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  1. There are too many pets and no chance anet will work on them all so any pet rework should just remove all but 1 pet in each type and just give us the option to select its skin. Pets should come default with only its auto attack skills and we the players should be selecting its utility skills from skills based on its type and archetype.
  2. It’s because changes to offhand dagger don’t change the status quo in any game mode for ranger, otherwise changes to add patch notes.
  3. I had a write up on spirits awhile back but never posted due to stop caring about spirits/pve, tho the ideas was pretty much the same with the whole pulsing conditions as well as boons to give spirits a bit more use. Water spirit - pulses small amount of aoe healing and regen, active aoe healing frost spirit - pulses might and aoe chill, active aoe freezes/stuns (similar to reapers elite) Stone spirit - pulses aoe protection and cripple, active aoe immobilise Storm spirit - pulses aoe fury and vulnerability, active aoe weakness Sun spirit - pulses aoe vigor and burn, active aoe blind Nature spirit - pulses aoe conditions to boons, active aoe stability Any sort of change to spirits, especially making them follow the ranger again is a good one in my book.
  4. That’s all well and good for playing game mode like lions arch and trading post, but as a wvw player, thematic doesn’t work too well.
  5. The word you missed was “current” as in devish won’t fix pets for core, Druid, soulbeast and untamed. 🤦‍♂️ The idea behind giving rangers an “attunement” isn’t the same as elementalist. Rangers being the jack of all trades, proficient in all manner of things. The idea is that they would take it one step further than being the jack of all trades and actually master the trade. Proficiency options could improved a ranged proficiency, melee proficiency, beastmastery proficiency etc. For example, if I wanted to improve my ranged skills, id spec into the Proficiency that did it. Doing so could improve my skills, increase my weapon range, crit chance, damage bonus etc. This would be rangers mechanic instead of pets, obviously it never going to happen tho.
  6. That still won’t fix current issues with pets.
  7. Proficiency… a mechanic similar to attunement by elementalist, only once in combat, cannot be switched. Each of these proficiency should focus on one aspect of the ranger theme and improve it.
  8. Yes, but without the whole engineer side of things.
  9. Sometimes I think ranger should have been designed as a petless class like every other class, but have a special or 6th trait line solely dedicated to enabling the ranger to gain access to pets and increasing its effectiveness.
  10. My solution to the visual green goo problem was to just stack legendary auras and equip as much particle effects as possible. Solved one problem with another… 😅
  11. Kinda, it’s not quite as bad as putting a stun break on vultures tho.
  12. The problem with the ranger class is that a lot of the players are pve/role players and never venture into competitive modes where the pet is absolute trash. The thing needs a total rework, but anet too busy with gemstore skins and balance changes that change nothing to put time into fixing pets.
  13. Then no. It be an awkward skill to use being a break stun and an offensive skill… using outside cc would be a waste of a break stun, but waiting to use it in case of a cc would be weird as well.
  14. I think you mean griffon stance, vulture stance grants might and inflicts poison.
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