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  1. This is going to get lost in this thread but it's a small suggestion so not worth a separate thread. We now have the tech for coop chairs and this could open up all kinds of possibilities. Cuddle benches for couples springs to mind! What also pops into my head (not sure why) is a few years ago IRL where people were doing the ice bucket challenge for charity. What if you had a specialised chair that one person bought, then everyone else can use that chair to dump various liquid/items over the first player. The animation is already there for a 'pouring' motion with a bucket, just link that
  2. Just when you think ANET are done with the surprises.....BAM! Coop chairs. I love this game so much.
  3. Im talking purely as an outsider here and that may be the case. I dont profess to speak for the entire playerbase (like some on the forums seem to want to do!), just writing what I personally see as a potential problem. If I'm wrong then, well, I'm really happy to be wrong as there isnt an issue! To respond to the 'You dont need LW content'... well, it's the same as saying you dont need the expansions. Technically true but youre missing out on a huge amount of content. LW episodes are integral to the story, provide new maps, new farming/meta opportunities and currently provide a couple of
  4. So I'm a no-lifer and spend a lot of time on the forums and Reddit just reading for the most part and like to see what the general feeling is regarding the game. One thing that I feel is coming up more and more (apart from the blight that is AFK farmers!) is the issue of Living World content and in particular the fact that there does seem to be a disconnect between expansions and LW. The 'Return To...' events have been a huge success in my opinion. I obviously don't have access to the analytics but content is being revisited and populated by current players and new players are coming in
  5. Just to clarify, my original post suggesting a new type of boss / new combat possibilities based on Skiffs and the Siege Turtle would be future content. Nothing we are going to see anytime soon but the thought of the type of combat these two could introduce to the game really makes me excited for the future of the game. I have seen many posts saying that they bring very little to the game but novelty value but when you start to look to the new mechanics that can be introduced as a result of these? Crazy IMO... just got to hope the devs have the same vision I guess! Underwater combat itsel
  6. Sitting here with my morning coffee and something really cool just popped into my head. The introduction of Skiffs and Siege Turtles has potentially opened up a new way of fighting and in turn has maybe meant that a differently designed world boss would be possible. With Skiffs being able to carry an entire party, players can use them as mobile barges to either travel to set locations and then complete said objective OR use the Skiff as a mobile turret of sorts, the players being the guns. Imagine being out on the sea, islands dotted around and a giant...well, lets just say Kraken for now
  7. This is going to sound like a complete cop out... I don't tip but I do 'pass on' the generosity at Xmas by doing multiple Secret Santa donations. I mean I'm pretty sure I'd do Secret Santa anyway but the sense of community in GW2 during the year just makes me more sure that sending fairly expensive things is the right thing to do. That makes sense right?
  8. You didn't read the quote properly. Q3 likely doesnt contain the EoD figures. But even if it did you can't directly compare between expansions. What matters is that GW2 seems to be on the up while NC's other MMOs are flagging a little. This is great news for GW2 (not so much for the other titles) as NC might be more likely to double down on a product that is on the up.
  9. I just replied to another thread with this exact article :p Good news all round!
  10. https://massivelyop.com/2021/11/11/ncsoft-q3-2021-financials-guild-wars-2-just-had-its-best-quarter-in-years/ 'We’re assuming that End of Dragons preorders aren’t realized in these figures yet, but the summer reveals and recent expansion beta events, coupled with the mass-exodus from a certain rival MMORPG, have pushed players to the game with their wallets in tow. All in all, it’s an excellent place to be as ArenaNet marches on to its February 2022 launch.' Took a 5 second Google...
  11. So the ToS is a lot more vague than it needs to be. Essentially so long as someone can respond to a GM whispering them they are good to go. This, in my opinion, needs changing. Yes from a technical standpoint they are not AFK. But are they actually 'playing' the game to get those drops? THIS is what needs some clarification. ANET are not doing nothing, I know that but I don't agree that they have a hand on the situation purely because of the amount of new farmers I'm seeing popping up all over the places and in new maps. The amount of chatter on the subject over the past few weeks/months
  12. ...essentially because I was directed to do so by Support! I was informed that Support are just customer service and have no way to contact game devs which is absolutely fine, it's normal for many businesses but I was pointed towards the forums to maybe get dev eyes on the issue again. Just be aware that I am not here to personally debate the issue with other players although I'm sure others will for me (and no doubt the conversation will lead to getting the thread locked!) Posted to support: I am seeing more and more complaints on both the forums, on Reddit and even on GW2 Tw
  13. Tweeted by GW2 official twitter and rightly so, this is amazing!
  14. I'm just wondering when we're going to see the Watchwork backpiece/glider set either in the store or the Statuette vendor really... it's been a little while! :)
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