rifle. Keep the name catalyst. Lore/explanation? You use quartz and charge it with cantha cardinals aka tortoise/phoenix/dragon/kirin or if you prefer earth/fire/water/air , put in on your bow/rifle and boom. (More longbow here, but rifle can be cool too). In all possible choices, didn't expected ele, and more than all, didn't expected hammer. Especially after tzasing us that much with that floating orb, that is in fact nothing, like utility gyro. Not even punched toward foes. A pure waste, at this point, feels like the elite designers don't even do effor
  8. Let's know WHO reacted with WHICH reaction emote like facebook offer. Add "Wrong use of reaction emote" as report option if you aren't able to remove confused reaction from the forums. The strongest troll/discredit poster tool right now.
  9. Dunno if cool or not, but was defo way more hyped for a rifle/longbow ele with attenued bullets doing fifferents effects based on element.
  10. PoE.... you mean EOD? The only feature you are asking for I can get behind is housing. Through, even that, they could just do scribe 500 and add racial decorations / learning them in a journey like chef 500 I would be more than pleased. We are in SEPTEMBER, the expansion in 5 months, they have time to polish things. Nice additions even if fishing could have been just a gemstore gizmo. Very excited for boat still.
  11. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1144759500 15:30 "With PoF there was the jackal and masteries, here it is the same but with skiffs. With this expansion, you get the exact same things: Hearts.. then unlocking your own skiff. We aren't showing hearts today to avoid spoilers" (Something like this, waiting for transcript.) So thank you a lot, you did the best choice. Skiffs looks cool and less cloudy, being more heavy. Interesting masteries, through expected more for Boat than just more health/speed/bump foes. Fishing seems interesting, at least, I know I will do the collections ach
  12. Definitely need more of this. Really Asura with vaporwave holograms doing some electro musics can be absolute banger. But yeah want to hear more titles from metal legion, several blood soldiers in the keep speak of titles we haven't heard yet.
  13. Or we can travel back in time, between gw1 and gw2 and actually do the Primordius Story we don't have? The sole dragon that received 0 new troops, 0 new personality progression, 0 devellopment since 2013? Whereas jormag got its own army of ice charr, ice golem and creepy folklore features like bonneskinners and haunts? Just reuse magma elemental from balthazar shrine siren reef as primordius lava giant, use the stone summit dwarves you haven't reused since steel warband strike, more insectoid designs and hives/nests? It is not the plots or places missing: woodland cascades with surely cen
  14. Then, I owe you an excuse. English is not my mother tongue, so when I read no brainer I interpreted it as "a person without brain" well, sorry. This is just a mechanism of association, like farmer is farm-er someone who works in farm, I just did a similar brain gymnastic with the no brainer.
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