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  1. So eh... as someone who quit last August, and checks back bi-monthly to see if there is a reason to install the game again: the news being not having to craft a legendary makes me not even wanna check in 2 months.
  2. So after basicly everyone who played GW2 for its PvP quit(me included at this point, haven't logged in 3 months), we get a patchnote so long I have no patience to actually read it all - and most of this is PvP oriented stuff. And that made me to check the new roadmap for some mention of sPvP. Given the energy and dev time put in, they must be planning to get an actual playerbase to justify this investment... But there are no such plans. It seems the 2 dozen players still playing sPvP got a huge balance patch mostly tailored for them. I don't understand this company.
  3. Anything. Just do literally anything beside minor balance patches 3 times a year.
  4. Staff ranger has been literally the biggest issue since the 2011 beta, I can't belive it's still not fixed!
  5. Necro bad. Need blocks and evades. And stealth. What was a-net thinking?
  6. I agree with that. Now do we solve it with buffs, or do we remove the tradeoff?
  7. Man the audience of this game really "evolved" past me... I actualy like the idea that powerful casts root you. It's a tradeoff. I like tradeoffs. Yet here is the dev team removing tradeoffs from e-specs, and the forum actively campaigning to remove tradeoffs from skills... I AM SAD.
  8. I agree. A class with medium armor, the lowest healthpool and access to autoattacks shouldn't do damage.
  9. You guys should get a duo aswell. If everyone is queueing in duo-s, the matchmaker will have to solve the problem on the quantum level to produce 5 man teams... I'm excitedly looking forward for that incredible breakthrough.
  10. The worst thing about this post is the assumption that GW2 would have a community manager. That job title suggests two-way communication and that's just silly.
  11. 3v3 is total junk, a pvp mode built around teamfighting in a game filled with classes that are not good at teamfighting is awful most matches are over in 10 seconds by whoever wins the first fight and they drag on SO LONG the maps are too small giving serious credence to AoE heavy builds making some professions clearly superior just get rid of it all, you have been trying to make it work for like 6 years now and its not gana ever work, but the conquest is perfect, its everything gw2 could be in a better system with reasonable match length. just keep that all year round
  12. So you want the achivements that you get for being good at multiple classes without being good at multiple classes?
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