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  1. once you unlock the bunny you can bypass every "annoying" obstacle in HoT maps. my main problem with HoT is the minimap, it's incredibly confusing to distinguish the terrain, I liked the verticality, much better than green plains with a few trees on it
  2. I tried it in a couple of random unranked matches and in a few instances my tiger hit for 11k, I do agree that it's overtuned at the moment, and the ranger itself has too many defensive options for how much damage it deals that being said, I don't believe it's that broken, I still prefer to play against this than the abomination that mesmer was a couple months ago
  3. please, explain to me how is blowing up someone in 0,5 seconds because they didn't react in nanoseconds is "complex gameplay", or using some retardedly meta combo that stuns you and OHKOs you is good for the game
  4. you are mad you can't just press random buttons and kill 2-3 people while being unkillable? now they just need to tone down the holos and maybe pvp will be enjoyable again
  5. I played condi mirage just to try and I can literally win 90% of my fights by just pressing buttons from 1-9 without any thought, the 10% of fights against incredibly skilled people that still have a hard time killing me the problem is that the class can be played by a monkey just pressing random buttons, other builds may be broken but they at least requiere a degree of skill
  6. all the condi builds have the same problem (especially for new players) you need to look at your debuff bar to actually look what the fuck is happening, meanwhile fighting against other builds you actually watch the moves your opponent do and react to it.
  7. I love Axe/Axe, going Norn and throwing huge axes at my enemies just feel right, I love that ranger in GW2 is not just bow and pet and you can play it as some sort of melee fighter
  8. the problem I see is that new players (hell, I started playing a few months ago and I still can't tell for sure) can barely see what the fuck is happening and why is happening, it's easier to see some Spellbreaker just doing two hundred blades on you when you are stunned or they are going rampage, they become big and red and all the attacks have animation tells, but some builds have literally people just jumping around doing fuck all but suddenly you have 30 conditions on you while 9000 copies are attacking or your screen is full of flies and green death from necro for you to understand what i
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