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  1. Anet almost admitted it when they gave DH a movement speed trait, but... The trait is bad. I would consider taking it if it always gave 25% movement speed. Why does a longbow class not have the ability to be mobile?
  2. Makes no sense when you look at similar skills
  3. I really want the haunted weapons... Any idea when it starts?
  4. I want a clear answer... I received a loss in placements for losing as a beta character
  5. Playing a beta char in a ranked match makes us lose mmr if we lose?
  6. Finally logged back in. NOW, if only LB 3 was faster and movement was allowed during LB 2, longbow would literally be PERFECT and balanced
  7. Does World 1 tribulation mode give more as well? Compared to normal which I did today
  8. Is this soloable? And I can repeat daily? All of SAB is soloable. Actually, I don’t see the point of doing it in a group. You get the rewards once per day. I just did World 1 Zones 1-3 on normal mode and I believe I only received 4 baubles. I started with 10 and have 14 now. Am I missing something? Or maybe there are some in chests I don't see
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