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  1. i know it's at least played in the gvg part of the WvW population
  2. Come on guys, the change to Take Down isn't a nerf per say. Anet wants to refocus smokescale from engage to evasion. By removing the CC from take down they are making sure rangers cannot CC lock their opponents out of stealth, giving them a chance to react to the burst they are suffering. Otherwise you CC lock them for 5-6 sec ensuring an easy kill. This opens up spots in the meta for CC engaging pets like canines. Wolf was already a decent choice in PvP, now it becomes the primary, alongside gazelle, CC pet and smokescale stay in their role of evasive damage when merged.
  3. I was wondering if we could have a new type of pet with Stag and Ram. Not having any is a miss in my opinion as this part of the game is less and less developed as time goes by. Ram would start a new family obviously but stag would complement Rock Gazelle with new archetypes (stout, support, etc). Tell me what you think
  4. it looks like it provides everything that was needed (support, defense and CC). i am eager to be able to test it
  5. FB is still first support because of stab but druid is the best secondary support. It provides the best healing and cleanses in zergs. Scrapped was heavily nerfed and fell off. We might see a slight comeback after the next patch
  6. Why would Anet support heal untamed as a buid when heal Druid already exist and performs really well? Haven't you realised that each class has 1 build per spec (sometimes 2) per gamemode supported by Anet? Anet already defined Untamed as an dps/offensive boon support and i would rather they make it more viable so it sees play time.
  7. if the trait gave 2s instead of 1 You wouldn't have to care about cycling through CA. That's just a number change, not a design problem.
  8. How? It's the best support available in WvW right now. If you are talking about roaming well News Flash the gamemode isn't balanced around roaming.
  9. Where were all the people complaining when a couple years ago a large number of people from the ranger subforum complained sword saw no play, was inefficient and ranger lacked a good offensive MH melee weapon? Now sword is an evasive offensive option that pairs better with specs and traits. I can understand the fact that ranger now lacks a good defensive weapon but what if MH mace becomes that weapon? It's not far fetched to consider a mace might bring defensive abilities as it's already the case on multiple classes.
  10. Maces will be more than viable as they are the main ranger's feature for this expansion. Mace is a weapon that can be bot supportive, defensive or offensive so that's interesting. My prediction is MH will probably be defensive/supportive as we lack anything defensive as MH and OH mace will be offensive with range to pair with sword and MH axe.
  11. neither sword, neither might are the problem on a build that requires you to use your entire skill bar to make a kill. Pig maul should be brought down and that's it. Soulbeast isn't even equal to what the old shiro herald could do.
  12. soulbeast the new cata?? is this a joke? the only outlier in this build is pig maul for not being aligned with previous balance from a damage perspective. The rest can be countered like everything else, nowhere will 4 soulbeast achieve anything in a comp... Crying wolf as always
  13. True, PvE players are always whining anyway. They can't apprehend the notion of sacrifices and working around mechanics in a game catered to their needs. I wonder what else Anet is supposed to do after litterally changing the basics of their game for them by introducing quickness and alacrity to every class for 100% boon duration. No site nor forum presents Sand Savant the way you do. I am sceptical about the ability of casual players in recognizing Sand Savant as an asset to clear greater numbers of trash mobs or affect a greater number of players in an open world context but wtv.
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