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  1. Desert Shroud doesn't have the same damage reduction that Death Shroud and Reaper Shroud do. If anyone has evidence that it does, I'd be interested to see it just in case there's an edge case bug somewhere, but there's probably a different explanation for these situations that you guys are seeing.
  2. This isn't a thing. I did see an issue when hitting a target with barrier where the red crit background is offset from the damage number which could cause some confusion, but crits are happening as expected. The combat log shows these crits correctly, and I've also confirmed that there's no hidden damage reduction by using a steady weapon internally. Any appearance of a damage reduction is likely just weapon variance being noticed over a small sample. I'll get the damage floater bug written up and assigned to someone for investigation.
  3. We've made a change that should hopefully resolve the issues people are having. If anyone is still having trouble queuing let us know and we will continue to investigate.
  4. To everyone still having problems: What behavior are you seeing when trying to queue?Is there a particular error message that pops up?Does the banner update to show that you're in Ranked, but has no indication of queue time?Is the button just completely unresponsive? Any additional info you can provide will help us debug the issue. Thanks
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