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  1. learned something new :)), Didn't know there's Guild selection option Under WvW tab...lol so we picked the same guild there... Hope that should work.... Many Thanks !!
  2. hello, my friend and I play on Yaks bend , and we 're split up into different instances in WvW recently. ( Beta made this perhaps ?? ) How can we join in the same instance ? Thanks in advance
  3. not sure how to quantify " significant difference " , maybe just overall better performance of one over another within similar price range..for example--I like AMD chips over intel because of more value, and somewhat less heat b/c of smaller chip sizes. Why a laptop ---- mobility/ travel.. current system is over 10 years old and about to crap out...and looking for a good " Value " /budget gaming laptop.. So, ...Which Asus Tuf model do you have ? specs ?
  4. pardon me for confusion..assuming new laptop GPU supports DirectX12, Do I still need to install D912pxy ??and the laptop has DirectX12, Can I still just use 8 GB of RAM instead of 16 GB ?so I should focus on more CPU power than GPU ?
  5. Hey all,trying to decide on a laptop, Question; Would there be a “significant” difference of GW 2 performance Between below Asus models ?Tuf model Zephyrus model If not much, I’d rather save $ 350 and go for Tuf model…(GPU not big difference, Memory 8 GB less, CPU and SSD size meh.. ) Also welcome your recommendation of makes/ models.. ty !
  6. for Fractals & farming, Guardian. I started out as a necro, but now mostly play Firebrand. In T4 and higher fractals, Heal Firebrand are requested a lot. farming out in the open world, I love the fact my HFB (Heal firebrand- aka healbrand ) with shield block attacks from Mobs....XD.. highly recommend Guard- Firebrand especially..
  7. pardon my confusion.. Not to combine which 3 ?OWP, Quickness and one of LB2 or LB5 or axe 5 ? or ????would appreciate a bit more explanation...ty
  8. So I decided to try Soulbeast dps.. for T4s ( no CM )would like your advice on a few things… I have Discretize & Metabattle rotations, but … Is there simpler /easier rotations ?( a few steps is ok, but 20 to 30 steps are hard to memorize ) Which weapon combo would offer for easier rotationLongbow or GS ? Sword/Axe or Dagger /Axe ? Thanks again !!
  9. Hey all,I’m trying to make a dps toon for for T4 pugs ( no CM ) with easy rotation with good enough dps output. some other forum threads mentioned some Soulbeast build rotation is one of easiest,..but when I read on both metabattle and discretize, it doesn’t seem easy/ simple. Any suggestions ? build/gear you can share ? Thanks !
  10. though burning is a factor, other condi specs (eg burn ele or zerker) are either more reliant on (1s) ticking aoe fields to apply their condis, or long duration condis applied through an entire list of skills, effectively making them DoToT or D(oT)^2 builds vs burn guard. condi mirage is an example of another quickstacking condi build, but is held back because what it stacks quickly is confusion, rather than something that would probably break it like burning cfb supposedly falls apart at cc (i guess when talking about something like artsariiv clone phase) but is otherwise only outperformed if
  11. Hey all,I’m progressing thru T4s as a HB, want to try out a dps build for flexibility.I’d prefer to dps as a FB, since I’m already familiar with it.saw this burn FB build at link below … Is that viable in T4s/ cm ? Any tweaks you’d advise ? Or any other good builds ? Thanks in advance !
  12. for Fractals,Wuffy's video mentioned Plaguedoctors gear.How's Healing power useful for dps ?Any other alternative gear options would you guys suggest ?
  13. pardon my ignorance. Is Condi dps same as Quickbrand ? Can a pDPS fb be a quickness support too ? I'm also confused about pdps QB vs Condi QB, as they say Zerk/ diviner vs Viper/ sinister.... https://discretize.eu/builds/guardian/condi-firebrandhttps://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Firebrand_-_Quickness_Support_Power_DPS_(Fractal)
  14. Hey all,I read on both metabattle and discretize, but still unsure what dps option to run.I think those builds are for Static CMs, but I’m looking for Regular T4 pug runs. so, for normal T 4 pug ( no CM ), ...What DPS build/ gear would you suggest ? Thanks in advance !
  15. Hey all,I’m getting ready for T4 Pugs as HFB. Trying to balance between Survivalbility and optimal Support.need help with minimum Heal / Concentration numbers.. Would anyone who run a HFB in T4 Pugs ( no CM ) share a Gear Optimizer link ? Thanks in advance ..
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