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  1. Happened to me and a friend, reflecting electric gloves with glove to wizard does nothing, it miss everytime, preventing to progress the fight. Please fix as soon as possible, players can't finish SAB world 2. Thank you. There is a bug. Defi itely. PS some report bugs with SAB story / first time doing the zones too. (In my case) have to verify that one.
  2. Thank you. This year you have added: 4 New guild hall decorations ( big angry cloud, super big cloud, cloud wall and super rainbow arch) A new lootable bag containing new items: Super loot bag with the very cool hardlight skins and of course the retro forged box: Sparkling stone the kodan is here as expected and its unique retro forged skins are awesome too. And finally, a new Moto dialogue implying that he is working on the box. So will stay just with the hopes and spark in the eyes that world 3 is here for 2023 and 4 for 2024. Who knows. But nice additions. Jus
  3. Really, underwater, cantha launch, it is time. World 3 is obviously starting with sparkiling pools, followed by an underwater levels, caverns to exit them and who knows surely the kaiser snake as world 3 Boss. Too many things happened, between Bonnie Kunderah with SAB banner behind, speaking of SAB the novel; the sequel. The post you made Anet a few year ago telling "If it is not this year (2020) or the year after (2021) we will be tinkering on it". I really hope this is not words in the void. Even with this year, if i dunno for why reasons you why fish achievements to SAB, I estimate, we
  4. So, to start, I have 100% map completion on the 4 maps and finished the story. We claimed guild hall recently, I've unlocked everything apart siege turtle that i still dunno where to start. So let"s go to make it easier will make section. 1/ The Story I found the story quite good, very good, however there are several things that bother me a lot: Firstly, the aetherblades are shown as a prominent foes/menace, from the trailers to the introduction of the extension starting with jumpin on the armada. However they are cleared quite rapidly, as example, Mai trin and Ankka are ki
  5. So, hmm. To start, i want to say it is hard to project myself with that disable/messed up api that doesn't show me the new decorations. It would be nice to know the decorations now. Secondly, I did some reckoning after we claimed the guild hall, and frankly, it is nicely looking but that's it, it has, to me, decorator 0 interest. Le me show you: https://imgur.com/8oDjovh This map shows, outlined in yellow, the place i consider potable to make a home with decorations, 12 spots, but note, that only 2 are real houses and others ones, i found them for the sake of finding them. And please
  6. What a pain really, those are the minimum since there is not even a lounge in that expansion...
  7. I hope in game map will be faithful to that artwork lastly published on the blogpost and twitter. And that the jade tech is not restricted to a poi but used in the whole city. 😉 Curious about the jade tech mastery line, really, wonder what will be its uses but can be cool to learn to interact with jade tech devices, their controls, and so on. Good job, very exciting , impatient to see the new kainerg stream in january.
  8. What this game doesn't need is another HQ of operations like EOTN or sunrefuge. Stop with that idea already arenanet!! You want to sell your lounges pass or not? Stop making hub everywhere with givexto players access to all features! See amnoon! The lounge is in the city but you have to pay for it! Really complete waste of space! Would have preferred a second guild hall , a raid wing, HOUSING place or a strike happening here than another hub with commodities! It is hard to add in the city of new kainerg and shing jea two lounges like how you did with lily of the elon with amnoon?
  9. Very nice new Wintersday decorations. They are very huge. Really cool. https://imgur.com/jDHrwIn Infinitarium Deck. I love it, i will make an asuran space station haha. If only i had more asuran decos... Even Toymachine is very cool! Hope to see more big decoration! Dement clocktower top? Big SAB sceneries, water and lava tiles? (Can hope for World 3..) Zephyrites houses? Anyway, good job, very cool decorations.
  10. Totally agree with you, and I am even more concerned about how will be the transition from ibs to cantha eod. The last dialogue between taimi and gorrik is heavily disapointing. I expected at least the world aetherblade after that dialogue saying someome is stealing and researching in taimi labs datas and information. But in same times it implies that taimi is very sick and i find that rassuring that is has not be forgotten, but i really expect taimi to die and not become deus ex machina or golem. In recent interview with laranity i think they said that the aetherblade are the r
  11. So bladeworn v2. It is a very beautiful specialization, really. Every skill feels like a painting or art piece. The gunsaber animations are fluid and really dynamic creating arc of light around. The only thing that disturb me a lot is the presence of bullets ammunition, indeed the elite skill tell me it reload ammunition and every time it loses me because i think those ammunition are the greyed bullet above my skill bar. I find it really hard to understand Arenanet that the player has to fight an enemy then, use the second skill to enter dragon trigger, wait to see bullet appear
  12. So, catalyst V2 1-Hammer 3 skills, the elemental wheel with a rock , a flame, a water and air ball rotating around you disappear too fast! It's impossible Arenanet! Did you thought about peoples with disabilities? The 3 skills should have at least triple duration, REALLY, what the point, it disappear so fastly, at this point feels like 4 skills slots wasted. Those kills are stil too slow, need to be faster, less time to cast. 2-What the purpose of augments? Really those are more than bad those are SKRITT POOP. Same issue, they are too fast, not enough duration and i don't feel l
  13. Ok so, if I understand well, the wells, (haha) are too boost ourselves, like heal or boons, whereas the shadow shroud is to deal damage. So basaically, the scepter skills are USELESS? Comparend to v1 specter where i feel like the spec couldn't do damage and be forced into support, this time i feel like it can do damage but have to find a build for it. Interesting change, it is nice good job Arenanet, but I really feel like the wells could be stronger. REALLY. 🙂
  14. It seems like my rectifier signet doesn't work, it doesn't give me heal pulse every second but an instantaneous amount of health, dunno if right amount too. Like mechanist v1, the mech is sometimes stuck like right hand to the sky like a well known displaced gesture. Sometimes after using its pew pew lasers arms it keeps that position with elbow in angle pointing at foes with the two arms/
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