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  1. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: Quite dynamic, with any skill the character seems like on rampage after a Saturday night slamming around. Skills animations: The skills animations are nice and in theme of nature and ranger, good visuals. Mechanics: I guess that force of nature buff is this spec weapon mechanic. Well it works quite well and do give nice boost. Damages and effects: Skill 1.. what the heck ahhahaha too many skills infos it goes out of screen! rofl. For boons, not many, through useful ones like protection, stability, vigor and regen. Through a special wepaon tied effect called force or nature increase +25% damage and healing. Honestly? Damage s okay, but i think some skill could have vulnerability or fury. Frankly? Nice weapon. Yes. Can be used. Definitely good.
  2. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: Little dynamic at least it is not static keeping a single pose... Skills animations: The skills are beautiful and seems related to a kind of red chain theme, like souls. Mechanics: Well the gimmick seems to be gaining charges by using skill 3 on duration, it has the weird ally/enemy mechanic like warrior, a very confusing mechanic, furthermore, it doesn't do good help of boons or good damages of penalties so pretty useless to make allies/enemies to me as the skill by itself is bad. Damages and effects: Only skill 3 have boons or conditions, and the damage is bad, gosh it is bad.... I felt like spamming my keyboard doing 0 damages fighting against a veteran oakheart in queensdale... gosh... the worst of the new weapons presented. Really. Don't even deserve to be called spec weapon, just feel like a starter weapon that you must forget about! Horrible. Disaster. Will definitely never use that revenant scepter if it stay in that state. The idea of.. I feel like... a soul binder is cool, the skills for most of them have red chain looking appearance and effects, but it is just skritt bad... damages bad. Boons and conditions are bad.. speed of execution of the skills... bad. Skill 1? Spamming for no damages.... to avoid.
  3. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: The character do throw the axes with some style... Skills animations: The rotating axes are cool, but it would be cooler if it uses the skin of the axe used. Mechanics: The mechanics of having skill 1 and 2 throwing projectiles that can then be attracted back to player with skill 3 like magnet... it does sounds like an engie or scrapper gimmick but it is pretty cool for thief. I always struggled to find cool weapon to use as thief. Those rotating axes do remind me of the leggy legendary aetherblade captain for twilight arbor, it is a nice gimmick worthy of an elite spec weapon. Damages and effects: Bleeding, poison, torment. A good trio inflicting good damage on the duration. Good potential for condi. The damages are quite good when many axes are deployed and called back. Yeah. To me it is a nice weapon spec and I will surely use it on my thief. As others specs, needs weapons skill icons.
  4. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: Quite static through few skills are targeted making the character do hand gestures... well it is a rifle and is used not impressively. Skills animations: Interesting illusionary effect, an interesting take of the rifle weapon... Mechanics: I don't really understood the portal mechanic of skill 5, lease make it clearer. I placed the portal by pressing the skill and pressing it again, it just do a beam to user and do nothing else... It took me time to understand that skill 3 is a double clickable skill to make it detonate. Damages and effects: There are healing, might, fury, weakness and resistance... and still somehow, if only using weapons skills... it is a pretty weak weapon. Really. I think i do way more damage as Engie rifle. It is an interesting take of the rifle weapon, with good lookng skills, but it is not really efficient in term of damage. I always struggled to find what weapon to use as mesmer and always sticked to axe mirage because to me it was the most efficient mesmer weapon and i tried most of them.
  5. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: Static but it is a pistol, but i expected all skills 1 to be little more impressive or slightly different poses between them, here like engie shorbow or guardian pistols, it is really just standing there and using regularly the weapon without conviction or doing impressive stuff. Skills animations: The bullets are tuned to the magics, but the casting aren't impressive. There are some efforts for most of skills 3, but skills 1 or 2 are bad looking and not impressive. I do still wonder why just a pistol and not a rifle, but in same time, why not, it allows a great versatility to use others weapons as off hand. Mechanics: Interesting that skill 3 charge elemental bullets gloating near you and then you can just release all of them at once on target, it do feels like catalyst hammer gimmick of rotating elemental charges around you. What i find interesting is that water is not straightly healing but do heavy bleeding too. Damages and effects: Good damage. Played as tempest, really cool. To sum up, Fire is for burning, Water is for bleeding, Air is for weakening, Earth is also for bleeding. It is a pretty cool condi spec weapon. In final words, a pretty cool spec weapon. I do find it fun with the elemental bullets piling up for 3 skills, fast paced, not long cooldown, good damage. Yes. I play a lot sword/dagger weaver or sword focus. But I can totally see myself become pistol focus elemental assassin.
  6. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: Well, I will say same as engie, because it is a pistol, it feels kind of static, the character is taking pistols and just shot basically without doing any specular acrobatics which could have been free dodges. Skills animations: The skills are beautiful and do feel elite spec like especially skill 5, that looks like a mage casting their spell, it looks epic, sadly that effect seems tied to skill 5, skill 3 could have another ground effect like a big arcanic circle because that animation look like a guardian mace skill or an already existing skill! Skill 1 and 4 have same animation, skill 4 could have at least more spell effect like skill 5 to distinguish it from skill 1. Well it do have a few animations to be added but that dual pistol guardian aren't as bad as engie shortbow skill 1. Mechanics: It looks like spec gimmick is skill 5 that you decide to fire at the step you want, either without magic circle, with it started or letting it happens fully. And so i gonna do the same complain as with warrior skill 3. If you apply a gimmick, apply it to the 5 skills from the weapon. Not only 1. So make all the 5 skills charging for less or more damage. Damages and effects: The damages as pretty decent and efficient, the pistols are very fun to play. Bleeding, Cripple and ton of Burning. Yup pretty efficient for a condi. So. It is a good spec weapon to me, nicely thought, good looking mostly, good damage. So just need also the skills icons to be added.
  7. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: The five skills do make the character move and not stay static, for a staff it is okay, but i do feel it is not the level of a daredavil; Skills animations: Skill 1 lacks effects, Skill 2 is just a Engie rifle 5 with a staff (also copy pasted tsundering leap, warrior utility skill), Skill 3 is just a reskinned warrior greatsword charhe forward, Skill 4 look like nothing, Skill 5 (Spark spell) i don't know what purpose it has / Skill 5 (Rotating staff) Looks cool but why just only a front rotate? i don't know really... Warrior... Staff... it could be at least kitten? The profession have an explosive gunsaber!!! And for the staff... it does just that? It is possible to do better: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxxhn51lwQ0VkVGgE2rLbwx3yJ7ZZFRSZQ?si=l86zd_XaD4H7F0ds, https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxfzWj20NiBf41JqSLQhPZjOENQsX7I_Wj?si=dNXGUNMvMe2Uz9xW , https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxO0YNXt_mp0iY3vh7QjML1jVQ2J0C8pV4?si=trVQY0s8T0-h4qYT , (most impressive). Really... you take the rotating staff from skill 5, you make it on side like a wheel and it becomes like an impressive burst skill. Or a blast finisher. The Berserk skill of staff "Path to victory" is very bad and looking like skill 5, would like it changed to a combo or a blast too. Mechanics: I really try to see what the gimmick of that spec weapon. Don't tell me it is skill 3 with ally/enemy effect? If so.... well it is quite weird... and to me a skill slot wasted that could have been used by a more impressive looking skill. Skill 5 is highly confused, while fighting i never triggered the rotating staff and only the blue spark poof... I didn't understood the purpose I read barrage and somehow blocking but it does nothing and I get rekt by a vulgar oakheart in 2 seconds... The cooldown kills it too, skill 5 cooldown is way too long, skill 2 too.. Damages and effects: Fury, might, vulnerabilities, regen, cripple, weakness, resolution. You may think with this cocktail that it is nice, but the outuput damage is quite bad. In my honest opinion, it lacks stability, because I trained myself on a veteran oakheart and it feels stupid, you rush toward it and try to fight but it can just knockback you away, at least skill 2 with staff stomp could give stability and blocking next attack effect. Again to me skill 5 is very very bad and confusing, instead of two skills, i would prefer one that is an impressive burst skill dealing massive damage, or combo like skill 1, maybe a three phase combo, block any attack then do impressive combo skill then end by spell poof giving boons something like that. So, it is not a bad elite spec weapon, but i am very disappointed by skill effects and weapons, again, I am sorry, but warriors have an explosive saber a la Metal Gear... impressive daggers effects with spellbreaker... and you give that staff with bland animations, seriously?! Nah nah nah, skill 3 isn't impressive, it is just a greatsword rush forward with some flames. Speaking of which, the skill 3 pathing is bugged and sometimes the effects doesn't trigger and i don't reach target so again, it makes me dislike even more skill 3. But skill 3 feel forced if you just made it to sell your ally/enemy gimmick... A way better gimmick for that spec would be timed combos, all 5 skills have 3 sub-attacks, and player have to press skill button at specific time to trigger 2nd sub attack then 3rd sub attack, this could be indicating by the skill icon pulsing intensely like telling you to press it asap before the chain combo stop and let your skill return to default state. [To make it simple if i take as example the video clips i joined before: Skill 1 (Sub attack1): Block incoming attack with staff -> Skill 1 (Sub attack 2 if pressed rapidly): Counter attack with staff forward like a piercing -> (Skill 1 (Sub attack 3 if pressed correctly and in time): Multiple slashes with staff forward to bleed, stun or knockback... this is an example. But it would be basically you know like those defuse mine mechanics from drizzlecoast or repgrogramming kainerg fountains where you have 3 coloured symbols to press...]
  8. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: Well the character is sure expressive and for some skills leap forward, the character is quite dynamic so it nice. Skills animations: Wow wow wow... they are stunning! One of the best of the classes along guardian pistols.... they are beautiful. The Necromant magic effects are nice. Mechanics: I struggle really seeing what bring this weapon, the fact that you can heal yourself by attacking? Healing not enough efficient anyway! So to me those swords, even if the skills looks pretty kitten, don't really deserve the title of spec weapon. Damages and effects: At first it is possible to think it has some good base to be efficient: Heal when hitting, inflict vulnerabilities... but there is no might, no fury, no speed... no boons in fact! And the damages are pretty low and bad, I check the weapons on a basic enemy, veteran oakheart of queensdale, witout using utilities or elite, i take an eternity to kill it! It is not normal! necromancer is known for a DPS like profession, You can take scourge or reaper and you can nuke foes! Even harbringer... harbringer you just drink all the elixirs like an elixir-holic and you get extra buff and destroy everything on your path... Sure it looks good, but regarding skills effects and damage it is very bad, I would never trade my greatsword reapon or scourge to take the dual swords. A great deception! Cause having two swords is pretty cool and the animations are kitten but the damage? The efficiency? It is not here sadly. That weapon really have to be reworked with more damage and boons, and if healing yourself is the main gimmick, well, make it significant! During my veteran fight, I only like healed myself of 200 health point... it is nothing regarding 24000 hp!
  9. OK so here's my feedback for that new weapon: (Through I do think that it lacks utility/elite skills to be like other specs) Character animations: Well, it is a bow so of course our character do basic bow shots, but i expected at least the character doing a gesture like pressing a button in its hands when detonating the vials missiles put on ground. But well the character isn't expressive at all. Even using hammer or rifle feels a little more lively. Skills animations: The effect when he different vials explodes are pretty cool, but the basic bow shot, skill 1, is pretty bland, it lacks something surprising, like the character doing back flip or whatever when shooting the arrows, cause currently the characters is just shooting arrows like without motivation or style... Mechanics: I do like the idea of putting bomb vials around, and anyone here would know if i say that it reminds me of a game with squid childs battling each others. I find it interesting that if the area of effects are on each others, it triggers a chain reaction, but if put apart, they can be detonated separately. Damages and effects: I was surprised happily seeing the efficiency of the weapon, i definitely will adopt shortbow on my main character that is engie cause it is very efficient. It has all, a main skill that inflict vulnerability, and other that give what is needed: Cripple, Slowness, Weakness, Blindness... Even more vulnerability... and might! It even stun! Gosh my love ended with my Mechanist Hammer, I will embrace Shortbow Mechanist now. So, yup, pretty fun to play! And to me, eventually the animations to be made better, and of course, skill icons, like vials (kinda like harbringer vials skills icons) and for bow skill maybe a static bow icon...
  10. Requests for new items -Fox Pet whistle. Summon and play with a fox. (600 gems) -Tails: Cat one, Fox one, Demon one.... (Could be programmed as Backpack, an display tail, so don't bother current pants armor skin, 600 gems one?) I know tails are possible, Adventurous Cat outfit exist! -Lounge in Nayos. (Demon realm of Kryptis) I find it to be a cool idea... but it is true that with Wizard tower services... 2000 gems. -Kryptis mount skins. Full set. Raptor, Jackal, Springer, Skimmer, Griffon..... 1600 gems. Would get it. -Drums as musical instrument, the real thing, the big one used in rock concerts. The current drum is just a tam tam / tambourine... 800 gems. -Astral Wizard outfit, kind of like astral ward armors. 800 gems.
  11. -Please make so that backpacks stay visible when performing emotes. It is annoying to be without backpack and that is disappear when performing emotes. There is already an option to toggle backpack visibility in wardrobe if not wanting to see it, so i see no reason why, when i allow backpack to be seen that it disappear when doing an emote like a bug. -It is just my honest opinion, but i find the wizard vault mechanic bad, i would prefer to have back the daily logins, with their 20 mystics coins, 20 laurel bag at end of months, 20 laurels during month and the black lion goods! The new daily system is meh, i miss the good old 28 days login screen in achievement. -I think there should be more Secret of Obscure mastery points, added to more achievs or to collect around maps, I miss like 14 mastery points to get greater arcane chest access and another thing in same mastery line.... EoD gave more than enough, PoF was okay, but SoO is very tight considering mastery points. -Would like kryptid skyscale skin to be added as vault reward for 2000 points. -In guild hall, please make at the decoration vendor, the number of item selectable. It is a pain clicking 20 times each day to exchange 2000 candies into 20 pumpkin decoration... we should be able to select 20 and do one click... -(Other point: Would love kryptis decos for gh, but i precise, affordable. The available astral wards gh decos are just outpriced especially stair or windows, between requiring cured leather squares, books, orichalcum chisels or hammers.... 20+ gold to craft one... those are parts of the most expensive decos... on another hand, thank you for halloween decorations, they are cool and correct in term of gold cost. I noticed clocktower beam, and some curled trees as new decos.)
  12. The Kryptis skyscale is featured on the Secret Obscure page it is like an easy obtainable reward, put under spotlight, I am sorry, you ask the players to do first "A new Friend" Collection that already ruin player of gold coins and then, for the second collection "A new Look" you make an outrageous total gold sink! I am sorry I feel the need to do a shout out to warn about how bad and camming that collection is! Here are the steps you should do to get your demon skyscale: 1 Talk to Skyscale Trainer Dyanne at the Beacon of Ages. (free) 2 Purchase the   analytical charm from Lyhr in the Wizard's Tower. (1 Amalgamated kryptis essence (Ton of tiers essence + 50 ectos, understand 10g on tp) + 200 ectos + 20 asccended spiritwood planks)!!!!! Yes that one already steal from you like 80+ gold coins!!!! If buying from TP!!! -----200 ectos = 40g, + 50 ectos = 10g + 20 spiritwood = 85g ----->>>>> TOTAL ~ 140 GOLD 3 Complete the Skyscale Target Practice adventure. (free) 4 Defeat 20 Kryptis turrets with your skyscale's   Fireball. (free) 5 Spend 30 continuous seconds being carried by a ley line while mounted on your skyscale. (free) 6 Bring the collected data back to Skyscale Trainer Dyanne at the Beacon of Ages. (free) 7 Purchase an   anodized medicinal cauldron from Lyhr. (1 Amalgamated kryptis essence AGAIN + Encased light + pouch of stardust + 20 delrimor ingot) So understand, again, around 60g easy plus ton of map currencies removed from you!!!! --------- 50 ectos = 10g + 20 deldrimor ingot = 100g -------> ~ 110 GOLD 8 Collect a   sample of possession from the Cosmic Observatory Strike Mission, or purchase a sample from Lyhr in the Wizard's Tower. Cause I don't want to do mission guess what? Ton of kryptis essence and 10 icy lodestone. Ok That one may be the step the less expensive. 5 Gold... 9 Collect a   sample of corruption from the Temple of Febe Strike Mission, or purchase a sample from Lyhr in the Wizard's Tower. Same if I buy, 10 corrupted lodestone, it is like 10 Gold, it is okay. 10 Complete https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/5/58/Skies_of_Tyria.png/20px-Skies_of_Tyria.png Skyscale Medicine Masker. (250 wurm meat to collect on wurms) (free) 11 Bring the collected medical supplies back to Skyscale Trainer Dyanne at the Beacon of Ages. (free) 12 Administer the medicine to the skyscale and consult Dyanne. (free) 13 Complete https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/5/58/Skies_of_Tyria.png/20px-Skies_of_Tyria.png Arcane Osmogrifier. (1000 fragments to loot from arcane chests (free but long) 14 Use the arcane osmogrifier with the Heart of the Obscure on the sick skyscale near Skyscale Trainer Dyanne. (free) So in total, like 140 G + 110 G + 15 G ---> 265 Gold ---> ~700 Gems for Gold to gems conversion currently. Or like 1100 gems if the opposite way. I am highly disappointed by the cost, and can't understand what happened in Dev mind during the making of Secret of the Obscure. The expansion is a pain in my soul, between the astral ward armors that are highly expensive, and now the skyscale?!!!!!! What the point if players aren't even able to earn easily the rewards and for not a lot of gold? I just lost 50g already to do a new friend, and you expect me to put 265g for a skin? It is like the gold required for commander tag!!!!! I thought lesson were learnt from previous expansion, it seems not:!!!!! Rewards out of reach? Are you serious? Locking away like this kryptis skyscale skin and astral ward armor skins? What the points if I can't even have expansion related skins and rewards? Wanna know? I would have preferred the Kryptis skyscale to be available in Wizard Vault instead of that useless shiny Griffon skin!!!
  13. So as usual here is my expansion feedback,for so far. This is my personal thought overall. 1/ Maps : Skywatch / Wizard tower / Amnytas Skywatch: I do love the idea of fractal islands, exloring potnetial alternate timelines, of course as playing mainly asura, I pass my time at Rata Novus Promenade, the place is just to beautiful... The stone summit and dwarves are also pretty cool, in term of islands, I like the astral ward in south-east too, and the balthazar part is interesting, forged are cool enemies too so... I gonna concede an island intrigued me at first, it was the Mech habitation zone, comared to other islands where you can of participate in the lafe of the locals, that one is just purely survival apocalypse. MinSec, bots taking over the city, it just make me thought of Terminator and Cyberdyne with those auto loud message playing in the place asking to exterminate the organics (us). I do like the events, I pass my time taking care of the skyscales in the south east or laying with rata novan their city hymn with trompet, nice hymn btw. I haven't participated so far of the meta to unlock the wizard toward so I can't really tell about if the meta is nice or not. Wizard Tower: The place is charming with all commodities, like a lounge, not gonna lie, the last POI, was hard to find, had to go on youtube to see it is an hidden wall in the flanks of the island, below. Not a lot to tell, all the members of the astral ward are nice, I like a lot, the Charr doing gesture, Gladium and the skritt. The blue jotun woman was nice too Dorga? Yeah something like that. The only character I didn't really linked myself with is Mabon, sure cause it reminded Lazarus, but, like, compared to others, he does nothing and then get killed... Like, if I remember his character it is just that he came helping us at the start of the story... And well Zojia was nice. I gave a good laugh with Gorrik- ivan shenanigans over the coms awith the cat hiss. Amnytas: Very well structured map, it is clear, there are zones, easy to navigate. I did participate in the meta with at the end the big squid nine eyed demons, was epic. The POI are interesting, between museum, gardens, pools, outposts.... and at the center that massive spire. It is a nice map. The architecture... if I can use "The astral style" is particularly very present, just like the Wizard Tower. Isgarren looks nice.... hmm... I would really like the UI and the events to be more clear, like a big indicator that stay at the right of the screen that say in big letter "WARNING: Current kryptis commander spot at X bastion. " or... "CURRENT EVENTS: Bastion of strength, bastion of natural" something real clear. Because really I think, apart for rifts since the mastery show you where they are, it is easy to miss an event or a kryptis commander. 2/ Story So firstly, if I understood well, the beautiful demoness Peitha, is a kryptis lord that help us and her brother is Cerus, the big bad good looking demon guy who track us and beat us in the intro... and... they both normally obey a dude called Enach which is midnight king... I suppose, a demon king. But then, I am replaying the story here a second time, but can't spot when "Strange voice" became "Peitha" and it makes me really confused, like i missed it, I am still lost wondering how i know her name. The introduction instance was nice, really, like creepy foggy gendarran then vroom, vaccumed in the Demon rift to end in.... demon realm? Purgatory? Hell cathedral? In any way I love especially that place, I know the vines all around walls are badically southsun karka nest recolored red, but still it looks demonic like flesh... pretty cool that demon cathedral where we fight Cerus. So, normally, in the next chapters, Peitha welcome us to recruit some Kryptis to support us... against enach? And here I ask by advance, don't make the kryptis come into wizard tower as we recruit them! Let us go again in that demon realm of Cerus to go recruit the kryptis! Why? Because way cooler and make more sense. Demons don't go out of their place, have to be convinced. All those kryptis are just some basic hell spawns, but the superior ones like Cerus or Peitha don't go out of their lair.... I don't know if it is made on purpose, but the elite kryptis do have deadly sin like names, like glutony or envy.... But so far.... i didn't spotted any called Lust, Wrath, or Pride... normally there are 7 sins. But amnytas map count only 5 Bastions. I think it is a missed opportunity. But can be corrected easily if we spire ring as 6 and the spire in itself as 7. This way there are indeed 7 compoments, one for each deadly sin, which can add to the already nice story and demon things. Speaking of Kryptis, it is intersting that they can possess... well, don't get me wrong, it is totally normal and expected! What I am saying, is that, in Tyria, there are demons, like shadow demons, ataxes... fleshreaver..... imps... if i can eventually include ascalonian ghosts.... and... none of them can possess us? I kind of want a priory thesis to tell me how Kryptis demons are superiors and able to possess compared to fleshreaver or imps. 3/ Mechanics The introduced mechanics and masteries work well together. And I can sigh in peace, cause I can finally spit fireball with my skyscale! Gosh that thing is as logical as skimmer going underwater to me should have been there since start. It is nice to reuse ley lines, they are a nice functionality, and now being able to ride them with skyscale sure add a twist. The updraft generator are pretty usefull too to gain height, volatile magic are perfectly placed to help moving around! About the Kryptis rifts... I gonna complain. Because I am sorry, but the kriptys motivation tier 2 we earn in story... it should be permanent! Not locked to craft again and again, or being sold on TP! I can get when we start the story we do some T1 rifts, but then we get a T2 device later, it is dumb to remove at the end of the 10th chapter.... If you want us to craft the T3 okay, but at least let us players being permanently T2 rifts once story is done.... About rifts... It would be nice, if when we arrive at some, they are in fact ambushes, and reward more. When I say ambush I speak ambush like amnytas ambush events where player can be teleported and possessed, the big thing.... 4/ Rewards So. the positive thing, is that the player, at the end of the story have for free the full skin set of mist warden armor for all weight. But the nice armor of course... the astral ward one.... is lock behind mastery and I bet expensive components? Sigh. I was looking in the vaul achievement and told myself: A new friend? What is that achivement? Then I started to seek for a shyscale egg, then returned to the trainer.... and then it happened. The disgust, the horror, the pain! Rise your skyscale AGAIN! Same annoting expensive collection! Go get those skyscale treats.... go get those saddle stuffs.... 10G The quaggan plush... 10G!!!!!!!!!!!! How? Why?!! And the treats? I just had to spend 40g on TP for them! For 12! At least the attune the egg achiev was ok just had to push my character to hurt himself like crazy in hazardous environments.... for the meats, was easy to drops on foes...... but the toy for the skyscale? Like 15g for 3? ouch. And now, I am doing the saddle... and what I need? Provision tokens? Well, I guess it is okay, cause i can have them cheep selecting best material and location.... For saddle it is not provision token the problem.... Yes for skyscale saddle... the issue is... Kryptic essence! Pouch of astral dust! Static crystals! YEAH, THE MAP AND RIFTS CURRENCIES. That drop in very poor quantities!!!! Come on! Each skyscale saddle compoment require 125 desspair essence from kryptic. What closing rift gives? 6 of them!!!!! 6!!!!!! And for the map currencies? I do an event in a bastion, and what the game gives me? 4 pouch of astral dust?!!!!! Even dry top or silver wastes reward me better!!!!! Even Tarir! YES even tarir give me more map currencies than those three new maps together! God bless Drizzlewood. Drizzlewood best map. I miss like, 4 or 5 compoments for my skyscale saddle, 125 essences + 125 essences + 125 essences + 100 astral dust pouch, it is a pain in my skyscale tail! Totally aberrant by the way, I already own a skyscale!!!!! I OWN the mount already! WHY? WHY I HAVE TO DO ALL THE STEPS?!!! just for an ASTRAL SKIN? Really, I SWEAR, i do hope once i am done with that, that the collection/ way to get the kryptis skin is not that hard and costy as that one! Yeah, CAUSE... i am forcing myself to that new friend one to unlock the kryptis one after.... like... STUPID. Would have preferred not doing it, bringing my skyscale into the demon realm, got corrupted my dragon! and boom! But yeah I think you can just 4x every event rewards. Cause there is an issue currently. Not enough map currency. Each Rift should reward easily 25 essences, each event easily 20 of currencies. Plus, where are all the goodies? Why there isn't like for LS4 map, a volatile vendor, or for LS5 map some vendor on map taking map currency for reward? I have static charges... and some others... why can't I exchange them for Mini peitha? For tonics turning me into a kryptid? And...... there is nowhere any kryptid armor? to look like the cursed kryptid? Well kryptid weapons? I am sorry but since That_Shaman stopped to say, it is even harder to figure what is added... but I did noticed new guild hall decorations, so thank you Anet. 5/ Others Noticed the infernal envoy outfit on gemstore. Excellent. Apart head. The scales along the face are okay but strange, should have looked like Peitha for females, and Cerus for male in term of face. But still very beautiful outfit, will get it when included in the black lion outfit voucher. Wizard vault... dunno what to think of it, took emote, mystic coins and gold to basically have money. But not gonna lie, all my wizard vault point just got into making me earn gold, gold immediately spent in skyscale achievs..... didin't took sanctified skins, sanctified weapons are good looking but not my style. I just gonna report one thing, i think a scam, it is the mastery point box, I am sorry, you can't put a box rewarding mastery experience, from everything apart secret of obscure map?!!!!! There are so many masteries to upgrade! The minimum is to have help of ganing mastery experience! I replayed the story with another of my character to notice that completing chapters don't give mastery boost the second time... I can understand for equity, but at least make the wizard vault mastery chest give SOTO mastery EXP! Add it!
  14. This is just a basic post to speak chillingly about that new expansion. (For info i put link of page here of expansion as i will speak of some little things on it https://www.guildwars2.com/en/secrets-of-the-obscure/ ) 🙂 Firstly I would like to say I am happy that the Wizard Tower is finally used, indeed it was a place teasing me since 2013 when I started playing gw2; and knowing that there is an Arcane Eye outpost hidden in the cliff of Garenhoff just near the tower, of course it is an important place. I missed the beta with the Weaponmaster Spec/upgrade but It seems very fun, and a good addition, I do like using my mechanist Hammer whereas being mechanist with my jade mech. It finally allow enjoy the specs, as I will just use my weaver weapons with my catalyst... and look carefully what to do with each of my 13 chars. The demons setting is very nice... exploring rifts of reality it reminds of unstable rifts of auris weirdbringer and more recently the rift stranger, the branded rift stalkers from kralkatorirk, and Aetherblades mist shenanigans. The picture of the website with that djinn like city is intriguing reminding a little of crystal desert mixed with Astral observatory from Istan. Maybe some little things reminding the not realized Utopia expansion... Skywatch archipelago is beautiful and quite heavenly looking, like holy. What I get is, that we earn the Weaponmaster and we can use any weapon from any spec as weapon skills, some relics and runes, and what is very neat too a new weapon to use for each profession, strike mission and fractal of the mist. Three new armor sets, legendary set, weapons set... But... i read a little thing that attract my eyes: >_> "At launch, unlock the new Rift Hunter and Astral Ward armor sets, with a demonic set available in a later release. " "You'll uncover a treasure trove of rewards: weapon sets, unique weapons, back items, combat tonics, infusions, guild decorations, miniatures, emotes, and more!" "Complete the entire Mastery track to unlock a demonic skyscale mount skin for your collection." When I read those, I spot two things: Demon related rewards, and Guild decorations. And I gonna confess. I like demons. Demonic feature. Succubi. Vertical demon eye. Those creatures like Bellum in Zelda. My 13th character is a succubus on which I use dragon wings. But as far as i know, there is zero tail armor. I think the only example is the Adventurous cat outfit with a cute cat tail. But, really, you make like a thick dragon tail leg armor or demonic tail for 600 gems, bim boom I buy. I mean, any demonic outfit or armor I will be interested. No, I see you coming, skimpy/revealing outfit? Demon? Succubus? Well, If it is a cute demon suit with dragon scale I am interesting, even if only like lightly revealing. Hmm Hmm. Anyway, as I see guild decorations, and I am really happy to see those, like really happy, I know, I will sound pushy, but I would just enjoy having a nice floating palace or island in the sky as guild hall. Well no worries, I hope, but I guess, if no... I will just stay in lost precipice. To continue about the expansion, I just got myself the deluxe one, and I gonna say, the raptor skin is nice, and the emote is interesting to look at when using it. What else was in it... ah yes, the weapon set? It seemed Egyptian to me, reminding crystal desert again. It seems where the expansion take place is kind of tied to mist as there are balthazar relating things on one of the screenshot. Permit the reasons I purchased, there is that 10 seconds shot showing a rata novus like area with a demon rift, and not gonna lie, It baited me, just like seeing Zojia on some of artworks. Well that it. Haha. End of post. 😛
  15. Ok, so as usual, for many many news map releases, since Living Season 4 episode 1, I just wanted to tell about my experience about this new content delivery. Intro BUT, this time I can't really give you rate, like 15/20... 8/20 and so on, because, it isn't a full map. It is just adding a small chunk of it, and just this is a very very huge disappointment in term of map size, indeed, I was expecting the second half to be like the first one but at the left. Just completing the puzzle. What is very very infuriating is also the vertical line of fogged undiscovered area overlapping the boundaries of the two main zones that feel like raw patchwork. No more waiting, let me start with the story? ^^ The Story (Meh - oriented BAD) So, at the end of the end of dragon, I was already in a special mood, seeing the commander somehow a super saiyan and ending destroying a giant void dragon fairly easily... it felt quite forced. And now, we face, an over tortured commander. I mean, I picked Tybalt. I was very close to the character and in the personal story, for me it was one of the biggest affecting moment, then we continued and we lost Trahearne. I didn't really like him, but he was nice as the marshal, but it was okay, it was not a very saddening moment. The story continued and the commander resurrected from the dead against Balthazar. I thought okay, why not. It wasn't a big deal, we are in a fantasy world, resurrections spells and stuffs like that can exist. But there were two moments after, where I shaked and felt really bad, the lost of Smodur in drizzlecoast and the lost of Almorra soulkeeper in bjora marches. I loved those two characters. So ok, the character of course is a fictionnal character, but if I imagine my feeling, and project myself in him, it is big deal. At a point I wonder, the Commander then got reminded so many time about his lost friends!!! By Jormag mental manipulations and illusions, by ghost of the past like Snaff in Sunspear sanctuary, and then Gorrik just ask us again to remember about the past showing the memories of our friends or reading about them. Really, come on, if I were the commander at this point, I would take my sword and kill myself. I just can't imagine the guts, or how apathetic the character of the commander is. I mean, during a lot of story steps, the commanders care of its crew, the dragon watch, their new friends of Cantha, the commander keep checking on others, asking if everything is okay, but who care about the mental health of the commander in return? In Cantha, I feel quite alone, apart with yao or joon, and the only character tht was nice to see return, Mai Trin? BOOM killed..... I somehow liked the build up during the previous release of "What lies Beneath", the demon felt like a big deal with illusions and eating fear... But the build up was totally DESTROYED!!!! I will cite my friend Detective Rama "I can't believe we killed that thing with the power of friendship memories. I am not fond of that kind of crap..." GOD that dude is SO SO like me. YES. You are right. This is CRAP and even him is aware. Rama best character. Really he is right: We passed from nuking dragons with Aurene to being super saiyan and kind of immortal against gods, to now, JUST OUR MIND AND MEMORIES are strong enough.... what after? A clap of fingers like Thanos? Really Anet, I try to be invested in the story and relate to the characters... but come on, what was that story? We just walk in a tunnel and keep saying to Rama "YEAH you are fine just keep saying those two lines to create those seals walls. Me? Oh. Just taking a walk and killing demons like they are skelks, the usual.". The commander got 0 hallucinations. Whereas a demon is stalking, near it the whole tunnel. LOL even the Boneskinner in bjora was more efficient looking at me from above and ambushing or summoning fake allies under snow crying for help. I just want to discuss about this, so, there is a demon, a wanderer, that could just take the path from the previous episode, just to pass through the base and reach our camp, but SOMEHOW, it decides to pass through that tunnel? That demon, is just, happily waiting here, whereas he could go to the surface, retaking the brotherhood outposts to feed with fears and become stronger and breaching the mining ops camp? yeah it makes 0 sense. When we were seeking in Arborstone, I thought, we gonna fine a good thing something impressive... just a plate that create walls with a book, really? Hey. HEY HEY Anet.... Do you remember that, to retake Lion's arch to risen, we literally were TURNED INTO BALTHAZAR AVATAR and caused rampage around? Like. Kurzick, Luxons, they got nothing better against a demon than that? Really? :o To pursue, let's return to the commander. We then had a step at the tea house, to somehow support rama? I really appreciated that Gorrik let me choose, the partner, and I took Ayumi. To be frank, I went in the tea house, but really thinking I would just have a wholesome date with Ayumi... and I expected to speak a lot, what she likes... occupations and so on... I was roleplaying hard, sipping, eating rarely, talking to her... and then... BOOM HEY HEY you have to do something please! I have enough of talking of sushi rolls! Hmm, TAIMI? Excuse me what? And then... please choose: -Break glass / -Point randomly at something / -Burst Moves. Hmm... excuse me... hmm no. Ayumi is looking nice... I don't want to ruin the moment ankwardly. Ok... I'm not crazy... so I pick dance. And she cheers a woohoo. Ok it was awesome. And I checked the talk with hers, the dialogs, not a lot... ok I get it... it is just for the sake of rama... bleh. Ah yes "full circle" was the name of the story step. Just, when Gorrik gave Ayumi as choice as was like... who the hell is that? We met her? Really anet. Make our relations clearer. Today, I can't even say who are our friends apart the member of dragon watch aka, taimi, canach, marjory, kasmeer, gorrik, braham, rox, rytlock... and hmm zojia, and hmm cantha one joon, yao, rama... xD Indeed, what it made me realize, and it makes the character of the commander even sadder, is that the commander doesn't have a lover, a great friend that would hang out with them. No no no, i see you coming. No, really just I think of the wholesome, just able to go somewhere with an Npc and discuss. Depending on your personal story choice too, your family is quite small, with eventually peoples welcoming you or a sister. But parents? None. And it strikes hard for my 6 asura, they are all alone, no family, no lover. And, no house! And it can be a way to reuse the personality system of dignity and charm to allow the commander, our character to you know hang out. With a tengu, or a lot of other possibilities. :'( The character of the commander is a poor soul, lone wolf and hobo. Yes.... plus tormented by its 50+ memories of dying pact soldiers under their commands + Put zojia into vegetative/dead state + made their mentor killed + lead to the death of the leader of the vigil + Lead to the death of a tribune.... hmm excuse me. Two? Well we killed a god too and that lich of joko. Oh godness, the god of war is actually DOING WAR? wow. Forged were kitten looking. And Joko... well. I guess at least he got a good build up. The progression during the whole LS4 was nice. :) What I did forgot? Hmmmm.... so seeking for a rune..... testing a device that somehow turn good memories into a weapon.... putting just a few flowers on mai trin memorial *faceplam* ... having a walk in a tunnel to build walls... having chul moo lost for hmm... killing one of his crazy crew member? Ok... Meeting between chul moo and yao memory.... OK Ok. And then just fleeing outside and killing the big threat, because friendship is magic... that sounds like a kid cartoon.. friendship is magic... Yeah that's it. :/ I think that there should be a hint or anything, about how to get to the new area after story. It adds 3 new POIs, locked behind the meta... couldn't the wall preventing accessing the new tunnel zone from the north can be removed? What about the adventures? I saw no adventure icon on the map, where are they? And those dudes of Xunlai or mining ops with their new armors, where are they? Really, the achievements could be more explicit linking to a poi or indicating a zone... The "map" (Very Bad) Well I should say, the map shard, the added piece. Meh. Really meh. Really disappointing. It would have been better if the tunnel was a mix of Silverwastes ley line hub with Brotherhood outpost and machinery like the first half. The tunnel is very very very empty it feels like the bare minimum was put in it. And REALLY, I already didn't had high expectation. A lot of leyline like environment exist in Tyria, bloodstone fen bottom with ley line, silver waste ley line tunnel, and the beautiful confluence chamber of tangled depth with its giant basaltic organs... really this one from Gyala feel very cheap. I am not expecting a lot, I expect based on what I already saw in your game! Very basic tunnel. Meta (Neutral - can be better) Hmm. I would like to see it. Hahaha. The new zone doesn't even have WvW outlines like others, I can't put my finger on it when the meta should be starting and from where it starts... but if it is what I think, it starts at the end of the previous one, after the wanderer.... Come on.... I just don't want to go in the caves all the way down to reach the new meta, would like the noth wall to open and let me enter from here to join them, or at least a new waypoint appearing or becoming uncontested! Just... come on. Have to start at the camp, take a haze mask, pass through first outpost and floor, then move down to the second one, goind then deeper to jade pools, then go lower to the wanderer caves... just to start the new one? Really please, at least a waypoint here. ;) So far I just heard a few peoples telling that the chests are scattered around, yeah it is a little annoying... a little step backward, the more they are together, the best it is. The rewards (Very Good) Ok! This is the part where I will be the least negative hahaha. Beautiful futuristic heavy armors called mining ops, drill like skins, an interesting chair skin, interesting dyable backpack... Yeah! It is nice... they are nice... looking like ant man helmet, or enforcer from warhammer 40k... Nah. Really good rewards, and the armor is for karma and research note, and that, it is very cool. :D Really the chair is nice, the screens, how it looks, it feels like what you would sit in while in a giant crab mech or xunlai octodrill while ordering the others to dig deeper, it feels like that scene you know, that colonel sipping his coffee ordering the pilots of the valkyrie in avatar. Achievements (Good - can be better) There are a lot of achievements about adventures. But where the skritt and bookah are they? No icon on my map in full screen! It's bugged? Should talk to someone? Should be indicated. And the captain Wing Jun of special ops? Where? Can it has an icon like the other world lore npc? Btw, I love world lore Npc, there should be one in every map! It is a so refreshing addition. It it like special drink to me the info she gives. The rest of the achievements are pretty OK apart "Go kill 50 onis ambush" Big sigh. :( There was not a lot of achievements related to the story steps... Really the steps lack of achievs like "Kill the wanderer at the end without touching AOES" or "In the full circle, explore all dialogue option" or "Kill the demons without using positive memories device" or "Bring the crates to chul moo in less than XX:XX". ^^ Conclusion As always, take this as constructive critisism to any Dev or artist reading it. Gw2 is an amazing game. And I know how some team and artists can render very very well environments, or create amazing events or metas. And I can't judge straight saying there is nothing to save. Maybe the delay was too short, maybe you weren't enough working on it, maybe you are all on deck on the next expansion and that is why the quality decrease? It makes sense. But when I see this release, please be serious. Don't release a new map part. You could have just gave the rewards, the story steps happening in the last room of the previous meta for the kill the demon thing. And then, later, give a REAL second half of this map. A second half NOT RUSHED. Ok. You know, I am a kind of creative person and imaginative one, let me tell you what I was seeing, just you know, to understand: "Once reaching the deep of the cavern, and starting to test the emotion device, the crew realize by eliminating this wanderer that he wasn't the origin of the fear and craziness of the miners, at the back of the room, the wall is sealed with a demonic red magic requiring intervention from the durmand priory in duo with the knowledge of arborstone, they mobilize a few arcanists along some speakers cultists that are are aware of how to break the seal. As the crew go in the wall, they found out more excavations of the jade brotherhood more wrecked, some brotherhood are found but they are half oni with half of their body being mutated into more imp or demon shape, they speak mostly in reverse or shout. Around this very deep cave in complete mayhem we found several group with very high tech equipmeent wearing Mining spec ops heavy suits, with deployed jade cannons and portative forcefield. One of the captain of those mining Special ops (charged to extract Ley purified jade they see as powerful potential energy), tell us that the surface camp locked the exit corridor with quarantine force fields to prevent the dangerous evil lurking in to break to the surface, to avoid scaring the others, it has been sweared to chul moo to not speak of the incident to the others and continuing the surface mining. Some records on jade hologram displayers transmit disturbing records of some miners seeing their loving one assaulting them, their friends acting rabbidly, or more scary, becoming possessed demonically and morphing.. The outpost behind the wall was three time bigger than the others ones, and more securized and it felt like it fell more easily. A bridge pass over a liquid jade river and lead to a massive platform where ley line converge forming like a ceiling of stars with dancing flame like ley lines, several stone orbs rotating above without gravity, on it, a greater demon in the style of karaxai wait for the commander and its crew. Guarding a massive three layer jade forcefields displaying screens and security protocol at maximum levels, twelve jade batteries maintain it, and only chul moo is able to disable it with its clearance. The fight is hard between agony orbs in spirals, Aoes blinking to warns before powerful haze tornado appear on them, the demon fuel from time to time on ley line to be powered up, and the demon pass from three different phase where it changes each time its ley-line infused bounty like effects. The emotional device is the only way to break his defiance bar as he charge up powerful attacks. From time to time it summons sad memories to disturb, and along the fight we have to reason gorrik, rama or even taimi. At the end the demon is eliminated but the cave menace to break, chul moo disable the quarantine jade force fields letting use climb up running on scaffolding and fallen mega drills creating bridges on several void gaps. The commander is breaking and very bad at exiting the cavern and ask gorrik to never do that again and that they need to rest."
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