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  1. And even if you wait for a very long loading screen you get crash or network error after you loaded.
  2. ArenaNet, it is time to finally bring ascended drops from Tequatl and Triple Trouble to todays standards. What am I talking about? Let me explain. So we all know that when you get an ascended weapon drop from Gift of Aurene or from Drakkar we can choose any stats on those weapons (stats we can have according to expansions we have on the account). We can't swap them all the time like on legendary items, but we can choose them once. Why don't we have the same system on Tequatl weapon and Triple Trouble armor pieces? If we had the same system with Tequat and Triple Trouble ascended drops it wou
  3. This is still bugged btw. And it is bugged if you have instant ground target cast activated. If you don't have that option active it works fine.
  4. But what if I have Ardent Glorious light helm and Mistforged Glorious Hero's light helm? Different sets, both of them come from pvp. Both legendary, same type, different skins, different items. And same question about all 3 pvp sets and 2 wvw sets. Because technically we have 3 legendary pvp sets of each type and 2 legendary wvw sets of each type.
  5. Are you EU or NA? If you are EU, contact me in game or discord (Dumat#1479), and maybe we can organize EotM farm like in old days.
  6. If someone is interested in organizing EotM farm on EU like back in the days of FSB, contact me in the game (I am often invisible, send mail) or in discord Dumat#1479
  7. Great to see that ArenaNet added one of the items from my list to the game and gave us an easy way to obtain it. Hope we will be able to obtain more items from the list soon.
  8. Don't know if it has been ever requested, but I would like to have mini version of every Elder Dragon.
  9. Why World Boss Portal Device doesn't teleport me to the Death-Branded Shatterer? I know the idea was to have a device that teleports you to all core Tyria world bosses. But then devs added Drakkar to it. So why not Death-Branded Shatterer?
  10. I want to give an update to this topic. Thanks to guys from wiki, we have nice full list of all skins that are unobtainable in the game: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/List_of_unobtainable_wardrobe_unlocksHope we will see them obtainable again one day.
  11. To all those people, who said to me and other players with 9 legendary sets "why should they give you compensation" I want to say this: why Anet gave every player who bought HoT compensation? A small gift and title. Why Anet gave an outfit to players who bought core game at release when they made core game free? Why Anet gave an achievement with the title to players who crafted two identical weapons in the days we didn't have wardrobe and legendary was soulbound? Why they did all this?In my case with 9 legendary armors and 9 legendary backpacks I would like to get something small, like a title
  12. I have a question: I have 9 legendary armor sets, 9 legendary backpacks, a lot of weapons. What compensation will I get when this update comes?
  13. Since we have much more communication lately, I bump up this post, maybe some dev will notice it.I really can't imagine, why it can be hard to reintroduce all the items from the list. I know a lot of veteran players who like to collect skins will be grateful.
  14. Since last patch a lot of players still have Network Error in half of the world map instances. Some can't even join WvW maps, can't enter the raid instance, can't enter guild hall, etc.
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