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  1. I think I encountered him the other day. Didn't know he is a celeb. Maybe that explains why he kept picking fights. Don't know if he likes fighting thieves, but he always focused me in the outnumbered fights he picked. First time, after he tried to jump me in the middle of fighting camp NPCs, a few of us made him run and I chased him down. He came back for more when we were taking the south center sentry. Once again he went for me. I mostly played defensively and tried to regroup as I realized he was hard to hit. Then some Mags crashed the party and he blew me up while I was worki
  2. This is basically all I (and several others) are saying in this thread. I even narrow it to Grenade Barrage with Explosive Entrance burst from stealth, not just GB generally. Unfortunately, being on Thief in my clips is a major distraction for many. Not exactly sure who you're referring to, but to reiterate what I (and others) have said in terms of "design and balance," it's the combination of high burst potential and sustained damage with innate tankiness and self-sustain that sets grenade engi builds apart from anything else available in the meta. Not only is the burst from stealt
  3. Perhaps these logs will help: From my August 29th clip: https://imgur.com/a/eQMSVrA From my October 15th clip: https://imgur.com/a/unyTXbo The one-shot burst isn't just Grenade Barrage. It involves Explosive Entrance for 3-4K. That's basically a free, passively-applied Backstab on every opener without any stealth or positioning requirement, refreshed by dodging. The second clip also included Jump Shot for 6,604. It would seem GB isn't Engi's only high-damage option.
  4. If and when it does get fixed, will all our posts that withhold the extra break become compressed text walls? The extra break seems to have affected older posts retroactively, so I imagine the answer is yes. 😟
  5. A single blind can mitigate any single skill attack (my Backstabs get blinded all the time). That isn't unique to GB. But you're not going to blind something you can't see coming from stealth, which is how GB (+EE) OHKOs tend to happen (as shown in my clips). And given that Anet has nerfed all other OHKOs from stealth, this really seems to be an oversight, rather than something they actually want happening. This is certainly an issue as well, and was discussed in this thread. It's largely why this build can OHKO multiple players due to the AOE as well as stick around to finish
  6. I believe they had fixed this in one of the earlier updates, but it seems to be broken again since the update two weeks ago.
  7. Whatever the cause, no one should remain in a situation like this. Since you mentioned your main focus is PvE and you primarily PvP for dailies, have you considered WvW for dailies? Many of them are PvE-based and plenty of PvE people go just for those dailies, so you'd be in good company, particularly around daily reset. WvW can have its share of bad sportsmanship too, but IME it's far less than in PvP.
  8. By and large, anyone who survives a zero-tell stealth bomb didn't survive because of their "skill" but because of their build. You're saying as much here: And therein lies the inherent problem with such stealth bombs: the only practicable counter is building for it--something you emphasize in almost every post here. Since when should every roamer be required to build for the 10% of players exploiting busted builds that are undeniable damage level outliers within the current meta, to the detriment of being able to handle the other 90% of encounters? Fully investing in vitality th
  9. It's amazing how much being on thief in clips is derail bait. Like, had I been on any other class, this thread would be half as long.
  10. Then why did you say earlier: ...when you know I'm running Daredevil (not core Thief) and SA, not CS or Deadly Arts? How would your build have fared in my clip above? Still instagib I think, unless it can tank 20K from stealth. Not knocking your build--it sounds interesting--but as @Lan Deathrider.5910 said: Can anyone name another build that can currently instagib (from stealth) everything but a full minstrel/Sentinel warrior, AND have enough juice to duel down another player? No? See the problem?
  11. FIFY: Considering I literally didn't get to do anything before being downed, it literally does not matter what class/build I was on, now does it? You could mentally replace my character with whatever suits your fancy and it would change nothing about the actual point of this thread. You too! You might want to see someone about that teef PTSD!
  12. Then I'm sorry you are so blinded by hate you can't see the forest for the trees. I know how the burst works. It's not rocket science and it isn't hard. That you're unironically defending it while throwing lots of unsubstantiated accusations at someone you don't know speaks a lot about your own insecurity. EDIT: By the way, I'm not the one reacting to your posts. Someone else is doing that insanely quick. 😆
  13. Haha it's 2021, not 2015. And this thread is about Grenade Barrage, not Thief. Sorry if you were beat up by thieves so much that seeing a thief player fall victim to something objectively broken triggers you. omegalol xD Try an exercise: Pretend for a moment that the instagib'd player in the clip was on anything besides thief. Would that change whether what happened is busted or healthy? If you can't answer this straightforwardly, I guess your trauma is too severe. 😉
  14. So you think Grenade + Explosive Entrance is fine in its current state?
  15. Thanks to the magic of background recording, I believe you can just glimpse him riding in from the east at the 0:12 mark. I presume he dismounted and popped his stealth shortly after and walked over. Notice also how frequently I pan my camera, "looking over my shoulder" as it were. Helps awareness, but makes for lousy movies. Still wasn't enough, unfortunately. I'm just glad no one's said "you should have seen it coming" (yet). Completely agree.
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