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  1. never mind.. theres more bugged items next to the war room... lol a new table ive never seen before.. a crate a barrel and a few other items
  2. I don't know if this is a prank by the devs.. but suddenly in guilded hollow's gathering spot.. there's 2 race tracks, a stack of papers, a banner thingy, floating in the sky, and a pile of barrels that you can walk straight through..... Please remove these bugs XD they are extremely ugly and out of place.
  3. THIS MONTHS FESTIVAL OF LEGENDS!!!!(Hosted by AL(Absolute Legends NA Guild, All times are Central Standard time, and all on NA servers Thank you!) 1v1 tourney from 6:30-8 central - Rules, single elimination, all on asura arena, Prizes 1st place - One month seat in the Hall of Olympus, 50g, Absolute legend rank,2nd place 25g and absolute legend rank,3rd Place 15g, Legend rank,4th-10th- random Improvised weapon skins Quaggan Tonic Showdown! 8-8:30 in guild hall! Rules, Enter the ring First person to get a lil crown wins!we will do 3 rounds, each round grants the victor Random Weapon skins/dyes,
  4. Sure overlay is a factor for lag/crashing but if its the overlay he always use's its not a problem is it? If it was the overlay it would have been a problem when he first put on the overlay, this has nothing to do with it, the number of crashes has gone up considerably, as well as the number of full team crashes where 4-5 members of an opposing team DC. This is an ANET problem, not an overlay problem, thank you for your advice however it is flawed.
  5. This has actually been happening a lot more often then ever before, a necro friend of mine was crashing so much that out of an entire AT he only got to play in 1 match, all other matches he was only in for about 2-4 minutes. Even my usual 60-90 ping was at 500-3k when I went into a match today clearly something is wrong.
  6. I mean... I liked knights, I didn't think it was bad at all, I'm upset that they removed it, I want knights and other amulets in the game.
  7. OK! why was this removed from the game, I mean all removing of amulets from the game is dumb from every view point, like I play berserkers now, to many power builds play berserkers does that mean we lose berserkers?! Take knights amulet, KNIGHTS AMULET WAS FINE! the classes themselves that could still do damage despite being knights, were the problem, not knights! How do you not get that? this confuses me greatly. Now I cant make my knights amulet shadow arts revealed trait side noder thief ;-; because you ruined it! stupid.. just stupid
  8. First they bang bang me from 1500 distance. I go chase. They disappear in stealth. Then i hear sound, BOOOOOOM i got hit from 10k Death Judgement. They are again completely different spot than last time. I go chase again, they dodge and disappear in stealth. BOOOOOOOOM, again 10k dmg. I manage stun them and they shadowstep 1200 range away and dodge stealth. Just example why class is completely broken and needs emergency nerf. Ya know... I love this post so much, Its gold... its really just complete gold, lets go over why! So hes saying DJ does 10k openers, which is false it does 4-7k openers,
  9. I'm fine with it for like 1 season, but we need the old methods back by next season, this is just painfull.
  10. Swiss makes sense for Monthly because that's when you have your perfect team that you planed for that event with. I dont have my perfect team more carefully chosen then the disciples of christ every single time I wanna do a daily, I usually just use pugs.
  11. For monthly I understand swiss, and its really cool, but every turny of every day requiring you to sit through a full hour of hell because you joined pugs, for 5g or less, is kinda just hell. I've now had 3 teams where some pve main gets upset and leaves the party and then ruins it for the other 4 people, literally forcing us to waste 40 minutes for NOTHING. In swiss if you leave, you should just get the last place rewards at the very minimum, but now you just get nothing and its not even your fault!! For dailies the old AT method was infinitely better as far as time goes, if you put in the
  12. Wanna see some weekly event that just has Miller doing the News where you get to hear all his FACTS about lions arch.
  13. Can we get more dialogue for Wild-eye Miller? He's my new favorite part of the game, and I'd like to see his greatness expand to other parts of the game.
  14. Actually theres already a post on this, cool, so... nvm this post XD
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