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  1. +1 this. I understand that weekly vendors are weekly cus they sell very valuable stuff but i think a normal vendor with limited number of buys is better than a weekly one.Better would be if buying until x amount had a reduced price, and then a very increased one (the same way wintersday gift works), this way players willing to "farm" the event will have something to do other than getting in, playing one or two worlds and then leaving to return only next week. Events stay only for a few weeks and the market would soon recover from any impact this new farm could cause anyway.
  2. Mace, just cus i would love to see my engineer using The Moot (and also maces are the less loved weapons ever).
  3. In PvE the same as before patch. Even tho that boring rifle holo power build has returned to dps meta, i'm still doing great with pré-patch sword/pistol build. For WvW i'm mostly using scrapper dps for zergs and it is okay-ish (of course worse than before, but then everyone is), haven't tried holo in competitive modes yet and doubt i will as everyone keeps saying it is dead.
  4. Yeah, just checked and it is not giving concentration in WvW and also giving a lot more than it should in PvE (nearly 390).
  5. That's a very clever idea. The first stun of Hammer 5 does NOT proc things like Incendiary Ammunution, so it doesn't proc an Explosive Entrance I'm willing to bet. Which is good, because if it did, the Hammer #5 stun and Flashbang Daze would proc at the same time and overwrite, essentially turning the hammer stun into a daze. Either way, yes, it would be 2 Expert Examination procs there. The daze would overwrite the Stun by about .25 seconds but it would still extend the CC. Flashbang just might give Scrapper enough dazes to want to use Expert Examination, at the moment Dazes and Stuns are
  6. If CC:Storm increased AA and Photon Blitz range to 900 this would be game changing.
  7. If you ever wandered over this forum you would realise how the devs don't even poke around here, they probably don't even play with engineer and all buffs and nerfs feels like they're throwing dices and changing numbers. Toxic people are everywhere in the forum, if this was enough reason for anything, no profession would be playable now.
  8. Sure enough scrapper sup has its place and will be maybe even more necessary than before in squads, but i can't say scrapper dps gyros will hold its position, tho none of its damage modifiers were affected, losing blast gyro gutted a good slice of its total damage and for consequence less barrier being generated, but then all professions lost good damaging skills due to it also having CC so we will really have to wait the patch to try and see what can be salvaged. About condi, can't say it is the most played build i see in wvw.
  9. Giving us in combat weapon swap right now would change nothing as we barely have any weapon options. Guess they should go in a way like elementalist and place all our kits in the F1-F5 keys. Maybe give an option to select if the F1-F5 slots will be occupied by an engineering kit or the toolbelt skill of the respective utility skill equipped. If you choose to equip an engineering kit, its respective toolbelt skill will be available while it is equipped. This way you can mix kits and toolbelt skills as you wish and still have free utility slots.
  10. Considering that Explosive Temper will take the place of the old Big Boomer on DPS builds, we aren't exaclty getting 200 ferocity, just ~+50 since a full berserk character has ~3k power and the old Big Boomer gave 5% of your power as vit and ferocity (yeah we lost sustain to get a bit of damage). The sustain itself got a whole new trait (Blast Shield) that seems quite good for its job but gives 0 damage increase. The new Big Boomer is the real jewel here as we are finally getting a decent GM Trait for power builds in Explosives, tho i dunno if the health regen compensates the sustain we lost f
  11. Not everyone has a lot of essences of luck to exchange to Drooburt, and even so it just gives you a trash and worthless item. Weekly vendors are a nice inclusion in this festival but again not really surprising since all others already have.Dragonball arena seems to be the only place you could "farm" any reward and even so you have to win 10 times to be able to spend 10 more gold and buy 10 more envelopes. Is there a problem on getting some gold from reward tracks ? Even wintersday reward track could give you some gold if you were willing to sell all wintersday gifts. What i would expect fro
  12. ArenaNet promised us that this lunar new year event would be big : Can we please have a reward track then ? All other major holidays have an associated reward track, if the plan is "bring it to parity" this one should have a reward track too right ? The festival itself is still very poor in rewards if compared to the others.
  13. I really don't care about titles and for most of my toons i don't even remember that titles exist so... no ty.But if giving more titles means anet remembers wvw exists, then please give us more.
  14. I would leave downstate as it is for PvE and rethink how it works in competitive modes like reworking downstate skills so that in competitive modes everyone have the same downed skills (cus yeah, some professions can be really anoying even downed).Also more rigid rules for how many times you can recover from downed : right now you can revive up to 3 times and only get insta defeated on the 4th down, maybe change this to only let players be revived once and get full downed penalty (for 1 min) so that if he goes down again, he is dead.I'm not against revive on defeated players cus it takes time
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