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  1. I sent through the items, I'm hoping not to the wrong person!
  2. Hi! I have a couple of donations for a raffle and wondered whether you did separate draws for both EU and US. I don't mind them going to either but as I'm over in the UK if you've got an EU one going I'd rather donate to that one :p
  3. I've spoke of my pain at the 30 minute conclusion to a decade long story on the main Discussion board so I'll save repeating myself and just say this- as someone who has loved the story from launch despite the issues and gameplay problems (looking at you Zhaitan) I think 'Very Negative' in this poll isn't low enough an option.
  4. ANET maybe bit off more than they could chew with Elder Dragons and I do agree that some of the past encounters do seem like we're just a bunch of fruit flys smacking into a mountain. However each part of the story up until now has provided some explanation as to how we beat that dragon and it was a twisty story path to that point. This? Lure to a magical place, quick fight... dead. Aurene got the released magic. No matter if you liked the encounter, hated Elder Dragons or just are waiting for Cantha you have to admit this was rushed content that failed to give any kind of satisfyi
  5. I play solo and primarily for the story, lore and exploration. Going into the 'Champions' I knew that it would be a little bare due to the restructuring. I knew that the engine couldn't handle whole dragons so seeing just the heads was still a cool moment for me. The gameplay, while simple, I largely enjoyed as it was about maintaining the balance enough to deal with both dragons. The Champions fighting was great and the emotional ending for Ryland was a worthy moment IMO. This is where the praise ends. I honestly feel cheated- you cannot and should not ever end a decade long arc w
  6. So I'm very specifically talking about a set of vouchers gained in the Anniversary pack a fair few months back. I'd be willing be bet that the vast majority that bought the pack have already used their vouchers in which case if they update them there might be some unhappy folk. But equally saying nothing means that those that saved them are currently unhappy as they don't know what is going to happen with regards to updating and are just sitting on the vouchers. From a game perspective, and keeping everyone happy, I'd actually say that I personally wouldn't mind if they didn't update them and
  7. Thanks for the replies but I'd rather hear that from someone at ANET. I read what was said last time but I see no reason why someone in the know cannot just write ' There are plans to update/There are no plans to update'.
  8. I'm sorry to necro an old post of mine but I just so happened to remember that we never did get an official answer to the question. Rather than make a new post I wondered whether an admin could maybe find the answer for us? As I said if the answer is that they won't ever be updated that's also fine as I know I can spend them. They're just sitting in my bank at the moment waiting for an answer.
  9. The cost to change appearance shouldn't ever be free in my opinion however the game is begging for an infinite use wardrobe/makeup....stone...thing and just make it cost gems (a small amount) to change the appearance of each item instead of coins like the salvage-o-matic. Have it convert all transmutation stones to 'free uses' and voila, no one loses. "But I don't see a point to it, just buy stones..." I hear you say. The main draw would be having saved wardrobes. Change all clothing+hair at the press of a button. Now THAT'S Fashion Wars. No doubt ANET would want to change for extra slots but
  10. EDITED: Okay so it turned out I was bugged! I got no progress when buying from the faction vendor but today's log-in sorted it. Thanks for your help Linken!
  11. I guess the answer seems to be hold out until you want something > spend the voucher > regret it soon ater when they update! Anyways thanks for the replies :)
  12. Hi! Do you get this achievement after the countdown timer (<1day from now) ticks down? Do your donations before/after/both count towards the achievement? I missed the Crystal Bloom event so no clue and my current donations have not counted towards the achievement.
  13. Well I put in a ticket asking the question and was told to throw it to the forums as I've a better chance of getting a response. Just sitting on them is a huge waste as I don't mind using them, just need to know if an update is incoming.
  14. I've got the Black Lion Backpack & Glider, Weapons and Outfit Vouchers sitting in my bank from the Anniversary Box along with an Exclusive Mount Selection from a lucky BL find a while ago. I just wondered whether these will ever be updated with the new skins/items? I'm perfectly fine if there's no plans to ever update them but I'd hate to pick an option I'd be 'okay with' then see an awesome skin become available shortly afterwards!
  15. Thanks for the replies! I asked just to make sure... it sounds so much like I'm being cheap using in game gold but I guess I'm then donating my time (grinding the gold) instead of real cash. Guess I'm just wrestling with my conscious at the moment! :)
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