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  1. I was playing when the achivements were added, so I never really cared to go for any of them, they just accumulated in a month or two on their own. But back then people voted for all maps equally because of these achivements. My only helpful idea is to get a full premade in unranked that way you can control how at least 5 of the 10 people vote, lordrush with coordination etc.
  2. You just wrote a wall of text that boils down to "GW2 is bad because it's not WoW". And even though you typed this much, not even a hint of suggestion on how to make the game better. So eh... if everything is bad because of the very foundations are wrong, and you have no idea how to fix that... why are you here? Especially when you can watch WoW streams instead, they have many viewers I've heard.
  3. Oh this. The 4 cele ele +1 decapper thief meta. Holy ***** it was so boring. Worst GW2-s pvp has ever been. Even the brief HoT bunker period was more diverse and dynamic than this. Why do people keep remembering this as a good thing. It was anything but.
  4. I agree people left because I can no longer oneshot them with a permastealth deadeye. Sad. Never nerf anything ever again!
  5. Careful with posting names, I'd edit them out if I were you. You might get punished if you leave this up, as it's breaking the rules.
  6. FT is dumb. It's also fun. Especially when you are not focused at all, you can wipe a teamfight so fast, just by pressing 1 ONCE than watch the autoattack chain itself and big fat numbers covering the screen. There is no way to win a duel vs any half-decent player with it though, which makes it perfectly fine in my eyes. Corrupt its stability for memes, keep your distance and picket it to death, just straight up burst it down... or simply pressure it by focusinging it first in teamfights. If you can't do any of the above, you're bad or caught offguard(or both), and deserve to die to t
  7. This is poor meme etiquette. It's supposed to be ironic. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/daily-reminder
  8. Being upset about everything being -REDACTED- is so 2019. Just enjoy the dumb maymays and stop taking the game seriously. There was a time when I wanted PvP to be good and competetive mode, but now I've realised that the problems won't be fixed, so might aswell become part of it. Play all those noobstomper meme builds all you can, there is an odd hilarity to exploiting them. Just this weekend I had several matches where 4+ people played FT scrapper. It was so dumb and so fun. Than a triple trapper DH match right after, good luck keeping track of what's trapped and whats not. If you cannot b
  9. I'm going to shatter your wordview, hold onto something! Targeting can be used to direct your teammates attention. If that attention need to go to one of your teammates, you target them. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! 2 of you at close, you can hold the enemy pushing in 1v1? You target your teammate to signal them to leave. Your guardian has Mercyful Intervention, taking heavy damage? You target your teammate who's most advantageous to teleport to. Your teammate is downed on an obscure location? Make them more visible by... I could write an entire book just by listing these possible situations. You
  10. This is funny to me. After the 2020 february patch, I kinda forced myself to play for a few months, the damage reduction/removal was a bit overkill. It took me some time to recognise that some of the playstyles this change allowed were actually fun. But anyhow, I stuck around even though the damage is low and the game is slow and boring compared to what it was... and than this thread. For those of us who played before 2020 february, the game is already slow and boring. And the balance adjustments we recieved over the last 2 years agree with this: removal of most amulets with healing powe
  11. Even though I'd like something that retains unique feel to all classes, this would be better than nothing... as necro and ranger downstates are too strong compared to the others. A necro can literally down a 40-50% health enemy if a stomp is attempted without blindfields/stealth. A ranger can interrupt, pet-revive, pet-interrupt, pet-swap... compare this to something like a revenant downstate. They aren't even remotely close. Downstate and underwater combat are part of this game too so... either make them good or do away with them.
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