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  1. Finally logged back in. NOW, if only LB 3 was faster and movement was allowed during LB 2, longbow would literally be PERFECT and balanced
  2. This trait needs to be reworked still........
  3. Does World 1 tribulation mode give more as well? Compared to normal which I did today
  4. Is this soloable? And I can repeat daily? All of SAB is soloable. Actually, I don’t see the point of doing it in a group. You get the rewards once per day. I just did World 1 Zones 1-3 on normal mode and I believe I only received 4 baubles. I started with 10 and have 14 now. Am I missing something? Or maybe there are some in chests I don't see
  5. Is this soloable? And I can repeat daily?
  6. I need Bauble Bubbles for the new vanquisher crimson weapons... What is the fastest way to get 16? Also, can I grind a crazy amount in one day or is there a cap?
  7. Im going to lose my mind if I keep seeing tanky scourges + supports
  8. The good ole days when we solo queued our lives away Chilli!
  9. Barrier as a mechanic has never made sense to me. Some classes need more healing than others, that's fine. That healing should be integrated into healing skills, regen, etc. I think removing menders amulet would be a good first step, but it doesn't make sense to me how certain barrier savvy classes can "over-heal" themselves by so much. I believe barrier should not be shareable. It should only affect the caster. If barrier was supposed to be scourges form of shroud, then make it only effect them... and tone down how much is applied Edit: Why is Blood Bank a real trait???
  10. It hits enemies no matter where they are :( Edit: It's fixed!
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