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  1. It's true that it's soothening any existential dread. Although it has a lonely characteristic which it shouldn't have considering its accessibility.It's an opportunity for any butt passing the central well area.I rate the "staring into the void"-bench 5/10
  2. Hello anet, sometimes the only bench with a look toward the mists is occupied and my character cannot properly rest from battle. Can you please place more benchs. For example, another bench in this perfectly suited area?https://i.imgur.com/ZrFATeB.jpeg (Please, do not let the bench face the waterfall when characters sit on it. Make it face the walkway. In the picture the direction my char is facing. ) Rarely a bench should face outward (into the void of mists). It looks better placed inward facing the walkways and fire places. Just look at parks in your local area. I don't understand why the s
  3. Floor ids are completely arbitrary and differ per map. Current floor detection is impossible and thus current sector detection BREAKS on maps with sectors lying ontop of each other.Another thing mentioned is reducing overall queries to said endpoint. Given sector id directly would also improve it as you don't have to query for floor to get the current sector (if given floor id). For said endpoint it makes sense to just throw all four ids in there, especially floor. ExampleSector detection on a flat map: https://gfycat.com/CompetentReadyGilamonsterThis would not work flawlessly on - for example
  4. Dear ArenaNet, I would like to request specific information exposed via the Mumble Link API. I know that we already use a lot of space in there but as discussed there is still much room for more information in the extended context.Previously I requested some states from the customized soundtrack system (Ref.: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Customized_soundtrack ) to be exposed that would help with seamless overlay development and popular marker and path helper tools: Victory ~Downed $Defeated ~$MainMenu ~ - Possible by setting the value on detecting a log-out event and before mumble goes i
  5. Reference: https://discord.com/channels/384735285197537290/694129718689005619/770584808287633408 (GW2 Development Community) We had a bit of a discussion on the discord. For context here's the stance from Jonagar It is a valid point but with a bitter twist. It implies the assumption that we would want more detailed solutions in mumble link if we get even a glimbse of this. "If we have X, why don't we have Y from the same category as well?" It feels like it doesn't consider that we third party developers do not love the game. I can tell you that the majority does not want it to be ruined. We
  6. Also, it's ending 00:00 CEST 25th.. with a fire work. ..tfw.. the 25th is my birthday.
  7. Suggestion: There is little use in hiding the menu strip in/out off combat dynamically.I would prefer a "Show on mouse hover" option for those tiny UI elements and / or chat. It may be worth artifically adding to the element boundaries in the calculation so that it actually begins to fade in when the cursor is approaching. Dunno, might need testing.
  8. @Gaile Gray.6029will players from EU able to recieve a code?I am playing since BWEs and was at Gamescom Cologne 2012 (or was it 11?). I got a nice black physical T-shirt (the first one is black, the second was white) and a digital Dragon Emblem Cap in-game. I missed out of the digital shirt and was hoping to recieve a code and did link my Facebook to the Kung-Fu App, but the reward page didn't show anything.I follow ArenaNet since 2005 Prophecies and am a big fan.
  9. Wow this forum really is negative and unable to create discussion as I have heard numerous times. cYa guess I quit the game at the right time
  10. What was the design decision to use the old dialogue system for a QoL like this? Isn't it better to have it as a toggle option? It just feels it belongs into the option alongside the AoE auto-loot you also unlock through Central Tyrian mastery. This way it just uses up space in the inventory (usually account slots I guess it is for most people). I am confused, this could have been a Commander mastery easily with all the remaining central tyrian points there are. I am max mastery level and still have about 15 and didn't even try todo the achievements and collect them. I just hate it when dialog
  11. Hi, I've been with you for long this is a small list of thing I wished was added or improved. Pingable wallet currencies. Just cool.Being able to label the account bank tabs like you can with the guild bank tabs.Send a mentorship to a protégé (person must be lower lvl than you), giving bonus exp and mf to both. Probably also good for the mentor tag.Only on the client machine of the user that tags up: Show commander/catmander/mentor tag somewhere on bottom or left UI element and not above his own character, blocking view.Damage numbers should not leave the screen if camera is being moved away f
  12. title. As guardian has inherit some skill names from gw1 monk. I wonder if firebrandt is a viable healer now with the healing tomes. I absolutely hate the mechanics/playstyle in order to heal with druid. I know that firebrandt got nerfed recently dmg and I hope he can be played as healer now.
  13. The grind before this 250 Crystal Ingots was ok for a legendary, but now I think I will just be exhausted after finishing Chuka & Champawat. I liked the tiger effect, but now I end up exhausted and thinking its not so special for the time spent on it. I tried Mystic Forge like suggested above and was able to create 7 gems, but seeing the RNG of the 10-20 Ad. gems outcome recipes I am really better of buying them from TP. So I need like 600g for the gems alone ONTOP of the 250 ectos, fulgurit and Mystical Tribute. That's gonna be more than a gen1 precursor. I am not certain if this is a s
  14. Title. I am stuck at creating 250x Crystaline Ingots by aquiring 250x "Amalgamated Gemstone". I completed Tigis after a long time of grind just to be rewarded with grind that may very well take a year !? Is there any other way with poF in aquiring Amalgamated Gemstone, because I ain't gonna do like 4 months HoT metas. o_o Any suggestions?
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