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  1. kinda, depends on how well the Headset and Game perform. Also they keep not making vents with fan for the headset to exhaust heat away from the head. That, actually causes people to feel lightheaded(from the heat induced to forehead constantly) . You'll never know if don't give it a shot. some people can play up to 1hr at a time before having motion sickness. for those that don't have that issue, they can play up to like 5hours before the heat itself takes them out XD we mentioned the heat issue to a Rep before, she said that doesn't usually happen and they would talked to the team a
  2. stable income XD I had my niece play GW2 so i could get some sleep. One day i decided to do something special and recorded the gameplay usine Relive from AMD. i then Edited the video for VR headsets. once i finished the little project i placed my cell onto one of those cheap VR headsets(we actually had the rift too) and i played the VR edited GW2 footage. My niece was like this is so cool. she only got bummed out once she realized it was prerecorded and that she couldn't rotate the camera herself. This, is why they should add a VR option. lol, i play i
  3. no need for GW3. But, Game Engine overhaul for DX12(we got 16core/32thread CPUs now in days, heck i ran a 32core/64thread threadripper), mGPU(crossfire and SLI are dead for new gpus but, multi-GPU is still a thing XD) +1 on the VIP subscription option, Runescape has it and it did great for the company. some of us are willing to spare some cash if it keeps the games running(GW1 and GW2)
  4. *Looks up tags on instagram* ... not sure why people tag "guildwars2cosplay" on their regular selfies XD ... or maybe it's a reference as a player XD yeah, i wouldn't mind a updated Guild Wars 2 Themed PC build and yeah, a friendly Cosplay competition(online since whole pandemic).
  5. ... they should've given them each a copy of the game. once they got to the talk of living i was like, got me in the feels XD
  6. Hhmmm, the Serious Engine 4... or was it 5 now??? ... was designed to handle thousands of npcs and action going on at same time. That could be a viable option maybe, as they brought up the visuals on it too. XD ... we going off topic.but we all know we just want to get rid of (depending on specs)The 5fps/15fps/22fps action once world boss fights and Zergs in WvW start going with all our other fellow players helping. I personally love the visuals but, admit they're starting to have that slight (older look) aging effect now. Compared to some of the other mmorpgs .
  7. this is quite the Poll, would make great research for the Devs honestly, if they put it to use.
  8. dx9, but you can use the dx12 mod to convert some of the commands to dx12 which helps a lot. Especially once you edit the "Config.ini" towards your setup ex: use more ram, use more cpu or use more gpu , or more RAM and CPU vs GPU or GPU and RAM vs CPU or more CPU and GPU vs RAM , etc. using the DX12 andonMax Settings @ 5120x2880 resolution. My setup:AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970xAMD Radeon RX6800(XFX Qick Speadster 319 rx6800)Asrock TRX40 Taichi32gb G.skill Trident Z AMD Edition(X at end of SKU)3600mhz CL18 DDR4EVGA Supernova G+ 1000WIceGiant ProSiphon Elite with a 3700x and same gpu or one of
  9. if anyone hacks you and wants to be a !@#k about it, it will help slow them down and also incase you accidentally put destroy on the wrong item. soulbound was, i think same as the first one for hackers? can't remember. think there's a icon that pops up for the cooldown,lol. as for your final question... everything does,lmao XD .
  10. Didn't you already build a 4k gaming system?(checked your previous posts,lmao)
  11. i'm curious if the Crytek engine would be a viable one, dx12, mgpu, ray tracing, etc. but, it goes back to the basics of game development. what matter is the game design, if its fun, if its beautiful and if it is well optimized with no bugs. it will matter NOT what engine it uses but it's overall gameplay. although all those options just add to the toppings :D
  12. dang that looks like the way to go for gw2...is there a prebuilt with it in it? the combo deal is over now, but if you look at your original thread. you should probably just upgrade the " CPU,Motherboard and RAM" and just swap them into your current build. should boost performance and help you wait out the GPU drought,lol
  13. It really depends on the continent and country, so you can't make a general statement like that. When I had to buy a new system last summer, hardware was about twice as expensive here as in the U.S. at the same time. That's very true, i often forget the region prices differences.Cheap alternatives:, instead of a new pc completely, a simple upgrade like this can help: AMD :(honestly the 5600x the better buy but hard to get and you need to update the bios on motherboard to use... but, you need a older cpu to do that)https://ibb.co/r2PZdrVIntel :https://ibb.co/p2VGqt0 You can then use the DX12 m
  14. Well, you can use this as a reference to help choose the right GPUhttps://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-hierarchy,4388.html and the CPU one (kinda bummed they don't mention prices though)https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cpu-hierarchy,4312.html you got it about right on the parts selection. something like this even.I say anything from rx580-vega64/rx5700xt(1060 6gb - 2070/1080ti/2060S) is about as max as you can go on performance... gpu wise Here's a bestbuy one,lol.https://www.bestbuy.com/site/msi-aegis-zs-gaming-desktop-amd-ryzen-3700x-16gb-memory-rx-5600xt-512gb-ssd-black/6431203.p?sk
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