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  1. Well there are power based builds and then there are condi based builds ... Differences in encounter make either viable. About power weaver, it was one of the solid choices before this patch, since its damage was kinda high compared to other classes even tho it brought no buff to the group what other classes did. But now it is even outplayed by a lot of power based builds ( apart from reaper ) nearly every build is able to actually perform at least on a very similar lvl So regarding that, ele has no range option , lowest healt , lowest armor , no blocks or any great utilities if you want to
  2. Ok let me be more specific: I am talking about group content. Raiding, fractals, strikes and dungeons ... there you want to use fiery greatsword since it gives a way better burst ... There is nothing wrong with the elemental buff, but the buff for the kind of content I am taking about kind is missing ... Ele ( power ) is in a weird spot right now ... it was before patch since boon stacking classes (dh chrono ) were better grp dps options And it is even more so now since other classes (especially soul beast) outshine it burst wise and buff wise (stance shared one wolf pack) and that is just on
  3. Hey , can we talk about why the last balance patch did buff nearly every power class in PvE but not ele.It was not even in a overpowered state before the patch but now it is kinda weak compared to nearly every other spec. Even if you don't just compare benchmark numbers, but also burst numbers and such, it is behind quite a lot of classes and will even played in a very skillfull manner have a hard time to outperform other classes like holo, soulbeast, not even to talk about mesmer (even after the recent hotfix) or guard (since the changes actually did nothing to it's damage) Ele is still the l
  4. The Feel my Wratch change in most cases is actually leading to the opposite you intend.The problem with it was guardian stacking ( either Firebrand or Dragonhunter). So after some simple math you can still stack Firebrands in the way you did before without dropping quickness. And you can still stack DHs as before as long as you have 1 Chrono in your squad (which was already needed before ). Here a simple example: Old shout 45 seconds cd - 8 seconds of quicknes : With alacrity: 36 seconds cd- 8 seconds of quickness ( so with 3 dhs in a subgrp, the chrono overflow quickness had to fill 12 seco
  5. So you got 140 slots which I assume are seven 20 slot bags ... just craft the 32 slot bags and you got 84 slots moreIt is even available as ingame reward
  6. i did test it in a full benchmark scenario on power weaver and burning rage pulls ahead what it shouldn't ... then i tested some single skills which is more reliable... and it is clear that burning rage has a 10% modifier on it which is not intended... the question i cannot answer at this point... is it a 10% vs burn or a 10% while in fire modifier
  7. After a lot of testing on power ele, i am nearly 100% sure that burning rage even tho it is not mentioned in the tool tip anymore has it's 10% modifier still. In fact power overwhelming should be the better choice on power builds now by far, but you get better results with burning rage. Quick example: fire grab (so full attune fire ) does full buffed 25-26k on burning rage and just 24-25k on power overwhelming. in fact power overwhelming should be higher.
  8. THIS exactly is what i thought... why not make power overwhelming a power is converterd into ferocity instead of making it another useless trait... so you could have a strong condi and power build on the class
  9. Hopefully they are compensating it with multiple adjustments to other skills in at least pve otherwise... YIKES
  10. it will not be as soon as they fix meteor in pve... to compensate it they would actually need to make either lavafont to 100% with new cd again in pve... also they could just keep the lavafont like it is or better swap its damage with the one from lesser lavafont and restore the power- ferocitiy conversion of eor. so you would close the gap between small and big hitbox even more... make sword more viable and you wouldn't kill staff in general
  11. Would be nice if the devs would give any information about when it get fixed AND if they actually wanna fix it in pve aswell ... since if they do so staff ele or ele in general is dead in endgame (raid fracs and so on ) pve
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