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  1. Join Race or DRFT again and have at it! No need to give all your fun time to racing. I'm not good at it either yet but still having fun. 😃
  2. Above reasons are true and reasonable. WvW, PvP, PvE, time zones, Family, farming guilds etc,.. I would also love to see it possible to join more than 5 guilds. Perhaps 10 or even 20. Another reason is the ability to use multiple Beetle tracks made by other guilds, more often. There are thousands of tracks out there that could/would be shared which would help the community. More racing and communication.
  3. Hardstuck Drift Masters: A Beetle Racing Tournament! I really enjoy watching these racing videos. Some of the racing and some of the results.
  4. That start of double bass at the long left drift with the solo break. Hell ya. lol Sharing the love and a little advertising for RACE and DRFT for the help. 👍😎 2nd vid I did a couple days ago because of my modifying the track. You were really hauling butt on the track today. 😲
  5. How is everyone enjoying it so far? Here are some of our decorations on Fergusons Crossing. EoD expac, Guild Hall on the Isle. (The Dragon!) Green Dragon Tavern (GDT) Many of the track ideas gotten from watching vids by RACE and DRFT and speaking to them: Beetle League Racing Team [RACE] and Tyria Drift [DRFT).
  6. Like your theme going on there. Scary! 😀
  7. A little late to the game concerning Roller Beetle Guild Hall racing tracks? Here is our track on Fergusons crossing. EoD Want to use the track whenever you want? Send me mail in game or give me a tell in game. I will add you to the guild. Doesn't matter what server you are on to be added. No strings attached. Hope others can enjoy the track.
  8. I also love this idea and would like to see it in game for Guild Hall race tracks! 👍😎
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