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  1. While your ideas look valid to me, I don't mind skills themselves as they are now, just wish animations were faster and more condis applied. I like a lot spear being hybrid damage so I could use it in more builds unlike scepter which can be used in like 2,5 builds and it is optional in any of them. If animations and condis are fixed I can see spear usable in any DPS or support DPS build, group or solo play. If it is not fixed, then it would only be used in PvE instanced play, essentially golem killing most times, and maaaybe wvw zerging(we still need to see if those animations lock you from moving, and power coefficients).
  2. I don't like slowness and having only torment for damage, but ground targeting can be very strong, especially if animations are faster. As it is now it is PvE exclusive weapon just like scepter.
  3. i generally had positive experience with restructuring betas, except for last one when i was on server stacked with guilds (they made "alliance" megaguild) and enemy teams even stopped come out by the end of the week. There should be some mechanism to pair guild stacked servers so more puggy servers have a chance to have fun.
  4. Since imperial impact no longer prolongs boons, endurance regen nerf in retribution will be reverted, right? Both minor traits.
  5. scepter giving rev least amount of skills was already sad, but i hoped weapon will be more or less usable on many builds. Judging from damage it outputs it is healer only weapon. Plus, it is autoattack heavy, auto is strong and to activate pull you also need to autoattack, which makes it pve only weapon. To be clear i do like that healer build gets another weapon. But with karakosa relic mace isn't even bad choice now. I expected to get more value from big expansion feature. It would be nice if scepter got some damage, also for skill 3 not needing autos to work to get improved effect, also skill 2. so that is it usable in other builds/gamemods. Otherwise 99.9% of players will not even use it.
  6. Maybe devs finally start fighting bots. Bots are known for mishandling ground targeting and creating ai esseys on forums.
  7. I know but still should be better. I am not talking about night gaming either
  8. Last 2 betas I played on 3 servers and all were much more active matchups then what I played before. Also if system works as advertised, there should not be situation when 50 man blob runs empty border as server populations would be balanced out. Fights with equal numbers are most fun so I am waiting for it.
  9. I would not do it regardless because ventary also has stab, while having also bubble, heals and lot of boons
  10. I also got all lege with different style in each tab, wvw and cosmetic infusions that's why it would be pain. But we'll, not gonna die from a try.
  11. That character has several infusions, also shoulders from Halloween, so maybe even unequipping those can help
  12. Good idea ty. I'll try but will be pain, I have all tabs unlocked
  13. Hey, bug section is silent so I ask here before ticket. One of my characters causes game to ctd when going any wvw map from anywhere but armstice bastion. Anyone had this bug?
  14. Somehow i have this bug only for my rev, if i try to go wvw from any other location only on my rev i get ctd. Anyone else got this issue? I have this problem since i got armstice bastion around a year ago.
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