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  1. If you want a refund, just go to the appropriate place to ask for it: the pvp sub-section!
  2. I don't really like virtuoso(although I don't know enough to hate it either). My personal opinion is that a mesmer elite spec should not lose dependence on clones, but leaving that aside this seems like a very simple and straightforward damage spec. I really hope there is more depth to it when combined with the rest of mesmers kit, because based on what the video showed us it only has power DPS tools with a full-counter style block.
  3. If you gave decent damage reduction to heavy armor classes before gear stats and traits, they would make better bunkers/tanks by default. But the original concept was for every class to be able to fill every role, meaning the devs simply couldn't allow this. You could say that this isn't realistic, but neither are dragons or the ability to wield magic, so I think this is something you can get over if you play for a while. Warrior is the straightforward "run at your enemies and pummel them to death" class. Of course the other classes have to use different tools, because they si
  4. We had this discussion before. It would just give people the opportunity to dismiss arguments/suggestions/critiques by "what do you know, you main X". Also how would that even work, if you just put the all time most played under the forum badge it will be super misleading. For example my second most played class is guardian, but those matches come from 2013-2014. So people could assume that I'm on point with guardian balance questions(or biased as hell because my precious main), but I'm literally not. Beside "remove trapper runes lol" I made like 0 contribution to convo about guardian bal
  5. Speculating on the new expansion may be fun in some context, but getting angry over how imabalanced and terrible and busted everything is going to be is just pointless. We don't know anything at this point, what they deliver could be worse than PoF, or better than HoT, or anything inbetween. This is their last chance, so they will definitely try.
  6. Best sPvP in the middle of PoF, now thats a hot take.
  7. I mean it would be about as balanced as 2v2 or 3v3... so why not. Give some unique title/reward so that people actually go in to play it, so that all the flaws and design problems are just shoved in their face. Then actually read the incoming criticism on forums and redesign/rebalance the mode into something that works.
  8. This is actually kind of insane. The 4th 3v3 season, meaning this should be routine by now, but the entire season is plagued by bugs, as if it's all done manually and some unpaid intern took the reins... he fixed what he could(no 5v5 on 3v3 maps anymore), but couldn't figure out the rest, so now he's just sitting on it in silence, hoping that it all goes away at the end of the season.
  9. Why wouldn't it be mandatory to make every class viable? For me PvP begins with a nice combat system(which this game has) and an at least somewhat maintained balance(meaning every class is viable in some form). Like this is the bare minimum, if we disagree on this we won't have any sort of common ground. Also I am not advocating for class reworks. I'm jsut stating a reason why elevating 2v2/3v3 to a serious gamemode cannot happen. What even happened here? I was talking about classes and their viability, and you somehow ended up talking about builds. This is a strawmen
  10. It's funny seeing "unfair advantage" and "FFA arena" in the same sentence.
  11. Thief, warrior and ranger are designed to be roamers/duelists, while necro, guardian, revenant and elementalist excel more at teamfights. Well guess what, 3v3 is a teamfight. Until most classes get a huge rework, team deathmatch will never be a truely competetive mode in this game. So given the fact they barely even maintain the main gamemode(conquest), it would be extremely unexpected for them to do anything with 2v2 and 3v3.
  12. Also consider that once you craft your legendaries, you wont need to farm gear for anything in this game ever again. It is supposed to be a huge goal to work towards. Rank 100 is already a joke. With you already being 52, you can get it in less than 2 months if you play 10+ matches a day.
  13. Oh my god, how are you so out of tune? This is not the way to fix scourge! Just remove healing power amulets and nerf burnguard.
  14. While you do have a point there, I'd like to point out that pretty much anything that overperformed to the degree of celestial ele got nerfed back in 2014. Back then there was an entire balance team. Now we have CmC sometimes not working on the new X-pac...(you'd think that after the big annoucement they would show some work in their next patch but nah) My point is, it's not bias, it's incompetence. They deemed the live version of the game low priority, and nothing short of gamebreaking bugs gets fixed.
  15. The only time complaints about some map had a point was back when you could fall off of skyhammer. Adapting to all the different maps is part of being good at PvP. Of course I have maps that I like more than the others, but when I'm thinking about Q-ing up, this just isn't ever a factor. If having to play on a different map is all that takes to deter you from PvP, you don't really want to PvP.
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