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  1. I would really like to 1. on the list should be tapping of keeps to slow spawn of play so that a server can stop the loss of keeps or towers. It should be possible to slow spawn by at least a group of players but not by 1 player. This is broken and should be fixed.
  2. I am say that if you mean to balance the game, the first start is to make everything equal. Not giving one class an over reach of all other classes.
  3. There is a good reason for that your range is a straight line his is a bowed arc so it hits further if they are above you. That's bull shit they magical bow cause a bow will never beat a gun if this was true we would still be using them why? LOL
  4. People think if you are thief that you can kill people like way easy because they see all the youtubers do but that is not the case. Most of the time you are focused on 1 person at a time, while 1 or more is trying to hunt you down or chasing you. Where when playing my necor i want you all together so i can DOT all of you at once and mess you up I have taken 4 or people out very quickly because they were unskilled at WVW and stood together why i went crazy with my necro. The thief has to focus on 1 mob at one time people are mad cause they get ganked but don't realize that only 1 person in a
  5. Man you people, I was kneel and my range is 1500 the same as rangers range yet i could not hit him. If you are on a wall in the SMC a ranger can hit you from the inner wall, if you view it as if it were level ground i should be able to him him as well but i am not able GO TEST IT. It was not a barrage shot it was rapid fire shot.
  6. this is why the range on a ranger need to be checkedhttps://imgur.com/vDF1rI1
  7. You are right nothing new but you think the dev's would look at the forms they must not because the current post are everyone trying to find a build that works because the Thief is so broken now.
  8. With all the changes to Thief's it is officially broken. I have more HP on my Necro than i have on my thief and can duke it out even with a ranger rapid fire. On my thief i am a paper target with a sign that says shoot me cause I run deadeye. The amount of hate for deadeye build is crazy people make it seem like we can kill 10 players with 1 shot.Stealth is totally broken even through the DEVs and GW2 community says its not. In the past you could go into stealth when you were low health and run away to heal that is not the case anymore because if you the 1 other opponent uses and attack or abi
  9. The range of the rifle is bull shit any way, a ranger can out range a gun LOL but it can.
  10. I ask a simple question is it fair for a one class to have a greater reach over an another class? or should all class have a balance reach meaning they can all reach the same point( i am referring to skills)
  11. People are just dumb thief's can only travel between A and B. A being the place where they transport to get to target at B. 1 guy at A 1 at B and you got a dead thief, because the only other thing he can do is run. You use AOE and DOTs and the thief is a dead thief.
  12. YEAH WvW FUN NOT, playing against the same servers again YB and CD, we are just the other servers cause our Populations sucks. Some how ARNET thinks its fun fighting the same server 4 months in a row.
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