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  1. I can honestly say, as a GuildWars(1) Veteran who spent 7 years never faulting in my support for that game, even today as it's - well, practically dead. Aslong as: Build templates and Build Storage isn't FREE .Anyone who BOUGHT Build templates and build Storage Isn't Reimbursed .Equipment Templates arrent updated to WORK properly with legendary gear.Equipment Templates arrent Accountwide Purchases. Equipment Templates arrent set to 30 max, with:3 slots for a FreeToPlay account5 slots for a base game account7 slots for a base + HoT account9 slots for a base + HoT + PoF account Equipment Templat
  2. "This system is great for those who have no need of it and terrible for their most dedicated players" Pros:It's now Integrated into the game. Cons:The integration is subpar at best, this is clearly visible to anyone who used ArcTemplates.The System is limited for the puporse of monetization (not much QoL in that).The System has removed the free build swaps that were an actual QoL when swapping between Openworld, Spvp and WvW.The System is cut into 3 seperate categories for More Monetization.The Price for any one of the three categories is rediculous, math was done, if you got 9 characters you
  3. Intended. Build templates and gear templates, are essentially just the free builds you had untill yesterday that swapped automatically between modes, that no longer happens because they locked it in for monetization purposes. EAnet's finest thought this was a bethesda-level idea. Electronic Arts, Bethesda, Activision-Blizzard, and Arenanet - now essentially the same company doing the same shady and disgusting shit
  4. Pros:It's integrated into the game. Cons:It offers vastly less utility and usage than ArcTemplates.It's split into 3 Categories, simply for monetization.The cost is absolutely rediculous. account wide build storage, and character build templates, should be free, if that was the case, the gear slot price woulden't upset me at all. Anyday now, they'll pull a bethesda, and introduce an exclusive ''premium'' pay option for convinience items, or some rediculous Anet-take on a season pass.this is where id normally say something along the lines of ''how low they've fallen'', but seeing Arenanet in t
  5. You're forgetting that gw1 had a larger playerbase than gw2 does. yes - it was litterally thousands, yes there were more who didnt, by your logic, lets remove all food that i dont personally like, even if you like it, because Reasons
  6. Horseshit. We were thousands and thousands of players who enjoyed HM in gw1. Every Dungeon, Every Elite Area, if you popped into the corresponding outpost, you had 15+ districts full of people ready and wanting to go.I get the sense that you didn't like it, and thats fine, noone blames you for being a casual. But dont attempt to take away from something people DO actually enjoy just because you dont.
  7. Im not from the US or the UK, But thank you for proving my point by instantly resorting to a personal attack rather than pointing out how im wrong and you're right. P.s. you still haven't pointed that out, we're all eagerly awaiting your wisdom smart guy.
  8. Let's be clear here, ArenaNet has NOT commented on wether the ''free'' +3 build templates, is something that will apply to ALL characters on your account, and judging from previous QoL monetization from them, it wont, wich means if you got one of each character, youll have 8 characters with 3 slots, and 1 with 6. ArenaNet has PURPOSEFULLY been vague about the prices of the build templates, if you actually knew anything about monetization and gaming, you'd know for a fact, that they iron out costs as they develop the system, so they've known WHAT BALL PARK, they were looking at, for 2 years, a
  9. Before you rush to the defense, you should probably do some actual research on this subject. Arenanet could EASILY run gw2 without putting 95% of their content into the cashshop, if you're honestly believing anything different, then i don't think you know how the gaming industry works.Virtually almost all publishers these days, are pushing for Mobile-like monetization in PC gaming, because it allows them to push a new, bland, empty title every year, from any franchise, and make millions off the back of people who blindly support it. ask yourself, did they need all this money from monetization
  10. Because, the system back in the Original GuildWars (feature is 13+ years old), was better than what ArenaNet wants us to pay top dollar for now.Because, the system that gw2 players have had access to since Heart of Thorns, is better in every single way compared to what ArenaNet wants us to pay top dollar for now. nobody asked for a 3layer monetization cake, we asked for build TEMPLATES. as they were in guildwars, without limitations like they are now imposing. GuildWars - 550 free slots for builds, stored on your own PC.Guildwars2 - 24 slots max, 3 for free, 3 more IF you're around in the firs
  11. why don't you humor us all, by ejucating us on what he got wrong then? - otherwise what you just said, is nothing more than white-knighting for Arenanet in yet another massive blunder on their part. Regardless of how you look at it, when you compare what ArcDPS templates can currently do, and has been able to do for years now - to ArenaNet's Long under way templates, it's night and day, and not in favor of the ArenaNet version.
  12. Disclaimer: i didn't make this video, i stumbled on it on youtube, so full credit goes to Daelin Dwin and the people who helped him make the video. The point's raised are on point, and quite honestly, it only angers me even more that arenanet didnt simply copy the arcDPS templates, since they were quite litterally perfect the way they were.
  13. if you were to reduce the expansion given ones, then that would be a really good way to keep the count at a realistic count for people who play actively.1 per expansion, maybe one at 10k AP, and another every other 10k ap, meaning while 2 more slots is nice for those that has amassed it, it wouldent be something i would personally GUN for (im at 8.5k atm). and then an additional 1-2 at a certain birthday gift. My only gribe with it, would be that it would have to be ACCOUNT birthday, not character birthday, and it would have to (obviously) be retroactively added. This would (if they equalise
  14. Now that is actually a solid solution aswell. 10k+ points netting you a free slot every few thousand AP you earn after that, retroactively added ofc(im personally just passing 8.5k btw, so theres no instant gain bias here for those that may be thinking that).
  15. you Just made my point for me. all those reasons are exactly why it shouldent be monetized. QoL shouldent be monetized, ever. wanna know why ?Bethesda Monetizing repair canisters in fallout 76.Activision-Blizzard Monetizing A RED DOT SIGHT in call of duty. If you let this continue, without calling it for what it is, then you're gonna be one of the reasons gaming becomes a thing of the past (not die, but a thing of the past). I woulden't let my children play such a game if i had any children, not a fkn chance in hell, and when that becomes the norm - and it will, who are you gonna be playing yo
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