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  1. Thanks for all the answers, but can someone provide a build? I feel like all you say should be supported by a build that prove what you are saying, otherwise is just theoretical stuff.
  2. How can I play thief in PvP? (excluding p/p spamming condi build which I don't like, because I think that "spam builds" are really bad for a competitive game)Thief doesn't have anymore any particular capabilities, and evry class does things better:Takes Ranger for example, they have better stealth, better damge, more life and healing, stab (thief has literally 0 stab), more stun, more ranged pressure, etc. (and the 2 of the longbow that hits everywehre and hits also stealth people or dodging ppl, etc. nice bug) - and more than thief they have all the ranger stuff, like pets.Take necros: they h
  3. Simple question: I want to play thief rifle in WvW, but when I battle with any other class, ranger for example, this happens:Ranger has more mobilityRanger has more stealthRanger has more healingRanger has more burst and damage over timeLongbow vs rifle (or short bot): rapid fire kills everything, while rifle and short bow do insignificant damage. Rapid fire keep hitting even if i'm in stealthRanger has invulnerable, ranger has pet, ranger has amazing down skill.Ranger has stabilityThief has boon strip.How this is balanced? Why Dev has this amazing game and still manage to ruin it every patc
  4. And for everyone that is posting: please write only if you understand the difference between skill lag and fps-based lag, and if you tested the game with a basic ping <40
  5. I do not think that 7 players will be much an issue for the q. But as my experience is not "how many people are on the map" but actually "how many servers are fighting toghter". For example there is no skill lag with full map but the fights are kept just between 2 servers(even 60vs60), while even only 60 players in the map, but a 20vs20vs20 with 3 servers produce huge skill lags.Everyone knows that, and guilds exploit this behavior to win fights/points/castles or play fair, and go away from an already 20vs20 fight, waiting their turn.
  6. While we are waiting for an alliance system, can you bring back the 2014 WvW tournament? You make the linkings fixed for the tournament. This way you gove something to the wvw players (and also get a lot of money from transfer and data e you a are collecting for the alliance system)
  7. What's the Tick rate of the Server for the PvP?Because everytime I Play it feels like super laggy, and i'm not talking about FPS, I'm talking about input lag. I play a lot of other competitive games, and I have this issue only on GW2. I mean, the format is already not skill competitive, but I wish to know the tick rate of the server, so I can decide if I need to improve or is not because of me.Thanks
  8. I'm kindly asking if are you going to make something against "V-Classes" (thief and mirage condi), where simply you have to dodge to win every fight, and against war (perma invulnerable, high damge, evade, blocks, and ultra powerful traits). Because if you say no, is fine, I just want to know. I will pick these classes that I hate, and keep winning. I did for Necro, I did for Chrono, I will do with those.imho The situation is a bit unbearable, but you know, as long as I justs have to press "v v v" on my keyboard, win, get plat, get 20G chest, and then open DOTA 2 to do real esport and PvP, is
  9. Thanks for the post. I've seen a lot of good ideas from which you can harvest. But I want to point out another thing that emerged among a post in the Italian community group. The WvWvW is a sort of combination between an RTS and a massive PvP (mainly used as Guild vs Guild in heroic fights very much appreciated and Blob vs Blob with strong servers -hi Vabbi- ), so I think you should push up in both that directions with more effort. I try to make examples: RTS direction: you can give importance to buildings, like "you cannot take the Keep if there are at least 2 towers belonging to the team", a
  10. Caps lock? I just used headers.. No rage post, actual question. I'm not angry, i'm a bit disappointed cuz I was curious about thi patch.If the post looked rage, can you please tell me How can i edit such it doesn't look that angry?
  11. The things I cannot undersand about the changes:1) From ArenaNet Gaile Gray.6029:
  12. Moreover more: physical damage can be lowered by toughness: what about condi?
  13. It has not only 3 D/D, it has the evade. And even if the initiative spent was 6, it can do 2 evade + 2 3 skill = at least 4+ seconds: i'm already dead: and he was in perma evade.
  14. Are you serious or is it a troll? Because you are right, Resistance is like Invulnerability, but have seen condi thief? or condi necro? How many condi remove we have but resistance? Really low. And generally resistance last 1-2 seconds only. I have thief that kills me in 1 LITTERALLY 1 sec of conditions. I run a full condi build too, and I'm never worried about resistance, but ONLY about other condition builds. So, to recap, I should be on your side, being a condition build, but I'm totally not. Moreover conditions needs only 1 stat, damage needs 3, and you DO MORE DAMAGE with condi than with
  15. I'm so low now, that without a thief in the enemy team I won 500 -74 (against thieves I lost 500 to >400 always)
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