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  1. This one has got some big problems, I don't like the various ranges on the different abilities and most of them are to small of range. The F5 is too short, barely worth using. The hammer is too slow, it feels like another 2h that is quickness dependent and I really don't like the play of that. These things have to be fixed for sure or its a deal breaker. I hope this helps because these seem like glaring issues, hard to miss these ones.
  2. The attack speed looked good and that's the key with melee hammers. I wondering if you get free roam within the wells for enhanced damage, because the wells looked good sized. I'm hopeful for a good beta for this one. 🙂 It looked power oriented. Cross your fingers for a trait that will allow them for more HP.
  3. Question: What happens when you get stunned in shroud? Answer: No soak, no break and you die. It is fun theory, but realistically it can't survive without dedicated support.
  4. WVW harbinger feedback here. With this shroud, we need our utilities! We are sacrificing health and no second health bar. Damage was just ok. How is shroud 5 supposed to work in competitive modes the radius is so small and the harbinger shroud animation is a monster telegraph, it just begs move out of this real quick to avoid danger. Pistol feels good in shroud, but out of shroud weak and boring. Sorry, but I think harbinger is going to end up a boon bot, which is ok, if that's what you want. MY FEEDBACK FOR ARENA NET.
  5. Just watched the livestream replay and all I can say is this spec is going to be wicked powerful in the right hands, there will be nerf screams echoing for months over this thing, having said that, I really like what I see and I can definitely see HUGE potential there. Also, I definitely see some serious balance issues coming just because of the damage potential vs shroud blight mechanic, it looks like it will be a real challenge to balance this Espec. They gave the necro some depth which is what a lot of players wanted, but it will be scary cause this espec has monster damage potential. The t
  6. Looks like an awesome roamer spec. Have to wait and see what the elixirs have to offer. Way to little info to say for sure.
  7. Ok, I was about to get pumped if they did confirm it. Also, any word about when the next one will be confirmed?
  8. Did they confirm it ? I'm trying to find where it says necro confirmed for pistol. Could you link for me please 🙂
  9. Maybe the Necro will use something similar to shades but not shades themselves but still use icons that are used for shade tracking. I really don't know. I could be happy either way Pistol or Dual swords.
  10. Icon 3 looks like dual wield swords, also, the little diamonds look very similar to the shades resources icons in game. This is all speculation, but if you go in order of these icons from left to right and match up the professions on the GW2 professions page https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/professions/ it starts with Mesmer top left then goes to Gaurdian, then drops down to .....Yep, thats right Necromancer which is also the third. /shrug!
  11. Just throwing out some ideas here but what if they pistol is some kind of main hand support gun that blasts heals and shields (kind of like a elixir plague master spec) until you go in shroud then it is some kind of blunderbuss style that does heavy mid range aoe damage or some kind of cc? That would be interesting and would open up for a few different build possibilities. It definitely is a main hand pistol asura the pose is identical after affect following main hand pistol shot pose. Logged on to my engi and threw some pistols to verify.
  12. Ranger uses the green theme as well, could be ranger elite or necro. Either way, I just want to see what it can do.
  13. Epidemic needs a total rework. I would suggest that it goes back from the clunky slow projectile that it is now to its former state BUT, it doesn't spread conditions that are already on the target instead spreads conditions that the necromancer has applied. Example if I put bleeds on a target or torment then I would use my epidemic to spread the conditions that I applied. This way it requires a bit more of set up for the payoff and its not just copying 15 conditions over at once but at lease we get a reliable application of it.
  14. With legendary armor going account wide , I wouldn't mind unique skins for armor or weapons. I like the flashy stuff 🙂
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