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  1. I'm very happy with the holographic gauntlets earned by completing the 50 AP Achievement, very cool looking and nice reward. We now have an helmet, shoulders and now hands of a same set. Impatient to see the torso then the legs the next year and the one after. Having the three dragons holograms as decos is also a nice gesture, it is cool that they cost less jorbreakers, 50 this time. Through, there are still consistency and lore issues: Why the sons of svanir in hoelbrak aren't doing anything? Shouldn't they be angry since, hey oh, their dragon got killed! Shouldn't they be in
  2. Here is the screenshot will all the decos. Note: Using the gh deco version of firework launcher count for the achievment. The firework launcher is interactable, launch a firework. https://imgur.com/xeQZn3a https://imgur.com/xstjO20 Ps: Annoying, please Anet, mods or forum maintenance, can't the image be displayed instead of simple links? Like on the old forums? PS2: Update. Primordius and Jormag holograms can also be crafted, like the kralkatorrik hologram last year. Big wave to the decos devs.
  3. Thank you developers. 1- Dragon bash firework launcher (the one in hoelbrak) 2- Dragon bash Kite (dragon kite) 3- Dragon bash pylon (? not found in hoaelbrak, maybe the big fire pylons?) 4- Dragon bash wind catcher (based on icon look like the kite) https://imgur.com/rNXlkCg well, the firework launcher https://imgur.com/DmGXXmU the kite. Currently gathering ressources to craft decos will update this post later.
  4. Speaking of armors. Here is a wild idea: Elder dragons themed armors. Why not especially now, since something called End of Dragons is coming. The frost legion armor was released on gemstore. You could realease now, mordrem guards themed armor/outfit. A branded one, looking like the branded charrs or humans. For the primordius one, base yourself on primordius braham and the transmuted grawl from fractals. Finally for zhaithan, maybe reminding giganticus lupicus and abobinations.
  5. On another topic, there should be a wish list system with the gemstore. It shows all the items that were released and you tick the ones you want news about, when returning, an in game mail is sent to you to inform you, maybe irl mails too.
  6. Guild wars 2 needs more tutorials. The in game beginner achievements is just map completion that give AP. The only guide present in game for players is the first instance or the dodge training. Players should be told about defiance bar, defiance bar breaking skills, dungeons, champions and world bosses after leaving the first instance. It should be indicated too that, to level up, they need xp: showing them through killing monster and giving just 1 tome of knowledge to show them this is another way to level up. How work revive, how look events on the map, the different icons used.
  7. Along the years I already saw several reddit posts of players speaking about surveys by mail about the future of gw2 and similar topics. Never did I received one nor my brother who is playing GW1 and is a large gw2 vetteran with surely currently 35k+ AP.. But this isn't about me but all the peoples which are invested in your game since its release and received no survey. Example of posts: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/o13tkk/did_anyone_else_get_chosen_for_the_future_of/ And that's why, by default, all account with a character who received at least a 6 year gift
  8. Can there be a real CC skill indicator? Like, you put a defiance bar symbol above the skill slot as example or add bold cyan outline around the skill slots too. Really. This is qol and it is a pain to remember which skill do cc or not.
  9. There is an item called skyscale pet whistle to play with a skyscale hatching wherever you are. It works similarly as dog whistle. And you need to play with it to unlock skills.
  10. Really hoping to see primordius and jormag. Even norn and asura celebrating. Would be strange and displaced to see another ktalkatorrik focused dragon bash.
  11. The 1/5 stars doesn't offer enough nuances. I will use the 100 pts rating. So per category: Arts and designs: From artworks, concept ats, loading screens to musics and sound effects. -> Solid 90/100. Very good overall one of the main quality of Anet. Talented artists. It isn't 100 because rarely, the loading screen don't really correspond to what is shown in map as example, crystal oasis or rata novus loading screen. Gemstore: Items designs, functionnality offered, what is sold. -> Meh 25/100. The only thing I care are characters slots and instruments. T
  12. 1-A steampunk, Aetherblade, Watchwork, Plague doctor or golems themed engineer specialization. 2-More armor pieces and outfits that aren't human themed nor made only to look good on them. 3-Housing or offering proper guild hall decos diversity outside of human themed ones. If not possible, want as 3 that SAB is finished.
  13. I'm happy to see that there are Partnerships and various merchandise beeing developped over time, If i remmeber correctely there are Mugs, Plushes, Mouse pads, maybe posters (not sure) and Clothes like T shirts or sweat. But I wonder; Okay, polymock is forgotten in game; but outside of the game? When I think about Guild wars 2, there are just tons of merchandising options that come to my mind: Before I start, I enjoy modelling, I shop a lot on https://www.games-workshop.com and https://www.etsy.com because Warhammer 40k. I also have custom tarots cards as example with Undertal
  14. I have done all the achievements and I don't obtain the mastery achievement with the ascended equipment. As proofs, here are my screenshots of my hero pannel / achievements. It is stuck on 18/19 whereas I have done all of them. Account name? Like the poster name. hugo.4705 There are only 18 achievs listed why does it say 19? Maybe threre is an hidden achiev but then it should be indicated, it is not clear. https://imgur.com/jvDmHVC Showing panel https://imgur.com/Vzt8KQq First part of the achievements ticking list https://imgur.com/CLiR700 Second part to show that I
  15. Another thing that will got fixed the week after, even for making new achievs that are related to already existing content they have issues, amazing. Not gonna replay all the episodes before! @Fire Attunement.9835 I hope there is a fix to allow earning "Return to Caithe reconnaissance squad" achievement. Players that have already done the story should be able to earn it through the purple star replay option, this is currently not the case. It is bugged. For me, the instance worked fine but at the end, instead of getting the mail and having to speak with tactician Envolt, the episod
  16. Still want all the outfits helmet to be turned into separated helmet armor skin. I think of inquest exo suit helmet, Taimi outfit helmet or the wedding attire helmet.
  17. Another request, again, kinda for the equity between gw2 races: More Asura, Sylvari, Charr and Norn armors sets. Let's do maths: All races have 3 Tier of cultural armors, of each weight (light - medium - heavy), so each race already have 18 T1, 18 T2, 18 T3 = 54 armor pieces. Plus the following ones, dungeons, living story or gemstore but I count only armor pieces: Human: Funerary, Spearmarshal, Elonian, Warbeast, Corsair, Elegy, Requiem, Orr temple karma armor, Arah, Caudecus manor, Ascalonian. (TOTAL OF +11 SETS so 198 armor pieces) Charr:
  18. I would like to request Asura and Sylvari guild hall decos. Indeed, 3/4 of the current ones are human themed and from divinity reach or amnoon. The asuran ones can be counted on hand: expensive fractal console, out of price dragon hologram generators or gold consumming norn holo dancers. And about sylvaris, do we have any apart the deluxe vine wall from HoT? That's why I request to you anet more asuran and sylvari decos. You proved with icebrood saga that you can deliver to us, guild hall decorators, quality charrs and norn decorations. Revisiting the Living seasons is
  19. The finale of the saga and the upcoming events let think that the magic fled in the air reanimating old events/ stimulating flashbacks. Marionette, the fact of rexploring old ls chapters... What to expect from the aetherblade flag in eod trailer? Quoted from wiki: "Mai was captured after a Lionguard raid on the Aetherblade Retreat; however, the Aetherblades eventually freed Mai from captivity and fled with her into the Edge of the Mists as Scarlet had a specific task in mind for her.[2] While several Aetherblades fought under Scarlet in the Battle for Lion's Arch,
  20. https://imgur.com/lalNHY3 I ask a dev to play the instance, do it as core engie or even holosmith if you want to see that even full DPS is not even able to do it! Was trying to comple the Challenge mote achiev. This is just a mess of skritt poop for the following reasons: 1- The malformed teragriff keeps spawning in LOOP at a ABBERANT SPEED. During the legendary fight how I am supposed to deal with the boss if like on my picture you have like 30 of those on you that one shot you thanks to their annoying friends grasping vines. And they number increase and increase
  21. I totally agree with OP point of view. I used to play LS1, but at the end of it I was hardly sick and only returned during second half/end of Ls3. In fact only got the two last episodes. I had to buy all the episodes for 200 gems each (little advise here, don't buy them in story journal, it is a scam, buy them in packs on gemstore). So 8 for ls2, 4 for ls3, a total of 1600 gems. If calculation ok. Does anyone knows what is 1600 gems in gold or on term of items? Yeah, 2 outfits or a prenium mount skin in sale!!! Sure the fact that they put it for free is cool for the new
  22. Just want to tell it here. Ten times I try to do it, ten times I don't see a single revive or death mark anywhere and the achievement icon simply vanishes when everyone arrive at the asuran lab without giving me the achievment. I'm 100% sure nobody is killed; rework the achiev or correct the bug because I don't see what I am failing and it prevents me to get the episode mastery.
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